Wednesday, January 9, 2013


HELLO 2013!

December has just passed, since it was the festive season or a month to be spent with family members and friends.. I actually gained weight a bit due to my uncontrollable diet and lack of exercising.

And that is why we have January, time to get yourself to freshen up; continue my healthy lifestyle and if you're not a fitness enthusiast.. why don't you try to put it up as one of your new year resolutions? :D

You'll be surprised how it actually changes your life completely. Trust me :)

So far, I totally don't have much time to blog on December, I have lots of thing to catch up with, shuffling from one place to other place as well. I was intrigued to post something when I was in my hometown for a week but the internet connection problem which has been dragged since 2 months ago and haven't been fixed yet by TM, I was completely turned off by that.

That's all! Happy New Year everyone! 

P.S: I haven't post any updates about my braces yet, I broke my braces 3 times before and I actually intended to write about it here but soon baby, soon! Next week is my adjustment, can't wait for it! Tata! 

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