Monday, November 28, 2011

New meow!

Today I was so excited!! Because we are going to have another new kitty in my cat's family!


He's a male feline and since I love to give Japanese name for my cats, I was thinking to give him a name that is similar to his sisters either. Still remember Neko and Aiko? Haha

Googled few names for Japanese cat names, so I decided to name him as;

Kenji - Healthy son

You may visit this link for other names as well ; Japanese Cat Name

I'll attach 2 photos of his sister,


Salem, or Om. Haha mom named her as Om, guess why? :D

Anyway Kenji will be staying with my mom, soon I'll send him to Lahad Datu. Kesian ba mama sy teda kwn2 d rumah, so I thought the cat can accompany her while my sister when for school.

Ok till then. xoxo

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Parents went to India for 10 days and in the mean time, I'm officially broke until Saturday. Soon my wallet is going to be emptied! :(

Glad that I bought vegetables, poultry and fish earlier to be kept in my fridge for the sake of my so-called-protein-diet , thank God I think the stock can save my ass up to 3-5 days. Good enough until my parents coming home and give me some moolahhh. And it's good to eat home cooked food, love it! :)

Meanwhile, everyone's looking up for our upcoming Unirazak Sabah Regional Centre's annual dinner. My friends and I are currently spending time almost every evening at the gym to burn fats before the dinner. Good enough for the efforts rather than staying home and be fat, don't you think? Muehehe ;D

Okay I got to go, I need to prepare my food for lunch. Till then. xoxo :*

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Badddd day!

I went to Marie France for my regular session, as usual.. Once a week they'll do a fat test to the customer and see whether we (customers) have some improvements like losing fats , drinking a lot of water and etc etc.

Somehow I wonder how does the machine can measure our fats and water in the body? How? How? The percentage I think is quite precise since they measure it in percent. As an example like,

Water - 29.9%
Fats - 32.3%

I mean, how did the machine say I got 32.3% fats in my body? Does the measurement is 100% true???

And I got my result for today! As the result of not maintaining my diet and exercise for almost 1 week and half (please, I got an excuse, it because my Bf was here and we were at her sis's wedding so I don't want to miss the chance to eat a lot of nice foods! boo me) I gaine 1 kg, and almost 1.4% fats . I was like, wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff???

I made a vow to myself not to eat junk food, heavy and high calories food anymore. Do you know there will be one stage that it is very HARD to shed weight even just 1kg.

Like seriously, I think I've reached that part. I wonder why people can say "Waaa I lose 3 kg in a week already.. Happy happy!"

And me? 3 FUCKING WEEKS for 1 kg. Not count in the time I went to the gym, foods, and etc etc. Or maybe I think my diet is wrong?

But, my fats dropped from 37++% dropped to 32%++ . But why my weight is still the same? *wondering* . I've been told by the nutritionist that, losing fats is way important than losing weight. Hmm, I guess so?

Anyway, I'm looking forward for another strict diet, I do hope I can shed a few kg before my vacation next month. I don't want to look so fugly in pictures :(

Then after knowing I gained another kg, then I was so panic because I can't turn on my phone. It turned off my itself and without any clue I pressed the start button like few times and the result are still the same. I wonder what happened to my phone? Am I going to keep another useless brick again? How much the cost to repair it?

Went back home, googled for some solution and found the topic at apple's forum.

When you can't turn on your iPhone, the solution is so simple *boo me for not knowing about this*

" Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake Button and the Home Button at the Same Time...
Wait for the Apple logo to Appear and then Disappear...
Usually takes about 15 - 20 Seconds... (But can take Longer...)
Release the Buttons...
Turn the Phone On.. "

And it works!!!!!!!! :D

One last thing, DiGi suck big time. Can't send text message! Luckily I still can receive and make a phone call!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hi currently in the gym, just done with my brisk walk and now I feel like collapsing, extremely tired :(

A pic of the treadmill , my only best mate to lose fat ever since i got injured like a month ago. Before that, I'm very active in the class like belly jam, zumba and etc etc. I've been advised by the doctor to rest for awhile and just do the light exercise first.. It's been a month but sometimes I still feel the pain somewhere in my hips :(

To achieve my goal, I don't think losing weight is a very easy task to do. Since I'm a food lover, sedih juga ok nda dapat makan sedap2 :( but what to do..


The picture was taken like 3 days ago, after a week resting from the gym.

Now it's time to get sweat again! Till then xoxo

P/s: The reason why I blog through my phone is because it's raining outside and I have to wait until the rain stop then only I can get into my car :(

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ryner & Zitty's wedding solemnization 7.11.11

As I'd promised!

Just to let y'all know, Zitty is Bf's older sister. So here are some of the pics on her big day! FYI, not all of these photos were taken by me. Mostly are by Bf and her Lil' Sister so I gave them the credits of the photos.


Btw, as for the final picture which is also one of my favorite!

Teehee! :D

I've compiled these 3 pictures together so it became like this. Photo taken by Bf's lil sister. As you can see from the photo, we were actually had no idea that we've been captured, I don't know what I was doing and pointing my fingers at. SERIOUSLY NO IDEA haha, after I look back at these photos then I try to flash back what and what and what we were pointing at actually, sadly I can't recall it. pft. Anyway, I love the final edited result of the photo, hell yeah I'm going to credited myself for the photo editing. :P

Finally, I'm done with my latest update. Time to hit the sack, nights everyone.

Sunday, November 13, 2011



Sorry for the long lost, as usual. I was so busy, but I do have lots of nice photos to be shared :D Last week I went to Telupid for Bf's sister's wedding, so I have lots of photos here and its edited :D but I'll post it, maybe tomorrow? I need to spring clean my room first after almost a week I wasn't here. I guess piggy pen is way cleaner than my own room. Opps!!

A sneak peak candid photo (photo courtesy of bf's brother) for y'all! Till then. xoxo