Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hello :x

I've been missing again haha I know and I'm sorry!

I received quite a lot of feedbacks / comments regarding my braces, a lot of questions somemore.

Don't worry! I'm still here, still reading your comments! Will reply them soon. Anyway I just extracted another one of my pre-molar tooth 2 weeks ago. This wasn't in my braces plan before but Dr. Pamela suggested to me so that it would reduce the time to close my teeth gap.

Hopefully that would be the very last one! I don't want to lose any of my tooth anymore. Makin kurang gigi suda ni ging hahaha

Well gtg. Good night everyoneeeee


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mount Kinabalu & Indonesia trip sneak peek photos!

Hi, just got back home from Indonesia 3 days ago. I'm still trying to 'fit in' into my reality life after a long holiday, works, diets, yoga, work outs and etc. Fuh

Anyway these are the sneak peek of my photos! 

P.S : My Mount Kinabalu's trip (this was the 2nd one) are ready! This time, I managed to reached the Peak! So happy! Gonna blog about it soon! Indonesia's trip photos are still in editing process :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Short Update: Bye bye Yuki!

 Yuki & I

I think I've been bombarding my blog with lots of yoga blog post. Little did I know that some of the poses were actually possible for me to do it after few weeks of practices! It's awesome to know that your body is an amazing 'machine' :)

Anyway, these are the *yogis in our class! We took a group photo with Yuki because this was her last class with us before she goes back to Japan for good after 3 years working in Sabah. Btw, she can speak Malay quite well *I was so , so proud of her since Bahasa Malaysia is the first language in Malaysia :D  

Photo courtesy of Yuki Yanazume

2nd photo; Me on the left doing the wheel pose :D

*Yogi - A practitioner of Yoga

Friday, April 19, 2013

Put your mind at ease!

Playing with my camera after a wonderful zumba practice at home for my new tracks .

Sometimes when I work on night shift, I don't have enough time to go to the gym as they will close at 10PM. So I'll just continue to do some light yoga or practice few zumba songs at home. It helps me to reduce my tiredness after a long haul of looking at books and keeping up with my students' learning progress. 

Don't say you don't have time to workout! 1 hour in a day is better than nothing! :D

 Live.Love.Laugh :)


Monday, April 15, 2013

Yoga; Challenging myself!

These photos were taken in last saturday :) I wasn't not comfortable with my left arm because I just had my HPV jab that morning so it was quite pain on that part, slightly uncomfortable to move around :'( So after my zumba class, I just continue with my yoga routine with the poses I can do at the gym. Trying as much as I can to avoid the pain on my arm!

This time, both of my leg were also still sore because the previous day I learnt the technique for hanumanasana or split pose in yoga class so let my them rest first! :)

First pose was inspired by @laurasykora . Do follow her in instagram! :D

Sunday, April 14, 2013

TURN UP! The Volume #3

A friend of mine told me about this event, I knew him when I was still in the university, still active with college activities and events.  He was also one of the people who  supported one of our club events back in 2011 which was "Tone Blast 2011 - Jam for Charity" and a very creative guy I can say, the graphic designer for my blog's header!

So everytime you visit my blog. The first thing you saw on top of my blog is actually one of his creative artworks! :D

Btw, to show my support and to return some favor for him, I decided to make a post for his final event (as he told me). Why this would be the last for him?? *hmm!*

Anyway, let's start with the infos! 

Organized by the most notorious, THE REBEL UNION Presents -


Venue : Starcity Mall Rooftop
Time : 11-9 pm

I notice that some of the KK-ians are actually not familiar with this place, or to be exact has no idea at all! If you're not familiar with StarCity Mall area, it's actually just beside the Asia City Complex. Quite easy to spot it.

Nearby landmarks; Cititel Hotel, Centre Point, Api Api Center.

So I prepared a simple-map for y'all! Hope it helps!

Featuring special appearances by :


I was attracted to listen to the music from "Sekumpulan Orang Gila" because of its name which I think is very cool, well when it's translated to English, their name would be "A group of crazy people" so I made an effort to google about them and found this!

ZOMG, that pig squeal part!

Back to back performances by :


Introducing :

- FUNNY IS FRIEND (Tawau) and GOLLY SANDRA (Sandakan)

Street art by :

- DEFY (KL) and RxAxKxUxS (KK)

Also, this event's sponsored by some of the big names in KK. Check it out!

Sponsored by :


Tickets : RM15 (Early Birds) RM20 (Pre-sale) RM30 (Front Door)

Tickets outlet:

WHERE TO GET THE TICKETS? Here are the lists of the places! 

Bomber's Burger, Gaya Street.

(photo credits to Bombers Burger facebook page)

Chiwawa Restaurant, Gaya Street. (Just beside the Bella Restaurant, Gaya Street)

Army Of Friends Store, Warisan Square.

Apple Studio, Asia City. 

PUHLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE! If you need more information regarding this event, pleasee refer to the person in charge as stated below! :)

For more info : 

016-2645756 (Aphik)

Twitter & Instagram: @tutvkk

P.S: I've tried my best to put in all the fan page for the bands, maps and etc. Hope all these information is enough for y'all! Cheers

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Braces; THAT GAP.

Had my 5th/6th (couldn't recall well) adjustments today andddd ZOMGHDKXKARBFKSOW28,@:@.&;8/-@ when I look at my teeth, I stood stupefied for few seconds! EHHH I HAVE A PINKY RUBBER BAND ON MY FRONT TEETH??!

Alright, actually like this. First, I told the doctor why my front teeth have a slightly visible gap (notice in between my 'rabbit' teeth?) because sometimes foods got stuck in there and she thought I was complaining but actually I was concern if it's normal or not. But yes according to Dr. Pamela, it's actually normal because the wire's trying to pull my canine tooth to the front so that explains about the hideous gap. She put on this pinky elastic rubber (I think) to close the gap, I wasn't aware of that at first especially the COLOUR hahaha so just after I got out from the doctor's room and looked at myself through my phone.. I was so surprised with my pinky rubber!

Now I'm going to have a pinky smile for the rest of the month till my next appointment!

P.S ; My braces elastic tie colours are pink and black! :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hiking at Bukit Botak, Sepangar

Now I know that this "Bukit Botak" is actually conquerable! The idea for Good Friday trip was planned by my cousin Alicia and gym friend; Joanna Goh. I actually have been asking them to plan a trip to hike here since January (they've conquered this hill before so this was their 2nd time) so when I knew about the plan, I was on cloud 9! Dream come true! Not to forget our new friends; Arthur and Reza, who both brought their own DSLR so that explains why I have awesome photos (later) in this post because these two fellas are a photographer!

We started around 3.30PM, but hurmmm eventhough I've been living in Sepangar for almost 1 year already but I don't really familiar with the places around here.. Absolutely zilch! I don't have name for the nearest kampung and so on for you guys to spot the place where we started, but what I knew and noticed, we parked just after the UiTM junction beside the area of a road construction and just walk towards the hill. 

It took us 50 minutes to reach the peak! (Non-stop without rest) Please, if you're planning to climb Bukit Botak, wear long pants, jeans, leggings or anything for a complete protection for both of your legs or otherwise, you'll end up like me; 

The aftermath; Do I look like a torture-victim?

We got off from the peak around 6.30PM, it was actually pretty late but since we were waiting for the sunset and there were 5 of us, I got this in my mind "everything should be okay" (I admit I feel quite terrified by reason of this was my first time). Then the journey to go down to the ground was another story, since it was getting dark by the time we left the peak, after 20 minutes; we got lost around 2 times because we couldn't see the trail clearly. I felt anxious and try to keep myself calm but the others were so cool! As if nothing was happening and they were looking for the correct trail as if it was in the afternoon! Salute berabis lah hahaha and I guess I was the only one who kept my mouth shut because I felt so afraid. Many things were wandering in my mind.. how if we really got lost? how if we couldn't find the trail? where should we wait until the rescuers come to find us?? how and how and how??

But THANK GOD we managed to find the trail, went back home in one piece :D

Ops! As for the sunset view, indeed! it was one of the glorious scenes I've ever seen in my life! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! Worth the time we spent to wait for it!

Anyway, most of my photos were shot by Reza or Arthur by using my camera, so my work only goes to the editing and photoshopping these pictures so credits to them as well!

And here are some of the photos I took from my friends! :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Random; Yoga practice at home

I can't sleep so I'm trying to kill my time by posting my yoga progress :)

Yay! I finally can do tripod pose without the wall! (Picture no 1) Yes, practice makes perfect! Until now, I'm still trying to to improve my split pose as well. Hopefully next time I can do it without the yoga pillow! :)

Others were dancer pose, I know, still far from perfect :( and the last picture I'm not really sure about the pose's name. But I always did that one in yoga class at the gym. For sure it's actually without the yoga pillow as well.

Never stop believing in yourself! And never say "I can't do this" but instead "I will TRY to do this". You'll love the fact that how your body is actually capable to do some of the impossible poses! Just keep on practicing! Till then, tata ! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random; Yoga


My yoga teacher told me that I have problem with both of my legs, seriously I'm not aware of that! I guess she speaks based on her experience and my legs, not like the other new yogi in the class, I realized that I actually couldn't bend and straighten my legs perfectly and sometimes my legs were shaking! She said that I probably had injuries long long time ago or the way I walk had made my nerves are totally stiff today. It's a bit turn-off at first and I felt a bit frustrated with that but she encouraged me by saying that I'm still young, everything's possible it's just I have to be very careful with my own body, do practices everyday and avoid standing on 1 leg. Albeit sometimes I'm working on night-shift, yoyo diet/constantly-ongoing-extra-cheat-day (LOL), lack of cardio, I always try to do what's the best for my body. Apart from lifting weights and zumba at the gym, yoga is also one of my passions!

