Friday, November 30, 2012

FINALLY, My graduation photos!


Sorry for my long hiatus! I finally gotten my frame + CD last 2 weeks delivered by Nation Wide Courier to my doorstep, after a long wait (because I assume if it's courier, they would send my parcel to me a day after it has been shipped or maybe 2-3 days) I am so glad my parcel came in one piece without any cracks and in a perfect condition!

The frame was so huge, 100% huge than what I was imagining before! That explains why the shipping cost was RM110 from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, despite of the 'sky-high' price, I believe the 'safeness' of my parcel is guaranteed! 

Anyway, on my graduation day, I thought it will be one of the most 'mind-blowing' day in my life after so many years of long haul exams and assignments.. Undeniably! but it was also one of the most tiring and hectic day ever! Think of looking for your parents in thousands of crowd with a very bad phone coverage, feels like looking for a diamond in the soil, everything was so chaotic! Families are everywhere, taking photos in the middle of the crowd, I think I 'photo-bombed' a lot of photos! Sorry! :D

I went to the main campus a day before the rehearsal collect my robe and complete the final registration, although I actually wasn't so sure where was the exact place of the main campus but the time spent to look for the place was worth it! It was not really hard to find the place, from KL Sentral and take a train (KTM) to Setia Jaya and there you go! 

But the next day was even more challenging! 

I mean, my friends and I went to PICC together without out parents (since we are 'adult' enough to travel alone) and the truth was;


We are not the citizen of Kuala Lumpur so heading to a place where you've never seen with your two eyes or even had a glimpse of it was actually pretty.. exciting! Yes I felt a little bit like in the Amazing Race competition! By just depending on our friends' guide and instructions (yes of course you have to ask many many many people), we gathered at KL Sentral just as before the sun's blush peeked above the horizon because we didn't want to miss out the first train. 

'Punctuality is the soul of business' LOL

Practically, the rehearsal was all about on how you have to walk on the stage, how to take the scroll, and place it correctly on your right side. We were also NOT allowed to shake-hand with the chancellor! I'm not pretty sure why, but does every university has the rules like that??

We went out from the main hall around 11AM, I was so glad I went to the main campus a day earlier because after the rehearsal I can see hundreds of people lining up to collect theirs including 2 of my friends. I waited for my friends around half an hour but I have to left early and went back to KL alone because my parents were waiting for me at the mall. 

I heard from my friends they finished lining up for the robe around 2PM++ That was 3 freaking hours man!

So, in a nutshell; 

1# To UNIRAZAK Main Campus (now known as UNITAR International University)

Take a train from KL Sentral (KTM) to Setia Jaya ; 

The tickets are seriously so cheap, so don't splurge so much for cabs unless you really have no idea on how to get there.

2# To PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Centre)

Take a train from KL Sentral (KLIA TRANSIT) to Putrajaya Sentral (20mins++), then take a taxi to PICC (5-10mins++)

I bought a back and forth ticket so it costs me around RM19++ . Taxi fare is RM13 for 1 trip.

Btw, it was pretty tough to get a taxi from PICC so I suggest you book a taxi earlier, or at least have someone you can rely on to just in case no taxis are available at the moment.

Oh yea, time for the pictures!

Photos by;

Andaq Photography 
Call : +60145005458 | Whatsapp : +60129483909
Email :

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sneak peek of my graduation photos!

Just got back from my graduation holiday at Kuala Lumpur 2 days ago, I barely can feel my tummy is bloated due to my uncontrollable diet and binging the whole time when I was there. Plus, I celebrated my birthday with dearest bf and he surprised me with a cake so I had a big piece of it. Who cares, its my big day! Then binging at night, after dinner we had pizzas while watching movie together, burgers, cheese nan, and some snacks.. my gosh! 

But at least I'm proud of myself because this time I still keep on stuffing some healthy meals during breakfast like egg whites & whole-grain bread, had bananas and strawberries, organic green tea and dark chocolate for snacks, eat less rice, lots of watery foods, less oil and everything less! Even better than my previous holiday where I just stuff everything I want even at night. 

Time to get back on track! :D

Anyway, I'm afraid of losing my bust while losing weight right now, figuring out the way to lose weight without losing my bust. That’s a nightmare for me :/

EHH! I BROKE MY BRACES WHEN I WAS IN KL! The eff, it happened after 2 days I arrived in KL and have to wait another 1 week till I got back to Sabah and meet my orthodontist! Will blog about this soon. Mayday week for me!

Oh, I almost forgot. Sneak peek photos from my graduation day by AndaqPhotography, more pictures will be updated soon! :D I haven't got the CD yet so probably will be sent to me within this week, these pictures I took from his facebook site so just stay tuned! :)

Ketara betul ba tu braces sama rumpang! Luckily its just temporary! HAHA

I need to cook my lunch now, happy happy happy dieting everyone! :D