Monday, September 2, 2013

Mount Kinabalu 2nd Trip

Sorry for my long hiatus! I really.. really want to update my blog but recently I've been busy with my yoga practice, new work place, house renovation.. and many more!

So many things to do yet so little time.


Let me summarize everything here in short notes!

- Hmm this time, it took approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes from Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata. We started around 8.40AM and boyfriend and I reached Laban Rata at 12.30PM. And we were the 2nd team to arrive among our group. The fastest in our group was 10 minutes earlier than us and she's a lady! 

- Boyfriend and I vowed not to stop climbing before we reach the Mesilau Trail, just after Layang-Layang Hut. I almost give up but he kept pushing me to walk and walk and walk.. Haha!

- This time, no rain, no storm and the weather was so perfect! THANK GOD!

- We managed to reach the peak 10 minutes before 6PM (if I'm not mistaken) and the view.. OH MY GOSH! Awesome!

- I was too excited to take pictures when I reached at the Peak, I lost my hand glove! Turns out it was in my bag when I unpacked all my stuffs at home.

- Foods are yummy and superb at Laban Rata, don't worry!

- Climbing down the stairs not fun after a climb up of Mount Kinabalu. I cried because I feel insanely painful on the edge of my toenails. NOT FUN!

- My feet were swollen after the trip, doctor said it was normal for people who just went for climbing trips.

- Looking forward to conquer Mount Kinabalu again, maybe next year! *keep fingers crossed* 

Now.. pictures time!! :)


chegu carol said...

Congratulations on conquering mt K!!!

yes, it's VERY normal to have swollen feet and....toe nails peeling off. Like seriously. I've climbed the mountain 5times and never failed to endure my toe nails peeled off post climbing.

Btw, satu ja gambar yoga pose di gunung? Hehehe

Ann Rachel said...

Panic sy swollen feet tu sbb it reminds me of preggy women.. lepas tu this was my 2nd time.. the 1st time nda perasan pula bengkak kaki.. panic btul haiyaaa rupanya normal haha

yaa just 1 picture, tlampau byk org.. malu sy mo pose wakakaka