Friday, August 31, 2012

'Where to buy PAIL in Sabah'

I was checking my nunffnang ad tosee my blog's stats today and this is what I'd found!

This section shows what people typed their keyword, googled and finally they enter your blog. And this unknown person had googled about 'where to buy in PAIL in Sabah' ??

Seriously Mr/Ms Stranger?????? *facepalm*

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August in KL

Less words, less 'overdue' pictures! More time spent for shopping and my camera has been neglected for most of the time :(

Well so lucky I actually managed to captured more and more pictures from instagram! Instantly can be uploaded and edited thru my phone.

Guess I need a new lens for my camera then, the one I'm using right now is very heavy and it's uncomfortable for me to carry it the whole time. Imagine yourself carrying shopping bags and then your handbag and then (again) your super-heavy camera. Who understands my agony? :'(

I'm thinking of wide-angle lens anyway, but too expensive, can't afford it in the mean time, unless daddy would like to buy it for me. But.. nevermind.. soon! :)

Goin' there again in November for my convocation, can't waitt!! :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Second Messiah

I went to Times Bookstore Suria just now with hope that the books I've been looking for quite some time ( Pittacus Lore - The Rise of Nine & Kelly Armstrong - The Reckoning) have finally arrived in the store, too bad they haven't. Even the 50 shades of grey (MUEHEHEHE I know.. I know..) sold out just in 2 days according to the staff. So while surveying the bookshelf, this book had caught my attention after a glimpse at the title "Messiah".. Hmm, seems good!

Not intended to dissapointing myself after few attempts in searching for Pittacus Lore and Kelly Armstrong books had failed miserably ( I wonder why they are so late!) I chose to bought this one instead, plus the voucher is going to expired soon in another few days, I don't want to waste it just because of waiting and waiting and waiting and in the end I get nothing.

Btw, I actually don't mind investing moolah for an interesting book! Just hope this "new baby" wouldn't turn away from my expectation! For now, I still have another book I'm not done yet. Having a bookshelf hoards with unread books are so not cute, except for my Herman Melville - Moby Dick, this book has the most complicated language I've ever read. Woargh!

Anyway I should've been snoozing since 2 hours ago! Aiyo, almost dawn now. Good night peeps!

P/s : My new kitten, she (mom said its a female-feline) just born a week ago, to be exact.. 9 days old now. Yeah!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Braces [Part 1]

Have you ever think about getting braces before?

I do, and it was when I was in the high school. I actually still have my baby canine tooth on my front teeth which are actually so hideous on my left part, as you know that baby tooth are meant to be replaced by a permanent tooth when our age at 10-12 years old. Mine are still holding on to my gum till today and I'm now almost 24 years old!


Anyway as we grow older, the beautiful smile is on top of our priority compared when we were in high school. I was so afraid of a tooth extraction procedure and other dental treatments, while we know that the "magic liquid" or scientifically known as the anaesthetic will be injected into you gums and the next thing you know is; your tooth is safely landed on the tray, and yet it's still a scary thing for us. Yknw, it seems like impossible for me to visit the dentist all alone without being accompanied by the parents. In school when the nurses came over from the hospital, the whole class will turned into a panic mode! Don't say that you don't, okay? Everyone does!

Last time I actually had been advice by the doctor to get braces to fix my canine tooth, move it to the place it was supposed to be. But well, its scary to see that friends who's in orthodontic or braces treatment are commonly will be called as "gigi besi" , and will be the ones who gets all the attention to be mocked.

And I don't want to put myself into that position :(

But today, I am so frustrated for not getting braces early, plus the treatment cost might be cheaper than I have to pay now (I'll explain about the cost later) and I will have a pretty smile in my identification card, passport, and the most important thing is MY GRADUATION PHOTO :(

Nothing to be regretted now. My braces will be up next week, and so happy that I'm going to have a beautiful smile eventhough its kinda late already.

So anyway, I just has my tooth extraction (left part) last Friday and I was supposed to extract the right part today but my doctor has an emergency case to the hospital so it will be done by tomorrow morning.

Freshly plucked from the gums

On July, I've met with the orthodontist which is Dr. Pamela from Smile Orthodontics in Lido, Kota Kinabalu. As we discussed about my treatment plan, she told me that I NEED to extract 4 of my tooth before I can start with the treatment. She also explained that I'd lost LOTS of tooth for my age and I definitely need an implant inside my gums.

I stunned for a little while after listening to her explanations, then she continued that her youngest patient who has the implant was 11 YEARS OLD. Shame on me! She showed me the implant.. surprisingly it's actually just a very small screw, half of an inch I guess? Its very.. very very small.

I feel relieved!

Besides that, it's not only the extraction that I need to get through, I also need to do scaling and filling (if needed) as well and all these 3 will be done by tomorrow morning. Right now, I'm pretty scared of the scaling procedure because this is my first time and I don't know what to expect.. does it hurt? bleeding? and lots of questions pondered in my mind right now.


