Monday, August 31, 2015

Dior.. Again?


If you know me personally, makeup and I are inseparable :)

Makeup makes me happy!

*makeup loading, putting more lashes and new compact powder as well in my stash*

Can't believe I am buying Dior products (except for perfumes! It's an exception hehe) again when I told myself I am not going to buy Dior anymore after the terrible allergy attack 2 years ago. Even Mom said..

"I thought you wouldn't buy Dior anymore? Remember your allergy attack?"

Actually it wasn't my intention at first.. was looking for a new perfume last night.. and they gave me a voucher which could be redeemed on cosmetics products as well.

I bought Dior perfume and get RM50 voucher in return. So nice!

*gone haywire forawhile* 

Hmmm.. But come to think about it.. This is just a mascara, the chances are very low to get allergy compared to any products that is directly in contact with skin.. Hopefully I wouldn't get 'eyelashes allergy' if there's any.. Got such thing as eyelashes allergy? Hahaha! Let's see after a few days...... 
*still in doubt*

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