Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Braces; THAT GAP.

Had my 5th/6th (couldn't recall well) adjustments today andddd ZOMGHDKXKARBFKSOW28,@:@.&;8/-@ when I look at my teeth, I stood stupefied for few seconds! EHHH I HAVE A PINKY RUBBER BAND ON MY FRONT TEETH??!

Alright, actually like this. First, I told the doctor why my front teeth have a slightly visible gap (notice in between my 'rabbit' teeth?) because sometimes foods got stuck in there and she thought I was complaining but actually I was concern if it's normal or not. But yes according to Dr. Pamela, it's actually normal because the wire's trying to pull my canine tooth to the front so that explains about the hideous gap. She put on this pinky elastic rubber (I think) to close the gap, I wasn't aware of that at first especially the COLOUR hahaha so just after I got out from the doctor's room and looked at myself through my phone.. I was so surprised with my pinky rubber!

Now I'm going to have a pinky smile for the rest of the month till my next appointment!

P.S ; My braces elastic tie colours are pink and black! :)

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