Monday, August 29, 2011

Family portrait.

Last Saturday, Mom decided to take a family photo, because she thinks it's the best time for it since I will not always be here in Lahad Datu. (I will attach few photos! :) )

To be honest, I always be thankful to God whenever I had the chance to gather with my family, because I know, not everyone have the chance for it..

Why I am saying that?

Story 1

Everytime I'm doing my relief.. Oh okay, firstly let me explain.. Relief is actually replacing other teachers' classes , if the subject teacher hasn't prepared exercises for the class, you can actually just sit in front of the class and watch the students doing their own work. Much better if you have activities for the class, easier to control the students.

So whenever I'm doing my relief , there will always a few of the students who started to sit close to you and they will start to talk to you. Sometimes if I wasn't busy, I'll just talk to them and treating them like a friend of mine. So one of my student shared her story with me.

(To be honest, this is a true story. I might add a lil' but of the dialogue because I couldn't recall the whole conversation I had with this student. It was like few weeks ago)

Student : Teacher, I am actually a child born out of wedlock. (anak luar nikah)

Me : Hah? How did you know that?

: My grandma told me.

: Is it? So where are your parents now?

: My mother is in Brunei, and my father is with his new wife.

: So you live with who?

: My grandma.

: (a lil' bit curious) Don't you feel sad about it? I mean.. when you know you were a child born out of wedlock..?

: Nope! (without any sad expression)

: Hmm.. I see..

On that moment, there were another few of students but she seems so calm to talk about it. I wonder why? I've read few stories about born out of wedlock.. Most of them were trying so hard to conceal about it. But this student seems doesn't even care about it.

Or maybe she wasn't matured enough to understand the situation? But I'm glad, she looks like a strong person. :)


Story 2

This conversation was also with one of my student.

: Teacher I'm glad I've passed for my English test!! If not, my auntie said she will kicks me out from the school. (FYI, her aunt is one of the teacher in the school)

: Hahaha great!

Student : On my previous exams, I failed my English test.

Me : It's okay, since this exam you've passed for it! So what did your parents said about your marks?

: Hmm.. Actually, they were already divorced.

: (shocked) Ohhh.. Really?

: Yeah..

: So where are they now?

: My father is with his new wife somewhere in *******. I live with my grandma and mother. But teacher, my mother is a tomboy.

: Oh tomboy? You mean with a short hair?

I know the differences of tomboy and pengkid, so I thought she was describing her mother as a tomboy just because the mother has a very short hair, but...

: Ya, I meant was.. A pengkid.

: Pengkid... You mean?

: She's smoking, and she acts like a boy and going out with boys. I've tried to talk to her but she never listen to me.. We always argued about this matter.

: Oh wow.. I see..

: And I think that explains why I behave like this, kind of tomboyish.

On that moment, I was so shock! Oh mother mary of God, her mother had shown a bad attitude and example in front of her daughter! That is only my opinion, I am not married, I don't know how it feels to have a child.. But when your children start to imitate your attitude, then that would be a big problem.

But just like my first story, she seems so calm about it. FYI, she's not the best student in my class but she always try to do the best for the exercises I'd given to them. She will asks a lot of questions.

The most important thing is, she never shows any sign of giving up or lazy. That's the best thing about her! :)

After listening to two of my students life experience.. I feel that I should be so thankful for what I have today.. It doesn't have to be always perfect, but at least we knew that there were lots of people who are unfortunate but they still can smile to face new challenges in their life! :)

Anyways, back to the title, these are the pictures of my family!

"Thank You Lord for everything you've given to our family!"

Last, but not least.. Have you thanked God for what you have today? :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My new handphone.

I would like to brag my new stuff here by today. So this is the new addition into my life.

Ok actually I am joking hahahaha. Have any idea what is this? It was like some sort of an antique phone, not that old la but my family used to have this it back to the 80's . I found it in my friend's office last night.

How weird is that? I never expect to see
it in this era while everyone's so into the smart phone.

P/s : I wish I could have one. Classic!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Healthy Salad

Early of this year, I've tried a crash diet where I avoid rice (like.. 100%?) and change my diet plan to SALAD everyday. I will only munch on something like caesar salad or maybe chicken salad, despite I'm not a big fan of salads but I believe in "no pain no gain!", so I changed my meals drastically, force myself to eat salads and I love it! Maybe because of the thousand island that turns the salad's taste to be fantastic and yummy! :D (FYI, I don't like mayonnaise!"

But it didn't turned out to be like what I am hoping for, instead.. my body weight was still the same after 2 months without rice.

I guess something is wrong.....?

I asked few friends of mine including the nutritionist and I found out that mayonnaise and thousand island was a very bad choice for those who wants to reduce their weight. How bad!

After that disappointment, I started to eat rice once again until one stage I realized I gained weight too much, my thigh is infested with cellulite, tummy is getting bigger while all cloths are getting smaller , I can't fit into my jeans anymore. Frustrated with it, I decided to get back to the track, start my diet and be prepared for the lusty over nice foods once again!

