Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just saying..


I guess I will just made a rambling post tonight. I just want to find a space for myself to express what I was thinking, facebook is seriously not an appropriate space for me (I think) to show, behave, and be an attention seeker for my mindless babble that could lead to a misunderstanding and difficulties to understand beyond what I could imagine.

Except for my blog, I don't think 80% of people in my facebook can remember my blog's name, and the rest of the 20% of them probably don't have the idea what I was talking about right now.

Maybe just 1-2% of them ?

Oh, seriously.. I don't even know what I was typing at this moment.

Obviously something is bothering me. Something is not unfair, I know.. Speaking of your anger. You better don't spit any word when the anger is controlling you. But I think I am not, I've been thinking about this since few days ago. I couldn't find the exact answer nor to forget about it.

It is just unfair, you know?

And with other things that has messed up and makes your day so gloomy.. Couldn't say anything more right now..

Nevermind, human has been created by God to endure, we have only just need space and time to find that strength . :)

Have faith in God, may His blessings grace upon your soul, and become an eye-opener.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just January


Just got back from KL like almost 2 weeks ago. I'm so gonna miss those my favorite foods I had during my 2 weeks holiday! Of course you can't find em' at KK, so sadddddddddddddddd!


But sorry for the late post, I recently had moved to my new house, so the internet connection was quite sucky. I think I did mentioned that on my previous post. So let the picture tells the story. With some picture during my friend's birthday and and and.. I'm going to bulk up a lot of foodies picture when I was in KL, so get ready!

That's all. Till then folks! :)