Friday, March 29, 2013

Random; Yoga practice at home

I can't sleep so I'm trying to kill my time by posting my yoga progress :)

Yay! I finally can do tripod pose without the wall! (Picture no 1) Yes, practice makes perfect! Until now, I'm still trying to to improve my split pose as well. Hopefully next time I can do it without the yoga pillow! :)

Others were dancer pose, I know, still far from perfect :( and the last picture I'm not really sure about the pose's name. But I always did that one in yoga class at the gym. For sure it's actually without the yoga pillow as well.

Never stop believing in yourself! And never say "I can't do this" but instead "I will TRY to do this". You'll love the fact that how your body is actually capable to do some of the impossible poses! Just keep on practicing! Till then, tata ! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random; Yoga


My yoga teacher told me that I have problem with both of my legs, seriously I'm not aware of that! I guess she speaks based on her experience and my legs, not like the other new yogi in the class, I realized that I actually couldn't bend and straighten my legs perfectly and sometimes my legs were shaking! She said that I probably had injuries long long time ago or the way I walk had made my nerves are totally stiff today. It's a bit turn-off at first and I felt a bit frustrated with that but she encouraged me by saying that I'm still young, everything's possible it's just I have to be very careful with my own body, do practices everyday and avoid standing on 1 leg. Albeit sometimes I'm working on night-shift, yoyo diet/constantly-ongoing-extra-cheat-day (LOL), lack of cardio, I always try to do what's the best for my body. Apart from lifting weights and zumba at the gym, yoga is also one of my passions!

Never stop believing in yourself, slow progress is still progress! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

What to do if you break your braces?

Hi! :D

Sorry for my long hiatus (again), I've been busy for the past 3 months and one of the reason also was because I'd lose my creativeness and idea on how to start a new blog post. LOL

BEFORE (August 2012)

NOW (March 2013)

Anyway those 2 pictures above are my teeth's progress so far. That HUGE gap is finally getting smaller! So my recent visit to Dr. Pamela, she added more brackets on my teeth, she even change my canine tooth brackets to a new one. I don't see the differences between my new and old brackets for my canine, it was Dr. Pamela's job so I guess maybe they have different purposes? I have no idea.

Now I'm going to write about how if you break your braces.

I accidentally broke mine thrice , definitely not a good news for your teeth. Somehow it may cause your teeth to move slower than its expected time! Albeit Doctor Pamela told me to watch my diet, eat slowly and stick to soft foods, I wasn't so sure whether I ate too fast or I was chewing roughly. I assume KFC (spicy chicken) is one of the foods which can be considered as "soft", but well.. actually it's not! (Surprisingly!)

I broke my braces when I had KFC spicy chicken, it startled me when I was checking up on my braces and its wire was moving around freely like nobody's business! That moment I knew that I'm in trouble because this is not the first time happened to me. As I'd expected, Dr. Pamela was so unhappy about this! :'( 

Anyway this is what I did whenever I have trouble with my braces! 

1# Contact your orthodontist

Please! As soon as possible. I recalled when I broke mine; I went to see Dr. Pamela without any emergency appointment. Everything went fine though she was quite disappointed on how I treated my braces; well bad diet & rough biting. Every appointment she always reminds me by saying "Sayang dan jaga ba itu gigi Ann!" (please take care of your teeth!) but so far she never questioned the cleanliness of my teeth! Yes I floss everyday! :)

2# Wax

Always bring your WAX (just in case, IMO). It comes in handy size so I assume it wouldn't cause you so much trouble when keeping it at a place where you can easily find them. I had my wax in my handbag. I broke mine when I was on vacation so the wax at lease can ease the uncomfortableness and pain because the wire can poke your mouth so it feels like a small wire's stabbing your mouth and stop it from scratching your gums and lip.

Tell you, you wouldn't want to feel it. Trust me! 


I actually don't have any idea what's the exact name for the spring. Coil spring? I just call them the braces spring, so I hope you understand which one I'm referring to. So let me provide you a picture I googled just to give you a clear version of my spring. Mine is almost like this;

Notice the spring in the red box I drew in this picture? Mine was exactly like that! The spring is actually very flexible and I had this spring thingy that goes over an empty spaces. I always 'accidentally' bit so harsh on that part so it was just bent in and back in. Well unfortunately I bit way to harsh so I broke the spring, that was a bad time for me because it happened at night so I couldn't contact my orthodontist, what I did was I just left it inside my mouth, attached freely on my archwire without putting any wax to keep it from moving around freely.

The next morning when I woke up and brushing my teeth, the spring fell into the sink! I still have no idea how important to keep the spring safely so I just go to my ortho's clinic, upon reaching there, the assistant asked me "Did you keep the spring?" I said "No, it fell into the sink this morning" She gave me a shocked gaze and...

I end up paying RM50 to replace a new spring! WHAT A WASTE! :'(


So far these 3 are the methods I did, couldn't think of any other ideas but if I have latest information. I'll sure will update it on my blog. Stay tuned! :)

Eh, final one! 

#4 Please take care of your diet because I am sure you don't want to prolong your treatment by eating bad foods!

Anyway I received quite a lot of questions regarding my braces treatment. I'll post up a FAQ blog post soon!

So stay tuned! :)