Sunday, May 24, 2015

Post-vacation : Cebu, The Philippines !

Now that we have a direct AirAsia flight from Kota Kinabalu to Cebu.. I am so haaaaappy!

My last trip to Cebu last October 14', we need to transit in Manila for 6 hours and then fly back to KK.

Double work, double the tiredness, and I lose a box packed with a lot of souvenirs for my family and friends because of the carelessness of Cebu Pacific Air staff in Mactac-Cebu airport.

Pissed! They forgot to tag my box and it was nowhere to be found!

Anyways, this was my second trip back to Cebu last March. Since I have quite a few local friends at there so my friends and I were considered very lucky. We get the locals rate for most of the places we visited as we don't have to do the talkings! Got the chance to eat local delicacies, rode jeepneys and many more! It was a mad cheap trip indeed :D

And I'm going there again next month because we didn't get the chance for the SKY WALK! Mad happy!

Places that we've visited:

1. Cebu City
2. Oslob (whale watching)
3. Kawasan Falls, Badian
4. Zipline at Liloan
5. Tops Lookout
6. Temple of Leah, Busay

Now, time for peek-cahs! <3 p="">
P/s : No descriptions on each pictures, current mode. Lazy.

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