Friday, October 26, 2012

Braces (Improvements after 2 months)

Just in case if you've missed out my previous posts about my braces, here are the links : 

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So this is my 'petty' improvement! 

Top picture was taken on the first day I have my braces on and the bottom picture was taken last night (approximately 3 weeks after my 2nd adjustments) I finally can see my teeth's  improvements though it's not really visible for the time being but at least the gap between my front and canine tooth is getting smaller! :D Plus my bottom teeth were finally moved to the right a bit (you can see the centre line of my top and bottom teeth for a comparison) 

Dr. Pamela told me that my bottom teeth centre line will be slightly moved to the right and will not be in the centre because she needs extra spaces to fit in all my tooth in a pretty straight line. I think it shouldn't be a big deal because I don't think people will staring attentively to my bottom teeth, unless they are that kind of a very specific person about teeth cleanliness and so on.


Anyway will update more soon, my 3rd adjustments will be on next month. After the 4th adjustments, Dr. Pamela will place an implant in my gum but will vary depending on my teeth, so I'll just wait. So far, I have no problems with my braces, finally get used to it 100%  (I think?) and now can eat like normal, but I still avoid from hard food to prevent the brackets falling off from my tooth. 

If you have questions about braces, you can always drop me a comment or mail me! :D Have a nice day everyone!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rafting at Kiulu

Hey peeps! 

Right now I am so freakin' tanned due to the sun exposure for a quite long hour during the rafting activity. My convocation will be in 2 weeks time, I need to be very fair as possible as I can! :'(

Anyway, on that day we gathered at Rumah Tebalik at 7.30AM, it was around 60++ person in our group, I didn't know all of them because some were a friend's friends' and friends came together and joined the party. Then we gathered at the meeting point in Kiulu probably around 9AM, I honestly didn't know the exact time of when we started, everyone left their phone in the car so I was only guessing the time because it wasn't really hot so probably around 10AM++. 

We didn't expect the duration would be that long (approximately around 3-4 hours) and none of us can guess the correct time when we arrived again at the meeting up point! I thought it was 12PM or something before we looked on the phone and it was actually 2PM! We've missed the lunch hour! No wonder I felt so energy-less! The foods we brought in the morning were totally our life-saver and I had those kuihs like a zombie gorging on a fresh flesh! I haven't had that great feeling for a very long time though haha! 

Btw, everyone enjoyed that day especially the 'capsizing' part :D (means the process in which a boat or ship is turned on its side or overturned) and it became an-excited-panic-mode experience when we tried to 'abort' the guides capsizing attempt on us! I have the pictures so just keep on scrolling down. It was indeed a fun yet tiring day! 

So let the pictures tell the rest of the story! :)

Alright. below are the pictures of our raft's has been capsized by the guides, I actually have no idea it was all captured on the camera. If I notice that earlier, I would showing more pretty actions and poses, but oh well I fell off to the water just before they turned over our raft. LoL haha





5# (Me, still trying to find a balance) 

6# ( FAILED! Notice me there? Haha)



9# ( They succeed! Tadah!)


I was overwhelmed with fun on that day! Looking forward for more challenging and fun activities next time! :D

Monday, October 15, 2012

Yoga : Wheel Pose

I am always a big fan of yoga, I believe it is not meant for the skinny people, it's for everyone! For me, flexible is all about 'sexiness' :D

Yes, practice makes perfect!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Mount Kinabalu trip

Firstly, I wanted to express my grief.. That my friends and I couldn't make it to the Low's Peak! Same goes to everyone who went to Laban Rata on the same day with us, none of us managed to reach at the highest plateau of Mount Kinabalu due to the extreme and rough weather condition in the midnight hours on the 23rd of Sept. 

I'd climbed until at the top of the stairs from Gunting Lagadan just to know that the Sabah Park ranger didn't allowed all of us to continue the walk because it's raining cats and dog up there, strong wind and worst was the flood had started. We had no option other than have to going down back to our dorm at Gunting Lagadan. I actually cried a bit because I'd put too much hope to reach the top of the mountain but the mothernature wins us. Plus, I felt that all of my preparations were pointless, my main objective was destroyed by the heavy rain. It's sad to know when you'd put so much hope and expectation but everything turned to the other way round on the day it was supposed to be achieved. 

Well I really hope the next time if I get the chance to go there again, I'll try to ful-filled my dream to reach the Low's peak. Bless me!

Gathered at D'Villa lodge a day before the trip. Its good to hang around and meet up with the good mates!

Speaking of the stuffs, I only brought my essential needs in my backpack, basically like toiletries, girls' stuffs and my appropriate outdoor wear. Bear in mind that we need to keep our backpack as lighter as we can, unless you wouldn't mind to torture yourself then that's okay! At first, I thought by wearing a jacket + long sleeve tee + singlet + sports bra can keep me warm when we reached at Laban Rata but Alil and Nuak warned me that my jacket was not enough!

So solution was? 

We went to Kundasang for dinner a night before we climbed up to Laban Rata and we found a bundle shop nearby the restaurant where we had our dinner. Eventually, that was the place where I'd found my jacket, a very cheap jacket!

Everyone was looking for jackets too!

Found mine!

At first only few of us was planning to buy a jacket but in the end..

Everyone has theirs! Hahaha

All of us stayed one night at D'Villa Lodge because the next morning we need to dash up to Kinabalu Park before 8AM. The night with friends were so fun, playing cards, eating maggie, talk and laugh like nobody's business! I hold-back my laughter, as I was actually kind of nervous for the next morning journey.

