Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I promise to get myself a personal trainer soon when I'm going back to Sabah next week.

It's been a week since I arrived here, at Semenanjung of course. And since that day, I've never worked out or at least do a simple exercise. Malas ok, makan jak karaja.

Who can resist the temptation of the foods here? I mean, I eat almost everything I can't have and find KK. It feels so bad at first but neverminddddddd ;D

Don't you think thats worth it? *troll face* and I'll blog about the foods soon ok!

Btw, just a simple update! Till then, tata ;D

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas in Korea [ Part 2 ]

Hi, so back to the part 2,

There is another info I would like to say about Korea, on my first post I think I was emphasizing on their foods instead of the vacation itself.

Anyway, still about food. I'm not sure whether it's due to the winter season or its in their culture to consume thick coffee instead like the one we always had in Malaysia.

I mean, their coffee was like.. 3-5x thicker then ours? This is new to me :D And I rarely saw Starbucks in Seoul, the famous one I guess is the "angel-in-us coffee" ? Can be spotted almost anywhere at every 1KM you travel through each of the district in Seoul. (FYI, there are 25 district in Seoul), and the cafe is bigger than Starbucks.

Oh back to my first point, if anyone of you is planning for a vacation on WINTER season, if you were advised to bring wind break jacket, then you better buy one.

Don't end up to be like me. Telampau minta puji kan, rasa la 8 hari kesejukan.

Even in Malaysia, I can't resist in a very cold place , in my room for instance. I don't turn on the aircond till morning, lets say.. just for 2-3 hours in 1 night? It's actually enough for me. Imagine in the air-conditioned room is pretty hard for me to stay, how can I survive in such place when the temperature dropped to -14 ?

Who can understand my agony? :(

Not saying I hate Korea because of the temperature, I love Korea okay! :D

But in some streets, I can see some of the Korean chicks wear only a skin-socks with coat. I mean, can you imagine how thin the skin-socks compared to my 2 layered leggings?

Or maybe they already get used to the extreme temperature, I was born and raised in Malaysia, the never ending summer country, so being in a hot environment for almost 24 years, it's not easy to get used to the 4 season countries within few days.

But overall, everything is okay especially the food. Surprisingly I don't get fever or flu when I was there, but a day when I just got back to Malaysia, I suddenly fell sick :(

Ok lets see the pictures!

Seoraksan Mountain in the morning! Btw bye, gotta leave to the next destination.

This is Yeoju Premium Outlet!

Here you can find a lot of designer brands (except for Louis Vuitton and.. ops I forgot!) such as Adidas, Nike, AX, Guess, Coach, Burberry and etc etc.

1 Word - HEAVEN.

But as you can see, it's winter season so don't expect for the shopping spree here. Of course almost all are the winter apparels, the one that we will not use in Malaysia. Kind of dissapointing at first but I managed to find few cheap tees and lingerie from AX and Guess.

So, another 1 word again - HAPPY. :D

Here is the kim-chi factory, and they show us how they made their kim-chi and then,

we'll do ours! *excited*

As you can see in the picture, there was a red paste beside the vegetable. It's the main ingredient to make a kim-chi. I'm not so sure what they mix inside it, but I can confirmed they got ginseng powder and probably some chili paste and etc etc.

After they have mix everything, then they'll spread the mixture onto the veges and put it inside a jar to be kept for few months.

So lets make a kim-chi!

Compliments from the kim-chi factory,

That small paper-cup in the picture is a ginseng flavored milk, which is pretty new to me. But afterall the taste is quite ok.

They even provide free Korean traditional clothes to be worn for photography session!

This is....


All of these theme-park pictures were taken at the Everland Theme Park.

I only got the chance to ride on their roller coaster but not this one (look at the picture above) because my sister has no guts to join me! :(

I can only feel the excitement by viewing from outside of the rolling-ride whatever name it is. Waaaaa :(

The first time I saw this kind of hotel, I was like..

"Oh my.. where's the bed??"

Actually they kept the mattress inside the cabinet (can be seen in the above picture) and put it on the floor. The heater for the room is actually underneath the floor so the heat will straightly strikes into your blanket instead.

Koreans hotel FTW!

Finally back in Seoul! Stuck in traffic jam for almost an hour.

Btw, the last day in Korea, we were supposed to fly back to KK at 9.45AM, we were up around 3.30AM to get ready and leave the hotel at 5AM in the morning. Went for our last breakfast at Korea, bought some souvenirs and then heading to the airport. Reach there before 7AM just to know that.. our flight to KK has been CANCELLED by MAS because of overbooked.

Another careless mistake done the MAS employees?

How can you overbooked the tickets when it was supposed to have a list for those who have book earlier.

Dad (in khakis jacket) and mom (in black jacket) with the other tour members and group leader was asking for the explanation of how it happened.

They gave us 2 choices, which were ;-

1st - Staying another 1 night in Seoul, and flying back to KK on the next morning.

2nd - Instead of 9.45AM to KK, they gave us ticket to KL at 11AM, and then flying back to KK at 8PM on the same day (with business class for FREE)

Mom insisted for the 1st choice because she hates traveling and sitting in the plane for the whole day. Unfortunately, on the next morning either, the flight were all fully booked. So no choice have to go to the option no. 2.

From 19 members of the tour group, only half of us got the ticket to fly on the time that we were supposed to fly. The unlucky ones got stuck in Seoul were my family and another 1 chinese family.

My brother was one of the people who fly at 9.45AM because he has connecting flight on the same day to go back to LD. And he got business class ok. While us, economic seat from Seoul to KL, then business class from KL to KK.

What can I say more?? Hahaha better than nothing.

Anyway, this is the packaging that has made me and mom running inside the airport.

If you bought bags from the tax-free shopping mall (only for tourist), they will need you to show your passport.

So when we were about to pay the bag, we have to fill in a form that contains your name and etc etc etc, inside the form you also have to tell your flight number and time somemore.

If I'm not mistaken, they only scan mom's credit card or passport and suddenly all the information appears, I mean, how come they can instantly know our flight number and time ah? Still mysterious to me.

After you officially purchased the bags, they will send it to the airport and you have to collect it by yourself. Speaking of the map, its all in Korean words and most Koreans don't know how to speak in English, so that will be pain in the ass to find the counter because Incheon Airport is not like the Lahad Datu or KK airport :(

Like what I've expect, we lost in the airport for almost an hour!

Anyway, thanks mom for the LV bag. Love you! :D

Got discounts in the in-flight shop. :D

6 hours from Seoul, landed safely in KLIA around 4.30PM
At last, heading back to KK at 8PM. Bye KL!

I've had so much fun in Korea despite the weather seems like killing the joy a bit. But not bad, at least I've experienced the real Christmas with snow :D

P/s : I was actually fell asleep when I was supposed to re-read and post this post last night. But when I woke up, all the pictures were GONE and I started to panic. Luckily I copied and paste to the new blog post so all the pictures are here once again.

If not, it will took me few hours or maybe a day to re-upload all these pictures once again. :(