Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yoga : Camel Pose

Just in case if you don't know, I'm an active person, as busy as popcorn on a skillet I can say? I exercise regularly almost everyday to keep fit and of course the main purpose to lose weight! But except for Saturday, its my resting day and also CHEAT DAY.

Haven't heard of cheat day before? For those who are in diet and totally control your calorie or food intake, you actually should take a break from your diet once a week to satisfy your cravings. Better than 'kempunan' ba kan, but at least bear in mind that do not bite off more than one can chew when having your cheat day. And today, I had mine since my braces are now tolerable enough to accept foods compared to the first time I have them on. Well, I was cheesed off actually because I had more than enough foods, more than a normal cheat day should be *sigh* I should burn those fats away tomorrow! :)

Anyway, benefits of cheat day - click here

I have been an active member of Core Fitness, KK since a year ago. Besides Zumba, I also practice yoga like 3-5 times a week since 2 months ago. If you're a big fan of a sexy and flexible body. Well I recommend you to join yoga :D

Not sure if I did this one correctly but I believe practice makes perfect! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Braces (Part 2)

Refer here for Part 1 : Braces Part 1


I had my 2nd tooth extraction few days before I get my braces, together with filling and scaling at Dr. Alex Lo, Damai (My doctor is Dr. Sonia) all at once. For this 2nd tooth extraction (for my right part) I still feel a bit scary while waiting to enter the doctor's room (despite I'd experienced it before..) Sometimes you will only feel the pressure or nervousness but in the end.. everything will be just fine. I can promise that! :)

Ok for filling and scaling procedure. Last time I used to request the doctor for the injection before the procedure as if the pain might hurts me so bad. This time, Dr. Sonia had done the filling or dental restoration for 3 of my tooth, without the anesthetic injection! To my surprise the pain was actually bearable, maybe the scraping sound came from the tool they use to drill the tooth has a significant effect on me. To be honest, I only feel a bit discomfort SOMETIMES when Dr. Sonia presses the drilling tool intensely into my tooth but it was all happened within split seconds. I think the pain can be rated to 3 or maybe 4 out of 10? Depends on you but it was all fine with me. No worries!

Next when Dr. Sonia said she will begin with the scaling procedure. I can only think about this..


Since this is my very first time, I don't really know what to expect. Basically scaling or also known as deep cleaning is a process where the doctor will remove the plaque or tartar on your tooth which can cause the bacteria to thrive easily. I have no idea whether it is painful or maybe I might not feel anything at all. But during the procedure I was like "blekkkkkkkkk" because nothing painful anyway. Just a slightly ticklish and discomfort feeling when the doctor scales nearby to your root. Your gum might be bleeding a little bit but seriously it is totally BEARABLE. The procedure lasts not more than 10 minutes if I'm not mistaken. I can say, 1 out of 10?

Anyway, I feel pain during the injection before Dr. Sonia extracts my tooth. I'm not trying to mindf*ck you guys but seriously I cried a little bit because it was REALLY painful. I was expecting the pain might be like when you've been bitten by the ants, but it way far beyond from that one. All I can do was enduring the pain, close my eyes and THANK GOD it only lasts for 2 shots of injections and the next injection I don't feel pain anymore because my gum has started to numb. I think I had more than 8 injections for 2 tooth extractions on my right side, but then the extraction procedure was fine. I didn't feel anything at all, at least the pain I had from the injections was worth it. :D

It's done!

Lets start with my braces part! (finally)

5 days after my appointment with Dr. Sonia, I went to Smile Orthodontics at Lido for my braces appointment with Dr. Pamela. I can't wait to get my braces done mainly because I can't/didn't control my diet for the past 2 months and I kept on indulging myself with fattening and yummy foods! Actually it was all on purpose because I knew I would never have the chance to eat happily again for the next 3 years (sounds exaggerating haha) so I guess I gained weight and fats a bit. Secondly, I can't stop laughing at myself if I smile widely in front of the camera because I have 2 missing tooth on my front teeth. It was so hideous ok! Steady lg aku beraya tanpa gigi depan d siring2 hahaha!

