Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rafting at Kiulu

Hey peeps! 

Right now I am so freakin' tanned due to the sun exposure for a quite long hour during the rafting activity. My convocation will be in 2 weeks time, I need to be very fair as possible as I can! :'(

Anyway, on that day we gathered at Rumah Tebalik at 7.30AM, it was around 60++ person in our group, I didn't know all of them because some were a friend's friends' and friends came together and joined the party. Then we gathered at the meeting point in Kiulu probably around 9AM, I honestly didn't know the exact time of when we started, everyone left their phone in the car so I was only guessing the time because it wasn't really hot so probably around 10AM++. 

We didn't expect the duration would be that long (approximately around 3-4 hours) and none of us can guess the correct time when we arrived again at the meeting up point! I thought it was 12PM or something before we looked on the phone and it was actually 2PM! We've missed the lunch hour! No wonder I felt so energy-less! The foods we brought in the morning were totally our life-saver and I had those kuihs like a zombie gorging on a fresh flesh! I haven't had that great feeling for a very long time though haha! 

Btw, everyone enjoyed that day especially the 'capsizing' part :D (means the process in which a boat or ship is turned on its side or overturned) and it became an-excited-panic-mode experience when we tried to 'abort' the guides capsizing attempt on us! I have the pictures so just keep on scrolling down. It was indeed a fun yet tiring day! 

So let the pictures tell the rest of the story! :)

Alright. below are the pictures of our raft's has been capsized by the guides, I actually have no idea it was all captured on the camera. If I notice that earlier, I would showing more pretty actions and poses, but oh well I fell off to the water just before they turned over our raft. LoL haha





5# (Me, still trying to find a balance) 

6# ( FAILED! Notice me there? Haha)



9# ( They succeed! Tadah!)


I was overwhelmed with fun on that day! Looking forward for more challenging and fun activities next time! :D

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