Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I bet all of you know that I recently moved to a new house, I can say the environment is pretty hectic. I didn't mean that I don't like it in here, it's just I feel uncomfortable with it.

Dear neighbours in here,

I know students life are the most remarkable in life, the most happiest moment ever happened in your once in a life time, I know that making and having fun, playing with your friends is such a normal thing.

But it's not normal when you're shouting and singing as if your voice is superb in the middle of the night, to be exact, somewhere around 12.30AM - 1AM sometimes. Are you kidding me dear neighbours? (Okay, it happened AGAIN just now)

This shit isn't bothering me if its somewhere on the evening. I am a student too, so I understand how your life is so happy and merrier surrounded by friends. But that is not an excuse to all of you for making noises in the middle of the night, shouting and talking like 1 orang d ranau, 1 orang di Kinabutan, are you crazy?

The neighbour in front of my door is a family (I think they have a baby?), I wonder if their baby can resist in such hectic environment!


Another 1 thing, saya tau la kamurang orang kaya and can afford to pimped your cars with expensive stuffs like the ones we seen in the movie.

Tapi kurang ajar juga tu kan ko blow2 kereta ko sini perumahan, maka jalan besar tu terang2 LUAS kan? Lapas tu ada speed bump, ko takut juga, kasi slow juga kereta!

So what's the point of doing that? Showing off as if your car is the best among the best in this area?

Sometimes I wish that you would hit something like a big rock and wrecking up your whole bumper, so that you will be more considerate whenever you're driving around your neighbourhood..

Nevermind, let them. Monkeys just got new car. Let them play with it.. *angry voice*


Recently I have been rushed to the HQE's emergency ward after a terrible pain in my stomach, I can say like 9 over 10?

Doctor asked me to get a good rest, staying at home for few days, eat good food and take a good care of myself.

Went back home, watching TV while enjoying my pain. Later at night, as usual..

"BANGG BOOOM BAANNGGG HAHAHAHAA )@^#)^!#)&!#!!! HAHAHAHAHA WAKAKAKAKAKA" and seems like they are jumping while running in their house.

Oh my God? Are you kidding me?

I called the security to informed about these students. He replied;

"Kami suda marah dorg tadi, skijap saja diam. Lapas tu, bising juga balik. Begini lah, kau talipun sija la polis. Kami sendiri pun inda dpt buat apa2 suda" (in strong Dusun accent). Not satisfied with the answer I'd received, I googled the nearest balai polis somewhere here and called them.

Yes, I made a phone call to the police station due to my house area was infested with noisy monkeys. Problem?

*Jangan main main sama perempuan yang sedang sakit ok*

10 minutes after that, another police officer called me and ask which block and which floor and bla bla bla *some explanation I couldn't recall well* .

Result? An hour later, no more noises!! :D :D

Even few days after that, they still keep their monkey mouth shut. But not until today, they started to act like monkey again, the unwanted sound came again. :(

That's sucks to the max. Seriously I feel like shoving my feet into their mouth!

And thank God that I'm feeling way better than few days ago, Amen.

P/s : I didn't mean to addressed these students like an animal, but seriously they are off the limits. This is not a college/hostel area. We do have families staying in here, so please be considerate.

P/p/s : Lain kali kalau dorang ni suda ada baby ka atau sakit ka *palis2* , kalau sana juga ada bising2 . Baru dorang paham kali apa perasaan jiran2 di sekeliling dorang ni. Bikin panas betul.