I actually have lots of thing to be wrote now but now all I need is to snooze early as the I'm going to see the doctor early in the morning!

Continue on my next post, will post more pictures soon! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Recently, I realized that there were lots of unpleasant comments/statuses about SABAH on Facebook and surely the most popular remarks are that WE, the SABAHANS are still live on the tree and in the jungle, we do not have towns, no karaoke, we do not have pails (seriously?) and many moree. Sadly, these remarks were made by our own Malaysians..


If we live in the jungle and of course they will assumed that we do not have internet connections, then how I post this blog post instead?

*fainted for the next time*

As I live for almost 24 years in Malaysia and proudly to say I grew up in SABAH, I feel so lucky for having friends from Peninsular Malaysia who are so kind and knowledgeable about Sabah. They are so nice, and most of them had been to Sabah before and some of them had conquered the Mount Kinabalu, way earlier than me because I'm going for it next month for the first time! So it makes sense that my friends are so up-to-date unlikely these people who I can assume they'd never acknowledged the uses of GOOGLE?

The latest case that had made a big hit for the Sabahans;

The consequences of her own dumbness, this is what she gets in return!

Someone lodged a police report and now her face has made it to the newspaper! Maybe this is what she wants? To become famous? LOL. Finally! Serves you right! Ingat kami Sabahan cincai ka?

Photo credits to : SABAH IS MY HOME

Friday, August 3, 2012

Beijing Duck Set Meal @ Hong Kong Recipe, 1 Borneo [Non - Halal Restaurant]

Save your saliva for my yhummy post!

I've been invited by the Social Media East Malaysia for this food review at Hong Kong Recipe, 1 Borneo, thanks to Monica and Angeline! If you don't know where the place is located, its nearby the Watson and Guardian area. Turn to the left if you enter from the main entrance. Together here, I attached the picture of the restaurant's entrance, easier for you to spot it! :)

And this is the reason why we are here!

As your read this the title. actually this is my second experience with Beijing/Peking Duck. I'd tasted it when I was in China few years ago, I recalled that time we only had the chance to try duck skin. I'd trapped myself into puzzlement of where all the meat had gone? Still in my mind, Dad murmured and complained "Mana pigi dia pnya daging? Ndakan makan kulit ja?"

Why that restaurant didn't give us to try the meat ah? Well, it's my second Beijing Duck dish.

Anyway, this one is totally different! :D

For a starter, we've been served with this vegetable Juice, RM6.90.

Lets start with our main dish! First, the chef will demonstrate how they'll cut out the duck skin in front of us.

After my experience in Beijing, China. I was wondering what are they going to do with the duck flesh after the Chef had sliced out all the skins onto the plate. Because I really had no idea, and it seems like Monica can read my thoughts when I was glaring attentively at the duck. What a mind reader! She then, explained to me that all the next dishes will be made from the duck meat after the skin has been ripped off from the body.

Talk about another new experience with Beijing duck, I can't wait for the next dishes!

First, we are going to try the Beijing Duck Pancakes;

Then you roll them over! *loves*

First bite is really awesome, the texture of the duck skin munched together with the pancake, sauce and some vegetable...


"Now I can die in peace"

I'm not exaggerating because I'm totally on cloud 9, you really should try this. Recommended, 15 out of 10 !

Next dish is soup, made from the duck flesh and broth.

And here comes the second dish! Braised duck feet, bean curd with vegetable and abalone sauce!

For your information, I am a BIG FAN of chicken feet recipe, especially the dim sum or in soup. MUNCH EM ALL.

So looking at the duck feet cooked nicely on the table, I decided to give it a try. Yes, that was my first time because you only live once, at least try everything at least once! Now I can tell you all that I'd tasted duck feet and it's not as gross as some people think the taste would be. It's good, though it has less flesh than chicken feet but Hong Kong Recipe has brought this duck feet recipe to the next level, I like the idea how they cook it. I can taste the spices nicely. It's good! :)

Among all of these dishes, this is one of my most favourite.. bitter gourd braised with sliced duck and black bean.


Bitter gourd is one of my favorite vegetable, so when this dish was served in front of us, there is only 1 word can express myself that time.


Last dish is..

It's steamed fish with preserved meat.

After the main course, now its time for the yummy treats to end the dinner.

Herbal jelly of course! Perfect for the dessert!

Last one is the blended soy milk, RM4.90

I would like to highlight this drink, honestly I fell in love with it. According to the Manager of the restaurant, this soy milk has very high in fibre, plus less sweet than the usual soy drink I always had from the groceries store. Good for those who is very conscious about their health.

Done with the food photos!

You may call them at +6088-488 833 for an early booking for the duck. It's stated here in the leaflet that booking to be made at before 1 day you come to dine in! :)

Photos credit to :