Thursday, June 21, 2012


MUET, stands for "Malaysian University English Test".

I enrolled myself to the undergraduate course through the foundation course. I didn't have any STPM nor O Level certificate for myself. So it sounds like a pretty bad thing to myself, I just realized it few weeks ago, and worst; I don't know how important it was for us; the undergraduate students to have a MUET certificate.

Which bring me to my next point; I couldn't apply for post graduate course this year just because I haven't taken the MUET test. :/

A reason why I didn't think that this certificate is very important is because my University has never ever told me or us to take the MUET test. If I knew that this is going to be very important for me to choose the path for my future, I would take it since few years ago :( And sadly today, I don't have it. It was excruciating.. knowing that you are ready to go for it, as my interest in furthering my studies prompted and incite me to do some early research.. I did asking friends and most of the answers are ;- "Yes! You need the MUET result!"

The lowest grade has to be "Band 4" . Not sure about it but I'll try my best to go for it. :D

So I tried to register for MUET test on this upcoming November, turns out they open the registration for November test on this upcoming 9th July. Still, another 2 weeks to go.

Here's the schedule, Click here : MUET'S SCHEDULE

Anyway, thank god that I managed to pull myself to the pullest on my final semester. I finally gotten 2 A and 1B.. which is out of my expectation. And I got B- for my Literature paper, I admit it that it was one of the hardest literature paper ever. So I'm thankful at least I didn't fail for it.

Imagine yourself that we were asked to read and study these 2 novels just in 3 months ++ ?

Jane Austen - Emma

Herman Melville - Moby Dick

I tell you, these 2 novels have the most complicated English I've ever read in my whole entire life, the first page was kind of tough to me.. how about the rest of the book? *dead*

Plus, the questions have the unreasonable marks , which was the Section A has like 5-6 questions if I'm not mistaken, and all 10 MARKS will be given. For Section B, there were 2 questions and BOTH 25 marks.

In 3 hours? Are you kidding me?

Most of my friends were not satisfied for the question, this is very tough. Yes.. And so far, I didn't hear any news about who has gotten an A's. Mostly were B's , like me. I know it was tough, yet I didn't answer 1 question, actually just half of it because it requires us to get an example of American and British literary works, differentiate both of it. Too bad I had learnt both of the era's, and I don't know that Jane Austen's a British literary works! How come?? My grade would have changed to B or B+ if I answered this question! *Sad max*

But at least I didn't fail, right? I'd be in a big trouble just in case I failed for it.

SMIZEEEE! *with a shining gaze*

Monday, June 18, 2012

The May and June

Sorry for the long lost, I just lost my interest to blogging recently. But today I'm going to finish this post so my blog wouldn't look like it has been neglected for decades. Sounds exaggerating lol.

Anyway Kaamatan has passed, as for result I gained almost 4kg just for last month. That's the total for all over the month full-filled with foods and kaamatan celebration, not count in when families are coming along to KK for holiday in here and also I went to Telupid to bf's place.

So I couldn't skip any delicate foods every single day! It's like a nightmare for my tummy but heaven for myself, but I have made a vow to myself that I shouldn't continue stuffing myself like this, instead, I went to gym and try as hard as I could to burn all those fats and weights away.

Just before that, I actually managed to lose down my weight until 58kg++ !! WHAT A DREAM! But I've killed that joy just in 1 month and I gained back like 62kg. But after awhile in gym, recently it lose down to 59kg, finally and Thank God! Really hope I can get like 57kg in another 1-2 months ahead. :D

Oh btw, I've read a book which was "The Summoning". I think the story is pretty good too. It's about a young girl who was sent to a house for the problematic kids and turns out all of those kids who was in the house are supernaturals. Including herself, too.

I don't want to talk much about it, you better buy it at Times Bookstore! :D And it's a trilogy series so I bought the 2nd book "The Awakening" and can't wait to finish it and move on to the next book! :D

I tried to look for the 3rd book, unfortunately they haven't got it in KK . Sad max, hopefully it will goes out very soon :D

A picture of me with one of my cats! It's been awhile since I touched my camera so here's one of the photos I took last night. :D

Till then, byee!!