Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello, ZUMBA!

Hi !

I just finished my 2 days course to become the official zumba LICENSED instructor few days ago. Its fun, tiring and the most important thing is.. I've learnt a lot from the course, especially our instructor Mr. David Velez!

At first, I couldn't think of his race/country where he came from because his skin was kind of tanned compared to the usual orang putihs we always seen in the TV or real life. Plus, his accent was much more likely the Philippines, I thought "Oh he must be a Pinoy!"

Turns out he was actually a COLOMBIAN.

The same place where Zumba was born few decades ago. :D

Anyway, for the first day or the training. We learnt about the basic step for MERENGUE and SALSA dance. Of course there was also a lecture mainly about zumba and etc etc in the morning. I told you, I never felt bored for the whole lecture, Mr. David is so fabulous and funny! He brought the lecture to the next level where we wouldn't realized that we were actually listening to a lecture! It was fun, I loike it sooooo much !

Day 1

So pictures from day 1, I don't have a lot of pictures but these are what I managed to captured in the first day.

Me and Mr David. :D

Day 2

So for the 2nd day, we learnt the basic step for CUMBIA and REGGAETON. Honestly, I really love the reggaeton! Speaking of it, its not like the "reggae" music, the one which is very famous by Bob Marley. Reggaeton has its own rhythm and beat. So if you want to know what's reggaeton, try to listen to Pitbull's song for the best example :D

To be honest, I'm a big fan of reggaeton songs, and before I joined zumba, I've already listened to reggaeton songs. Its just I don't know what's the specific genre for it. So after the course, we were also have been trained and taught on how to differentiate certain genres of Zumba's song.

So the first time I heard the reggaeton songs, and I was like "Hey, I'm familiar with the beat.. hmm!"

And now I know, its actually reggaeton! :D

Haha spot me in the photo? Well, in this photo, this is my group and we were doing our very own choreography based on the basic steps we learnt before. It was fun! :D

WE'VE JUST GRADUATED! Lol, actually we've just finished the training, finally gotten our certificate and officially becoming the Zumba instructor! :D

My new friend, Jennifer and I. :D

My certificate, officially graduated! :)

Oh anyway, there will be another training on this upcoming July its for the Basic 2. So far, I haven't decide whether I will join or not.

Because so far, I haven't plan to conduct my own classes, I don't have any experience dancing and showing my passion in front of the people. Its actually kinda embarrassing, I don't know how I dance or do the workout actually, does it good? Does it makes sense for me to stay in front of the people and doing the choreography? Even though I know basic steps for zumba, doesn't mean I can be a good instructor. Am I right?

And also because, frankly speaking.. I don't want to look so perasan hot, perasan pandai menari, perasan cantik, perasan hot and whatsoever in front of other people. BIKIN MALU OK! Hahahahaha!

But I shouldn't stop myself from trying, practice practice and practice..

That will be a promise to myself! keep myself healthy, fit, and enjoying zumba!

Cheers! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Note to myself

This is from Kak Nazifa's phone (gym friend) to keep herself motivated! HAHA I want to do this too!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Too FAT to quit

Ever since I started my college life for the first 2 years, dieting is never in my "have-to-do" list because I was too comfortable with my body. I don't think I'm weighing too much and I was 72 kg that time. I've never bothered to diet, watching out my meals, and the worst thing is.

I don't think that I was too fat.

Le me, 3 years ago.

See these pictures? This was me before haha and this time I never ever think of any diets and exercising! But my parents kept on begging me to diet, jogging and few more options. They told me if I can lose my weight, I'll get my rewards. See how good they are, right??

So to cut off the story, since I refuse to exercising because I was so LAZY to jogging and sweating eventhough I was an athlete before, Dad asked me to seek help from treatments option that requires no exercising.

Mid 2008, I went to Marie France Bodyline and managed to lose around 10kg after a VERY VERY strict diet and constantly undergoing their treatments. (From 72kg to 62kg) just in 4 months.

I'm not going to reveal the cost here, but you can e-mail and ask me personally if you want to. (:

Let's see a picture!

4 months after the treatments

I thought I've already did my best and started to skip the treatment, but I still watching my food. But way lazier than before.

So in 2 years, I gained weight like 5kg++.

September 2010 - Hari Raya

Notice me in that cream long blouse! (3rd from the left)

At this point, I feel that my jeans are getting tighter! Hard to breath when I wear them jeans. Old clothes are getting tighter too, I can wear the jeans when I was 72kg again and it fit real good on me. Sad max huh?

Mom kept on complaining that I gained so much weight, and I should have started to dieting again. Plus, the money they've been threw to the Marie France was just a very big waste.

Early 2011, I met with le boyfriend with this kind of huge body. Ever since that time, I'd never give up on making efforts to improve myself. Talk about being optimistic! :)

June 2011, with the supports from le boyfriend and friends. I started to try gym. I don't lose so much weight, maybe it's because I don't strictly control my food intake.