Never stop believing in yourself, slow progress is still progress! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

What to do if you break your braces?

Hi! :D

Sorry for my long hiatus (again), I've been busy for the past 3 months and one of the reason also was because I'd lose my creativeness and idea on how to start a new blog post. LOL

BEFORE (August 2012)

NOW (March 2013)

Anyway those 2 pictures above are my teeth's progress so far. That HUGE gap is finally getting smaller! So my recent visit to Dr. Pamela, she added more brackets on my teeth, she even change my canine tooth brackets to a new one. I don't see the differences between my new and old brackets for my canine, it was Dr. Pamela's job so I guess maybe they have different purposes? I have no idea.

Now I'm going to write about how if you break your braces.

I accidentally broke mine thrice , definitely not a good news for your teeth. Somehow it may cause your teeth to move slower than its expected time! Albeit Doctor Pamela told me to watch my diet, eat slowly and stick to soft foods, I wasn't so sure whether I ate too fast or I was chewing roughly. I assume KFC (spicy chicken) is one of the foods which can be considered as "soft", but well.. actually it's not! (Surprisingly!)

I broke my braces when I had KFC spicy chicken, it startled me when I was checking up on my braces and its wire was moving around freely like nobody's business! That moment I knew that I'm in trouble because this is not the first time happened to me. As I'd expected, Dr. Pamela was so unhappy about this! :'( 

Anyway this is what I did whenever I have trouble with my braces! 

1# Contact your orthodontist

Please! As soon as possible. I recalled when I broke mine; I went to see Dr. Pamela without any emergency appointment. Everything went fine though she was quite disappointed on how I treated my braces; well bad diet & rough biting. Every appointment she always reminds me by saying "Sayang dan jaga ba itu gigi Ann!" (please take care of your teeth!) but so far she never questioned the cleanliness of my teeth! Yes I floss everyday! :)

2# Wax

Always bring your WAX (just in case, IMO). It comes in handy size so I assume it wouldn't cause you so much trouble when keeping it at a place where you can easily find them. I had my wax in my handbag. I broke mine when I was on vacation so the wax at lease can ease the uncomfortableness and pain because the wire can poke your mouth so it feels like a small wire's stabbing your mouth and stop it from scratching your gums and lip.

Tell you, you wouldn't want to feel it. Trust me! 


I actually don't have any idea what's the exact name for the spring. Coil spring? I just call them the braces spring, so I hope you understand which one I'm referring to. So let me provide you a picture I googled just to give you a clear version of my spring. Mine is almost like this;

Notice the spring in the red box I drew in this picture? Mine was exactly like that! The spring is actually very flexible and I had this spring thingy that goes over an empty spaces. I always 'accidentally' bit so harsh on that part so it was just bent in and back in. Well unfortunately I bit way to harsh so I broke the spring, that was a bad time for me because it happened at night so I couldn't contact my orthodontist, what I did was I just left it inside my mouth, attached freely on my archwire without putting any wax to keep it from moving around freely.

The next morning when I woke up and brushing my teeth, the spring fell into the sink! I still have no idea how important to keep the spring safely so I just go to my ortho's clinic, upon reaching there, the assistant asked me "Did you keep the spring?" I said "No, it fell into the sink this morning" She gave me a shocked gaze and...

I end up paying RM50 to replace a new spring! WHAT A WASTE! :'(


So far these 3 are the methods I did, couldn't think of any other ideas but if I have latest information. I'll sure will update it on my blog. Stay tuned! :)

Eh, final one! 

#4 Please take care of your diet because I am sure you don't want to prolong your treatment by eating bad foods!

Anyway I received quite a lot of questions regarding my braces treatment. I'll post up a FAQ blog post soon!

So stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


HELLO 2013!

December has just passed, since it was the festive season or a month to be spent with family members and friends.. I actually gained weight a bit due to my uncontrollable diet and lack of exercising.

And that is why we have January, time to get yourself to freshen up; continue my healthy lifestyle and if you're not a fitness enthusiast.. why don't you try to put it up as one of your new year resolutions? :D

You'll be surprised how it actually changes your life completely. Trust me :)

So far, I totally don't have much time to blog on December, I have lots of thing to catch up with, shuffling from one place to other place as well. I was intrigued to post something when I was in my hometown for a week but the internet connection problem which has been dragged since 2 months ago and haven't been fixed yet by TM, I was completely turned off by that.

That's all! Happy New Year everyone! 

P.S: I haven't post any updates about my braces yet, I broke my braces 3 times before and I actually intended to write about it here but soon baby, soon! Next week is my adjustment, can't wait for it! Tata!