Saturday, August 15, 2015

Best moment in your life

Have you ever feel like this..

"Great, this is the time of my life!"

Enjoying every minute of your life, living in the present moment? I have never ever feel so great like this! I have a goal to be focused, I strive so hard to achieve my body target. I am busy doing my own thing and all.

A good friend of mine told me, that she was having the moment in her life when she was...


Yeap. And that's what I am feeling right now.

Time heals, indeed (If you know what I mean..)

I am seriously for the time being, have no time to entertain bullshits and all. I can choose to ignore it (which I did) but up to one point even when you decided not to contemplate with those bullshits. You've been drawn into the drama-black-hole that you seriously have zero interest on it at all. How suck is that?

That is the moment when I chose to stay away from the people who I think, they don't deserve my attention anymore. Once in a while, maybe.



Define life; In my point of view.

Right now.. I choose to get myself into the positive vibes, being around with my friends that can change me to become a better me. I may look like I have no life, I go to work, do my training, go back home to cook my lunch, eat , rest and nap, go to work again , then went back home sometimes almost midnight.

Just to sleep. Waking up early, continue the same routine until the weekdays are over.

Occasionally, I would go out with my girlfriends during weekend, coffee break, chit chat and again.. Go back home, doing house chores and sleep.

Lifeless? The truth is.. I am happy! Physically and mentally getting stronger and better.

Photoshoot for Damalee Fitness, taken last June 15'

Also this year, I feel like I am in my best shape ever, too! *ahem* But this is still in my initial stage.

I am aiming for more!

Till then!

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Roslin Ahmad said...

Hi ann.. Saya pun nak jadi macam ann.. But sometimes i dont know how to start.. Can u gv some advce? Tq n very appreciate