The procedure to put on the braces lasts for almost 1 hour. Actually I didn't feel anything at all after I got out from the doctor's room, just an uncomfortable feeling inside my mouth because I have metals around my teeth and it sounds weird when I tried to smile. And then, the nurse taught me the proper way on how to brush my teeth and lots of advise like avoid sweet and hard foods as possible as I can. She added that if I can't bear with the pain, I can take 2 tables of panadol if I want to.

That time I was like mehhhh, this is not painful at all. Why do I need panadol?

After 3 hours, I started to feel the pain! Yes, the nurse was right! I take back all my words! :'(

Few minutes after I got out from the doctor's room. Tadahhhhhhhhh!

Many of my friends told me that it was very hard for them to eat, So I acknowledged about that part and I prepared myself 'earlier'. What I can describe my agony was, I can't eat properly for the first 2 days, it was very painful whenever I tried to bite on something. My life was only depending on the herbalife I bought a day before I have my braces on to feed my tummy.

Herbalife! Totally my life saver!

3rd day of braces, the pain slowly goes away and here I started to eat porridge. It was very hard to eat, but then it's even better compared to the first day. I also chopped the chicken meat as small as I could so it will be easier for me to swallow them. The pain comes from the teeth had gradually gone down but its not the end of my agony, here was the worst part I guess..

My mouth started to have small cuts eventhough I'd covered the brackets with a special wax provided by my orthodontist but I'm still not sure until today where the cuts came from whether from the brackets or the archwire BUT IT WAS SO PAINFUL. I can't open my mouth widely, I can't speak properly, I can't smile and brushing the teeth was the worst part ever as I have to open my mouth widely to floss my teeth especially when I was trying to floss my molar tooth.. Oh my God.. The cuts collided with the archwire and brackets everytime my mouth moves. Can you imagine that? If you want to ask that am I crying? Yes, I cried on the 4th day, the pain comes from the cuts were so unbearable and I slept with tears from my eyes.

The first 5 days was a disaster!

Stuffs I need to use DAILY started from the day I have my braces on

And the 6th day and the rest of the days until today.. I started to get used to it. I can speak and finally can eat like normal but I still stick to soft foods. And I avoid myself to eat a lot because the foods will easily get stuck nearby the brackets and archwire and it's so hard to pluck these stuck foods without using the proper brush given by the doctor. Well I don't bring the brush everywhere I go, to stay safe, I avoid eating too much.

Well what I can say, braces actually forces me diet. So far braces had done its magical diet effect on me but I'm not impressed much. I want to lose more weight! Hahaha

I admit the first week after I got my braces on, it was SO STRESSFUL! *sobbing* But after 5-6 days the pain will slowly goes away and the cuts will heal. I rub the cuts by using a gel given by the doctor to soothes and healing any sores, bleeding and mouth ulcers and I think it helps a lot! So far the cuts didn't cause me to have ulcers. I also didn't eat panadol for the first "suffer" week I had been through, strong enough? Haha

If you're planning to have braces soon.. I am pretty sure you'll experience the same thing like I do. But REMEMBER, every beauty worth a thousand pain!

Plus the pain will actually goes away gradually so no worries! Don't afraid to take a step forward for a beautiful smile. You're not going to wear braces for the rest of your life!

Camwhore part!

All these pictures were taken when I finally got my braces on, so I smile a bit weird than usual. Actually to cover up the metals inside my mouth. Oh man, I'm 'Lil' Wayne' for the female version! Haha

All right guys! Till then. Will continue to blog about my braces regading my treatment's progress soon! :) Byeee

Sunday, September 2, 2012


[Short Update]

Remember this 'little-girl' ? After lots of surveys, I decided to name her as Michi! It's a Japanese name but I couldn't remember the meaning, kunun mau kasi nama jipun serupa like my two other cats, Aiko and Kenji. (except for Om, she's rare hahaha) Michi's getting bigger, stronger and cuter now! Her eyes are finally open and she's able to discover the world! Because of her curiosity, I always end up in a panic mode when she crawls from my closet, meow-ing for her mom and almost jumping herself out down to the floor, that totally gives me a 'mini-heart-attack' !

Naughty baby!

See this photo? Another attempt by Michi to escape from her 'cave'!

P/s : I finally have braces on my teeth now, still working on for the blog post. :D till then!
P/p/s : Again, I can't sleep. Decided to do a short update while waiting for my eyes to shut.

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