Monday, August 31, 2015

Dior.. Again?


If you know me personally, makeup and I are inseparable :)

Makeup makes me happy!

*makeup loading, putting more lashes and new compact powder as well in my stash*

Can't believe I am buying Dior products (except for perfumes! It's an exception hehe) again when I told myself I am not going to buy Dior anymore after the terrible allergy attack 2 years ago. Even Mom said..

"I thought you wouldn't buy Dior anymore? Remember your allergy attack?"

Actually it wasn't my intention at first.. was looking for a new perfume last night.. and they gave me a voucher which could be redeemed on cosmetics products as well.

I bought Dior perfume and get RM50 voucher in return. So nice!

*gone haywire forawhile* 

Hmmm.. But come to think about it.. This is just a mascara, the chances are very low to get allergy compared to any products that is directly in contact with skin.. Hopefully I wouldn't get 'eyelashes allergy' if there's any.. Got such thing as eyelashes allergy? Hahaha! Let's see after a few days...... 
*still in doubt*

Saturday, August 29, 2015


I think I missed one thing in my life!


Not as in as going out to the club, get drunk or something. I am not interested on those things anymore I rather sit at home watching TV. But, simply just sitting in a cafe or coffee shops.. Just chit-chatting with good friends.

I realize I miss all those things over the past few weeks and months.

I went for Hatha Yoga class just now and then my friends and I continued to sit in a coffee shop to chat for a few hours. And I love it!

Then I realized that..

"Dang, I need to socialize more!"

There is one thing I know about myself, once I started to do something. I tend to ignore things around me that are pretty much essential as a normal human being. I may sound odd, I do enjoy what I am doing right now it's just I don't really see my friends as often as I used to before. Too busy!

Uh. not nice. But well, at least better than being a recluse and started to isolate myself from the world! Hehe

So sleepy, time to sleep! Good night

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The 'real-deal' of healthy food

I have posted this on my facebook and I guess I wanted to write more since I miss my blog and currently in mood to write something up! hehe

Anyways.. Not sure my taste bud has changed dramatically or it was my mind that is so used with healthy foods and stuff. My saliva was bursting when I watched Ina Garten cooked oatmeal with full cream milk, banana, raisins.. Topped with some maple syrup and some milk again.. Slurps..

 Yeah what an 'odd' food 'lust' I have, of all foods.. oatmeal? Reeeeaaaaally? haha!

*saliva's bursting right now*

Again, I know when it comes to oat, people thought this is healthy and eat them alot everyday. Yeah, they are healthy in some parts but don't forget the calories too. One 'sad' fact about healthy food is, they aren't "calorie-free" ; in fact this Ina Garten's recipe I'm talking about right now is very high in calorie! That explains why some people still don't lose weight eventhough they claimed they are eating 'healthy' food.

I do have friends who thinks they are eating healthy food by simply mixing the oat with sweet condensed milk.

Sweet condensed milk - SUGAR. So yeah umm *faint*

One simple rule I applied in my life when it comes to losing weight is I will try to cut down my sugar and fat intake as possible as I can. I am not a qualified nutritionist nor dietitian but I am pretty much very specific in what I eat everyday.

I weigh my food and stuff everyday. Would check on the food labels and I don't mind staying in the groceries store for hours just to walk around and find things that could satisfy my taste bud in the healthiest way.

Call me a diet freak or what, but I am a person who tends to eat and binge like a crazy bitch who just got her ass out of a food-less prison. My besties know me very well when it comes to fooooood I could stay and eat for few hours and eventually feel so sad for what I've done to my own body. Self-sabotage.

I simply cannot control myself *the ugly truth*

I used to be so obsessed with healthy food and ignoring the calorie intake which is the most important thing you should consider when it comes to losing weight.

Eventually I gained weight and still thinking why why why? I am eating healthily, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy when I was actually;

  • Ate a pack of cashew nuts (high in fats) in a day
  • A slice of salmon (packed with fats)
  • Had lots of fruits (yeah natural sugar, but still sugar)
  • Cooked my food with lots of olive oil
  • Had non-sugar Chatime drinks with extra 'pearls' 

I know, these are packed with healthy fats but they are still fats and..

Fats make us fat if we eat them excessively!

But now I know after doing a lot of readings, research, asking friends, attending nutrition course and all.


Thank God!

That is why I need a 'food system' to manage myself; self-discipline and to control my insane big appetite. So that I can keep track of my calories intake everyday at the same time I know what I eat precisely!

And recently I've just gotten this too! :) One new achievement unlocked! Will blog about this soon.

Oh back to Ina Garten's recipe that I mentioned earlier. This recipe is probably good for my refeed or treat day but not for my daily intake, that's for sure.

And yeah, I'll ditch the maple syrup and substitute the milk with non-fat milk as well.

Now.. It's time to hit the sack, I have just finished my post-workout meal too and they tasted so DAMN GOOD *yums*

Post workout meal : Grilled tomatoes and bell peppers. Sumpah sedap. Low calorie too! Gosh I ate them like I was eating fries in front of my laptop just now while doing some work.

Mad happy, happy tummy! Good night! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Best moment in your life

Have you ever feel like this..

"Great, this is the time of my life!"

Enjoying every minute of your life, living in the present moment? I have never ever feel so great like this! I have a goal to be focused, I strive so hard to achieve my body target. I am busy doing my own thing and all.

A good friend of mine told me, that she was having the moment in her life when she was...


Yeap. And that's what I am feeling right now.

Time heals, indeed (If you know what I mean..)

I am seriously for the time being, have no time to entertain bullshits and all. I can choose to ignore it (which I did) but up to one point even when you decided not to contemplate with those bullshits. You've been drawn into the drama-black-hole that you seriously have zero interest on it at all. How suck is that?

That is the moment when I chose to stay away from the people who I think, they don't deserve my attention anymore. Once in a while, maybe.



Define life; In my point of view.

Right now.. I choose to get myself into the positive vibes, being around with my friends that can change me to become a better me. I may look like I have no life, I go to work, do my training, go back home to cook my lunch, eat , rest and nap, go to work again , then went back home sometimes almost midnight.

Just to sleep. Waking up early, continue the same routine until the weekdays are over.

Occasionally, I would go out with my girlfriends during weekend, coffee break, chit chat and again.. Go back home, doing house chores and sleep.

Lifeless? The truth is.. I am happy! Physically and mentally getting stronger and better.

Photoshoot for Damalee Fitness, taken last June 15'

Also this year, I feel like I am in my best shape ever, too! *ahem* But this is still in my initial stage.

I am aiming for more!

Till then!