Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sneak peek of my graduation photos!

Just got back from my graduation holiday at Kuala Lumpur 2 days ago, I barely can feel my tummy is bloated due to my uncontrollable diet and binging the whole time when I was there. Plus, I celebrated my birthday with dearest bf and he surprised me with a cake so I had a big piece of it. Who cares, its my big day! Then binging at night, after dinner we had pizzas while watching movie together, burgers, cheese nan, and some snacks.. my gosh! 

But at least I'm proud of myself because this time I still keep on stuffing some healthy meals during breakfast like egg whites & whole-grain bread, had bananas and strawberries, organic green tea and dark chocolate for snacks, eat less rice, lots of watery foods, less oil and everything less! Even better than my previous holiday where I just stuff everything I want even at night. 

Time to get back on track! :D

Anyway, I'm afraid of losing my bust while losing weight right now, figuring out the way to lose weight without losing my bust. That’s a nightmare for me :/

EHH! I BROKE MY BRACES WHEN I WAS IN KL! The eff, it happened after 2 days I arrived in KL and have to wait another 1 week till I got back to Sabah and meet my orthodontist! Will blog about this soon. Mayday week for me!

Oh, I almost forgot. Sneak peek photos from my graduation day by AndaqPhotography, more pictures will be updated soon! :D I haven't got the CD yet so probably will be sent to me within this week, these pictures I took from his facebook site so just stay tuned! :)

Ketara betul ba tu braces sama rumpang! Luckily its just temporary! HAHA

I need to cook my lunch now, happy happy happy dieting everyone! :D


Prince of Noob said...

congratz for ur graduation... done follow u dear - Noob

Meitzeu said...

Congratulation on your graduation!

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