Friday, July 27, 2012


Both pictures were taken by my friend Lacena when I was conducting a Zumba class in the gym, Core Fitness. Not the whole class just for 2 songs only. I was given a chance to practice my skills here, thanks so much to the other instructors who gave me this precious opportunity that I probably couldn't get it at other place. I'm still new, still learning and trying to get as much experience I can get! :) I look sweaty here, trying to use all of my energy to pull out an energetic moves!

Oh yes I forgot to tell you all, I'm a licensed instructor. :D

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New header!

I finally had my new header changed yesterday morning, it was designed by a friend of mine and he's also a graphic designer from Kota Kinabalu, Apik!

Actually the idea came 100% by him, the first "prototype" he sent to me was a header where he'd drew my face to become a cartoon which I think is pretty cute *self-praising* haha. But actually I'm not really into the idea of putting up my face on my header, regardless I'm a celebrity.. The truth is I'm a nobody. :/

1st header made by Apik

I don't know how he did that, drawing or sketching is totally not my expertise so seeing this for the first time I was quite amazed! Anyway, I told him to make another one without putting up my face and this is what he came up with after few hours.

I like it! :D

Anyway if you're looking for graphic designer, you may contact him through here;-

My blog was designed by Finie Ramos ;

Bored with your current blog template? Contact them! :D

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The innocence of children

Now I have a job; a part-time tutor at the tuition centre. You know, teaching kids/secondary students; helping them with their homeworks and some questions paper to prepared them for their upcoming exams.

One day, I was teaching this little student of mine, lets name him as *B , still in primary school and has a very innocent look. At first I thought he was a very shy kid but every lessons we had together, he finally shows his true-colours and I can assume that he's kind of a talkative student and loves to ask questions! Cute! :D

I was teaching B to arrange the scattered words to become a sentence, and since he's still in primary 3 and not a fluent speaker of English or Malay (Well you know, kids.. ) he has this problem which is couldn't pronounce some of the English words correctly. Aware of his problem, I kept on drilling him to repeat the word over and over again. I love to drill my students, especially those who is quite weak in pronunciations, I'll "torture" them to keep on pronouncing the words till they will memorize it.

That day, I taught him to read the whole sentence after he managed to arrange all the scattered words to be a correct sentence. I couldn't recall the whole sentence, but what I remember the most was, we were talking about a school Hall, and he kept on reading "Hall" as "Hell".

Me : Okay B, this is Hall. Say H-A-L-L , HALL.
B : Hell!
Me : No, its HALL. Repeat, HALL.
B : Er, HELL!
Me : HALL, one more, HALL!
B : Hell!

The above conversation goes over and over again until he finally gets to pronounce it perfectly! Bear in mind that in some cases, there are kids who unable to pronounce the word just the same like we did, I don't know why but I've seen few of my students before who has the same problem like B. It needs our perseverance to deal with them and keeps them practising it, I know he's striving too hard, but at least he had his effort. Then B's required to rewrite the sentence in the space given, before that, I'd showed and explain to him what is Hall and the school hall together with the pictures, that moment he asked me;

"Teacher what is HELL? I want to see the HELL, can you show it to me?"

And his mouth is pouting to my ipad, giving a sign for me to google the pictures of hell for him. I was so shock actually, looking at him who had this curiosity look to know the answers, I took my ipad and googled the pictures for him.

The images I found were all picturing that Hell is full with fire in all over the place, I started to explain to him that Hell is a very hot place, like a sweltry room that is causing a sensation of heat and burning, the bad people will go to the hell as one of the images showed that there were people standing inside of the fire. Then he murmured;

"Teacher.. Why the bad people go to the Hell?"

I was stunned, not expecting that he was going to ask me that! Luckily one of the teacher who was witnessing and listening to our conversations; she helped me to answer B's questions, saying that when we did a lot of hurtful things towards other people in this world and when we die soon, we will be punished in Hell. She added more that we should do a lot of good things as long as we lived, serve and do the right thing to everyone as long as we could.

He smiled and nodded, as a courtesy of giving us the sign that he finally understood and had all the answers he wanted to know. I gasped and glancing at my friend, and smiled; knowing that we finally had made a good job as a teacher in telling B of what he should know without involving any harsh words that could make all the explanation had no sense at all for a 9 years old kid like B.

I asked him continue his sentence, that he gave me another curious look at say;

"Teacher, the HELL is at upstairs right? How about the HEAVEN?"