Breakfast at D'Villa Lodge

Bye D'Villa

My Adidas Kampung! 100% recommended! Cheap and surprisingly, the grip on rocky surfaces is excellent!

Foods to be brought, this was our lunch. I'm not an egg yolk eater but I had these two  eggs together with the yolks while climbing up to Laban Rata. Hungryyyy!

My card


From left; Our guide (I don't know his name) and group leader; Kak Nina

Yeap, they brought up this water tank!

For the preparations, I can say that I work out almost everyday at the gym, cardio-workout is a must! Since this was my first time, the nervousness conquers me most of the time. I acknowledged that not everyone has the guts to climb up the mountain, why don't you dare to challenge yourself instead? I heard stories from few friends of mine about their friends who couldn't make it to the Low's Peak, and some of them told me about their past experience that they reached Laban Rata almost 6PM in the evening. Almost 10 hours man! Therefore, preparations are the main thing I concern the most. Plus, I am not confident with my stamina since its going to be a long and challenging journey even just to reach at Laban Rata.

We started at 8.40AM from Timpohon gate; there were 15 members in our group excluding 3 guides to assist us. After the first hut, we were all separated and I climbed up with 2 of my good mates, Alil and Nuak. I actually almost gave up after the fifth hut; the tiredness was excruciating and unbearable! I believe if it's not because of these two fellas I wouldn't reach at Laban Rata as early as 1.40PM, exactly 5 hours for 6KM journey. 

At first, I was expecting that I probably would reach around 2 or 3PM since this was my first experience and I have nothing to expect. Merely depending on friends' stories to help myself out. Anyway, the most challenging part was 1 KM away before our destination, as from the place I was standing, we actually can see the glimpse of Laban Rata's building. I was like "WE ARE ALMOST THERE!! LETS DO IT" and forced myself to shuffle from every huge rock I saw and then took rest for 30 seconds and then continued. Gosh, that was the most mentally-agonizing part! 

Finally reached Laban Rata at 1.40PM!

The foods were all GREAT! Catered by Sutra Harbour, Sabah. What else can we say more?

Above are the main reasons why our journey to the peak has to be cancelled. Despite of the bad weather, I actually learnt few things here;

1) Always be prepared for everything. Yes when I typed EVERYTHING, I really mean it. I brought only 1 rain coat for this trip and I unpacked it harshly before we went out from our dorm. It was my mistake for being careless and I accidentally torn mine and worst was I DON'T HAVE ANY EXTRAS! It was heavily raining outside and I borrowed my friend's rain coat and bought a new one for him. It costs me RM10 when the actual price was actually RM2.50. Such a waste. I'll make sure to bring extras next time!

2) Expect starvation! I admit I do feel so hungry even we just had big meals 2 hours before. It was so cold; I guess that what makes everybody feels hungry so early. Bring chocolate or maggie (some light foods) if possible. They do provide kitchen and basic cooking stuffs so don't worry!

3) Don't ever stop or resting for a very long time; I do feel tired and I can feel my heart was beating too fast on the first 'long-and-high stairs' after Timpohon Gate just before the 1st hut, climbers will know which place I am referring to. But don't worry! It's just temporary, if you can overcome with it I'm pretty sure you can reach your destination earlier than what you've expected. Plus if you're resting too long; say for example like 5-10 minutes, your body and muscles will cool down, resulting you will not feel warm anymore and it tends to make your muscles cramp while climbing up. So to stay safe, keep on walking even just a small step, and don't rest too long. 

This is the first long stairs if I'm not mistaken

4) Stamina; Cardio is a must for your preparation! Strong will and determination does pay off! :)

5) Expect the unexpected; Bring handy plast, muscle spray, and everything that you think are necessary for a hiking trip. I fell down while running down from the 4th hut to the 3rd hut, I collided with something and 'kissing' the soil without realizing it! Everything happened so fast within split second and the next thing I know was when my friend was yelling at me, asking whether I was okay that time. Then only I realized that I actually fell down to the ground *boo-me* hahaha. My left palm was bleeding and we didn't have handy plast nor the basic stuffs for emergency purposes! Luckily there was a kind man who witnessed the incident and gave me his handy plast when I needed it the most. The bleeding was very painful when I pour some water on it and I notice my visions get blurred for few seconds, I wonder why? I couldn't walk properly after that because my legs were collided with rocks either. So to stay safe from muscle cramps, I kept on walking and jogging just to maintain the heat . Such a scary experience, yet it taught me to be more careful next time.

Few days after, bruise on my leg!

5) Lastly, they will provide each of you a small bag of meals. It consists of bananas, apple, eggs and sandwich. DON'T EAT IT TOO EARLY, you'll regret it later. Keep all your fancy stuffs inside the car, I know you want to look pretty and handsome in pictures but trust me on the 4th or 5th hut there will be no 'elegant' look anymore and with those extra-weights on your body, it would be torturing enough to carry those no-practical-use stuffs together with you.

Foods, I loike! Last buffet before we left! 

I had fun while climbing up the mountain even the peak was not meant for everyone on that day. I'm also glad that nothing serious happen to our group despite of the tremendous rain and wind hitting all of us. Nevertheless, it burns our spirit to come again very soon and achieving our dream! Probably will go there again next year! Bless us this time, Amen! :)

Sayonara, till then! 

P/s : Bless me for my long hiatus, I wrote this post since 2 weeks ago and I kept on delaying it, went to whitewater rafting last Sunday and I'll blog about it soon! :D