Saturday, August 29, 2015


I think I missed one thing in my life!


Not as in as going out to the club, get drunk or something. I am not interested on those things anymore I rather sit at home watching TV. But, simply just sitting in a cafe or coffee shops.. Just chit-chatting with good friends.

I realize I miss all those things over the past few weeks and months.

I went for Hatha Yoga class just now and then my friends and I continued to sit in a coffee shop to chat for a few hours. And I love it!

Then I realized that..

"Dang, I need to socialize more!"

There is one thing I know about myself, once I started to do something. I tend to ignore things around me that are pretty much essential as a normal human being. I may sound odd, I do enjoy what I am doing right now it's just I don't really see my friends as often as I used to before. Too busy!

Uh. not nice. But well, at least better than being a recluse and started to isolate myself from the world! Hehe

So sleepy, time to sleep! Good night

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