This time His index finger pointing pointing above his head, then started to ask me the same questions he asked about hell just now. I know that I shouldn't ignore his question this time, I answered all his questions politely just like the way me and my friend told him about Hell just now, but now is all the opposite things about Hell.

Literally just like the when we did the good thing, we will go to the Heaven and explaining all kind of good stuffs related to Heaven.. I also googled him pictures and all that I could find were all potrayed Heaven which is a place with a long white stair, surrounded by the clouds and glowing Angels standing beside. How sweet is that?

B shows a face of satisfied with all the answers he had. I smiled!

Talk about being a good teacher *kunun*

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just my inspiration

Love it! Who wouldn't want a sexy body like this?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The eye-opener.

Half a year has passed, I feel like I was just blinking my eyes and finally, the July has finally arrived, like a time teleportation. Isn't ?

There were few things to be grateful, one is; the remarkable moment in my life will be on this upcoming November which will be my convocation day! I finally had my degree done! After few years struggling for exams every semester, now its the end of my degree's journey, so happy for that :D

Afterall, I can say that my practicum is an eye-opener for a reckless student; like me. It has come to 1 point where I have so many thoughts of why I was being such an irresponsible student before, I know that I didn't like my course on the first place but not everyone has the fair chances to enrolled themselves to the University, while I have been given the chance; Plus, my parents were being so nice to let me choose for what I'm going to study. Its all free, its all on me.

They just said : "As long as we still can afford you, just go for it!"

Sadly, I have never ever try my best to go for it, for the first 3 years, I admit I wasn't paying an attention to study, I'm not serious, I think I had lost my interest just because I don't like my course. But not until my final year and practicum..

During my practicum, I've seen students who have learning disability, some of them; they couldn't recognize alphabets, not even memorizing the basic A-z, some of them will look at "b" and thought that it was a "d", some of them don't even know the meaning of the word "apple", and being to excited when it comes about something that is very rare for them but was very normal to us. Don't you think that you are very lucky if you can understand what I'm trying to say here? Yes, you can read but them? The students I'm referring above.. They couldn't understand even the basic and simple words in English. Yet, they showed me that they were willing to try any exercises that I gave them, they showed the meaning of passion, tried to learn something that they do not understand but striving to go for it. All their efforts.. they made me believe that I; too, can change my faith; taught me literally that hating my course won't change anything because I had been given a chance but I didn't appreciate it.. If you were in my shoes, I really hope that you will feel the same way like I do. :)

I believe that not everyone in this world has the chance to furthering their studies, some may have the passion but unlucky enough or maybe have the financial issues so it become one of their barriers to go for the higher education. How about you? If I have the chance to turn back the time, I will not do something that is futile. But we can't change the past, and we are always can plan for our future.

Some of them were having family problems which had affect their academic performance. I've seen students who were trying to get my attentions. Before that, I had been told about them earlier; that these students might cause me to headache and pissed off. And yes, indeed. But I tried to overcome with the problems, knowing about these students family background was quite unstable, yes it actually had help me so much better. We couldn't blame them. We have never been in their shoes, its sad to know when these kids were lack of the attention from their parents. I don't blame them, and I don't blame anyone either. Sometimes we couldn't control what has been destined to us.. And I had never ever imagined that problems at home could dragged these kids to be very "uncontrollable" at school. Something that we would never ever think before because we have never been a teacher before. But now I had seen the differences, between students' and teachers' perspective. It is totally different. And these kids were actually pretty good in their academics, maybe they haven't realized that everything happened for a reason. I just wish them well..

A good friend of mine told me, that all of us will changed after we were done with our practicum, I think that she's right. It's totally an eye-opener. I wish I could witness and experience something new every day and day. It can teach us how we should be thankful for what we had now.

I'm blessed, and same goes to everyone who can read this. Thank God for that. :)

And the final year, I had done my best, I do everything I can to improve my grades, I put all my efforts and push myself to the limit. The hard work I had done was worth it, getting A's is my priority, though the chances of getting flunked is getting smaller but just because I'm a senior doesn't mean that I am very good enough. And yes I finally made it! *smize* Though the Literature paper I didn't score very well but like I said on my previous post. It was a really really tough paper. Like killing us all with 2 "ancient" novels, but overall I'm satisfied with everything I had done on my final semester and year! :)

Just a friendly reminder; A you lucky enough? If yes, the go to pursue your dream! :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012