August 2011, I was doing my teaching practicum at this time, I tried herbalife introduced by a friend of mine from the school where I was undergoing my teaching practicum. At first I was just asking about the herbalife tea, but seeing her losing few kgs and sharing with me about her dieting and herbalife stuffs made me feel so exited! Here, I decided to give it a try, guess what? I lose 4kg just in.. 3 weeks? :D

I slowly losing a kg by each month; Until December 2011 - January 2012, I'm weighing 60kg.

AND NOW STILL 60KG DON'T WANT TO LOSE MORE! Sigh I don't know what to do anymore!

December 2011
February 2012;

Still 60-61KG!

I started to think for a solution, I spoke to dad of considering for a personal trainer. So dad allowed me to do so (because he's my bank, dad says no, then I'll get nothing.)

I started with my personal trainer, firstly we went for weight lifting at the gym, and he gave me a lot of advice in terms of dieting and doing my workout routine.

February - March ; I still weighing 60kg! :(

BUTTTTTTTTT I did the body scan, not sure what's the exact term for it. Basically just to know your muscles and fats etc etc. Here, the result was; I gained muscles while my fats were less than before. ( I don't remember the numbers, btw)

And I feel so much healthier and stronger. My stamina has improved A LOT! Last time I can't even stand running/jogging and last for 1 minute. I can't do that. But now, I can constantly running for 15-20 minutes without even stopping. I know it sounds like an easy task for those who are very fit enough.

But for a person like us, the fatties. IT'S A BIG ACHIEVEMENT! :)

Btw, wanna see the result?

Mac 2012

But people/friends keep on saying that I lose weight, the thing is.. my weight is actually still the same!

The lowest weight I've ever achieve so far is 60.0kg.

At this point, I feel so excited that I will be weighing less than 60kg already! But I just got back from KL 2 weeks ago, and I gained like almost 2kg. Sad okay? Sad!

I wonder how people can eat a lot and hardly to gain weight? While me, just a week without exercising and eating lots of food will be a devastated moment whenever I stepped onto the scale.

But no worries, I've set my goal and right now I'm still ongoing to pursue my dream.. which is to lost another 3 kg! :)

God, bless me!

Oh BTW, I just want to share something will all of you :)

1 thing for sure, at the gym.. I really really love ZUMBA. Here, they have classes for zumba, at first I don't have any idea what was this class is all about, I only knew that the songs are all catchy, fast beat and fun!

Anyway, Zumba is a latin-inspired dance/aerobic class.. I cay say? You won't feel bored as they will play songs like PitBull, some reggaeton songs, and the hottest clubbing tracks.

After almost a year I joined Zumba classes, finally I've registered myself to be one of the certified instructor for Zumba Fitness. The training will be conducted at Core Fitness, KK on this upcoming 20th April.. :) :)

Frankly speaking, I have no intention and I'm not looking forward to do my own classes at this moment. Not sure in the future lah. And please, don't say I was only spent money for nothing because of this. For this certificate, I feel that this will be my best achievement in my life, as you can see from the beginning of the post. I have problem with my weight, I don't think I can run and last for a minute before, I don't think I can dance and feel sexy, and the most important thing is, I never ever imagined and pictured myself that I will have a license to teach people on how to exercise and dance.


Don't say fat people can't be a zumba instructor okay??

Till then, I really really hope I can lose 3 kg soon! :) Amen!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hey guys!

I actually have cut off my hair shorter than in the pictures I posted in my previous post. When I said "shorter" , it was really really short.

I kind of look like a dude. yeah "hot dude" , *perasantan me-gusta* hahahahahaaha okay joking.

(Hey don't think I dislike Pengkids, I have a lot of friends who are lesbians/gay/pengkids so no offence, I still love y'all!)

For me, it's not a big deal as I always do wear make-ups and dressed up like a girl whenever I went out for classes or hanging out with my friends.

So literally, I still look like a girl :D

And few weeks ago, my friend asked for my help to conduct an aerobic session at the school where were they doing their practicum for this semester. Since it's an impromptu plan (because they suddenly got this task a day before) I was a bit scared but I think I can do this with help from my other friend whom we went to the gym together almost everyday.

Anyway, this is a girls' school. But I never think much about it because for me it probably would be like just a normal aerobic session.

And this is the funniest part;

The morning we went to the school, my friend and I was waiting in a room before the aerobic session starts and my practicum friends came in. Before that, I noticed that some of the kids were looking at us, you know? Strangers went into their school, and of course that strangers will get a lot of attention. Same goes to us right?

So when my practicum friend came into the room..

Le practicum friend ; ANN! Tu budak2 tanya.. "Cigu, sepa tu PENGKID?"


Pengkid? Are you kidding me? *Dying of laughter*


And when we were doing the aerobic session at the school's open hall, a student came and tell my friend

"Cikgu, siapa tu? Hensem juga!"



Okay, I took that as a compliment!