Last week, my nutritionist told me that she has one simple salad which is really good and tasted yummy. The option is to change the mayonnaise/thousand island to YOGURT. And I was like..

"Does it taste good?"

So today, I decided to give it a try.. Who knows it might be the next yummy food I can munch on for lunch or dinner? Lets see these pictures ;D

Pizza Hut's salad RM6.90 without dressings + Yogurt RM2++

A4 size paper for comparison with the salad's tapao.

Pour it in!

It's ready!


It turned out to be a SOUR SALAD. Not recommended for those who's very fussy about food.

But together with the corn and peanuts, it blends out the taste to be like kind of sweet and sour. For me, not that bad. Maybe you can try yogurt as your salad dressings instead of mayonnaise / thousand island for an express salad. Why not? ;D

But, even me myself, I can't finish it either.

What a waste!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Master Yoda VS Cat

Short update

Hahaha I compiled these 2 pictures for a comparison between Master Yoda and my fat kitty; Aiko. Aiko shares quite resemblance to Master Yoda, don't you think? :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Clueless facebook

Being a teacher, there is always one question the students will ask me..

"Teacher ! Do you have a facebook?"

Instead of saying NO (which is obviously LYING) , I told them..

"Try to find and search for my name"

Few days after, I received massive feedback, it was something like this..


Okay, it was actually my privacy setting where I'd set it to "search you on facebook; only friends" . Definitely because of the privacy issue, as for me.. I don't really think that I should share everything with everyone I barely know on facebook. What I meant was it.. I don't simply APPROVE strangers, creepy ok strangers ni kadang2.

For me, I really love to share something I did, where I go or maybe my statuses are about my recent activities.. It can be anything, random, well yeah that's my account and I am free to do anything with it. But it was meant to be shared with my friends and family, which are REAL friends. Seriously, I only approved people that I really know, met in real life, and I use facebook to communicate with my childhood and old friendssss which is one of the best part of facebook because I get to know about them after lost contact for few years.

So back to my main point, since I'd received a lot of questions from my students, my first plan was actually to create another account just for my students. But then, I don't want my real friends got puzzled which one is the real account. So after few days thinking about this petty issue, I decided to change my privacy settings to "search you on facebook; everyone" and as I had predicted, there were lots of unknown people who added me and I can only remember few names. So okay, I approved them and to be honest it is a good way for me to remind them about their homeworks, events and etc etc ;D

But there's something I know I'd sacrifice for this; my privacy. As an educator, I have to understand that we are the role models in front of the students.. nda buli suda sembarang2 post2 maki2 ni hahaha but I chose to be ME in my facebook. I still do upload pictures with my man, with friends and family , posting statuses as usual , check-in to my current location and etc etc because I don't want to be hypocrite as if I'm the best and good teacher. I am not perfect, I have flaws and imperfection. BUT, I do realized about my title now, despite my time with them is very short, students will always remember you as their TEACHER, where ever you go, the title will stick on your butt like forever unless they don't remember you anymore. So I am trying to limiting my words into the proper one and less harsh words. :P

So just now, I received a friend request from this unknown stranger, unknown name and picture, since his/her wall is not private.. Guess what I'd found here?

Ok, I feel so famous right now.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Short trip; Tambunan

So when bf was staying here for few days, we made a short trip to Tambunan, or another proper words would be a back-and-forth trip. Its actually to send my kittens off to aunt's place. I can't afford to take care of 4 kitties at the same time, plus these 2 kittens are extremely playful. Hambur bilik ging dorg kerjakan kikiki.

So let the picture tells the story ;D


Almost there, Tambunan!

My cribz.

Lizard, still with the egg.

Ok no more pictures.

OK DONE. I'M DONE WAITING. Only 4 pictures but it took a whole night for me to upload it all. Like wtfrack dear blogger or maybe digi broadband?

UPDATES; Okkkkkkkkkkk! I finally got the chance to add more pictures!!

Sometimes is wrong with google chrome and mozilla, these 2 can be so weird sometimes. I uploaded pictures on google chrome and re-edited the line of the pictures on mozilla. When I was using google chrome, it only took like 3 minutes to complete upload one picture while mozilla, 1 picture can take up to 2 hours. Like effffffff?

So here are the rest of the pictures (it is actually a lot, but I am way too lazy)

My man and my best buddy.

He doesn't know I'm taking his picture!

At aunt's.

As picture.


Ok, till then.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


So I am invigilating the exam at my school now (bored mode)

Sitting in front of the kids, moving around back and forth sometimes makes me feel so bored. Teachers are not allowed to bring laptop while invigilating the students. So what I did was just wandering around and kurik2 pencil box budak2.

And guess what I'd found? A notes! Hahaha I caught a student cheating on the exam, 2 days ago I teared the OMR paper of this one kid because I suspected he was cheating during the exam. But I gave him the new paper instead, kasian bah budak2 hehe.

Anyways nothing much within these few weeks. I jst get to spend time with my man. Okay, i miss him. Got to go, have to collect all the exam papers now. Till then ;D

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