Thursday, September 24, 2015

Single retreat

One of my closest cousins came the other day to KK, and told me;

"Chel! Your mom asked both of us to join the "Single Retreat" in Kundasang!"

Really? Mom? HAHA

And again, mom came to KK and I asked her the same thing.

"Mom, what did you said to Romeo? Me and him, joining the "Single Retreat" ? Really?"

And mom..

"YES YES YOU SHOULD. Go with Romeo!"

So what is this "Single Retreat" ? 

I pretty much have no idea about it at all, what I know is only the "single" person is allowed to join and socialize to each other, worshiping God.

That's all.

But I 'rejected' Mom's idea about it, literally.. Of course in a good way I could express about it.

I know she wants me to be happy again, to fall in love again, to have someone to makes me happy, just like the old days... but for some personal reason. I enjoy what I have as for now.

It's not that something that I have in my mind, of course everyone needs love but I'm channeling all my focus on my career and body for the time being.


Anyways, jetting off again next week.This time to Boracay with my good buddies!

But the thing is my bikini-body is not ready as for now.

Too much cheating on my diet; hence the slow progress and bulging tummy! But who cares, I've just purchased bikinis from Zalora to be worn when I'm in Boracay by next week.

Excitedness! Till then

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