Thursday, July 28, 2011


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I was using as my primary e-mail and I thought it would be okay as long as website is still alive.

But it turned out to be a big disaster to me when google has changed their google apps features recently.. I suddenly can't access to my blog and youtube account due to this changing matter.


I contacted a friend of mine who is the administrator for and luckily the problem has been fixed just in 1 day.

I was so scared I might have to re-create new blogger and youtube account! (since this name is my signature and I have been using it since 4 years ago) so imagine if I have to re-create everything using new e-mail, new name and etc etc, I probably need to track back all my friends' blog. That would be so depressing.

So, one of google's policy when they changed their features is to RE-CREATE a new e-mail and I was like, wtf?

I've been using like 4 years and this is my primary e-mail which is also my official e-mail for official matters, and etc etc.

So lets imagine, starting from now.. I need to CHANGE everything, just in case this problem might occurred in the future, I don't want to drag myself info a trouble and might lost all of the important information in my e-mail, websites, accounts and so on.

Haih! But after my friend has fixed it up, my blogger and youtube was automatically redirected to my new e-mail. Good one!

In the mean time, I have to tell all my friends about my new e-mail, changed all my contact/e-mail information in all websites, which is kinda frustrating.

But what to do.. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

4 years.

I looked back at my previous post, I've deleted some of them as it was just a memories that should have been forgotten long time ago.

But wait, 2007 was the first year I started to blog. Now is 2011.

4 years ++ ! :D

But I remain inactive in my blog since 2 years ago, same reason ; procrastinating, lazy, has no determination to finish even just a single post, failed to upload pictures due to the reason I dislike waiting and arranging it in my post.

Plus, I've been using google chrome and it's hard to re-edit , and move your pictures on your blog post.

So I re-installed mozilla in my laptop and I really like to blogging through here rather than google chrome. Basically, mozilla will be just my platform to blogging whenever I think I want to.

Btw I need to sleep now, ada karaja lg mo buat bsk awal pagi.

Thanks to all my friends who kept on asking me about my blog. :) :)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Just like what I've predicted!

(Yesterday's analytic)

I like the fact that she loves me so freakin' much. Don't ya Miss C ?

I might have new unfamiliar blog names after this in my analytic because I know you will trying so hard to stalk me by not using your blog name anymore. Isn't ? Kan kan? Am I right?

Btw for those who thinks that I am paranoid of stalkers, surely I don't give a shit but this bitch is pretty annoying. We knew her steps very well. Her first step is simply like this, she will stalk you at anywhere on earth she can find about your stories of whatever. Secondly, copy down all the blogs/tweets/statuses/whatever information she can gather and show it to her friends as if she was the victim, she's innocent, and all kind of shitty stuffs as if we were the evil ones who against her and the ones who trashing her in this tiny earth. End up the people you barely know and worst.. your own friends will hate you for no reason. Simply like that.

So yeah dear Miss C, you can copy down anything/everything from here, you can paste my blog to your friends and showed them how evil I am but I do not care and we do not care because we know that you are the sore loser!

So this will be my last post about this bitch, I'm done with her.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



I've just checked up on my nuffnang referrals!! Someone caught stalking me, well if you read this bitch, I'm pretty sure you know I am talking about you. BUSTED!

Your hideous name was stated on my referrals! BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED!! Shame on you hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah *evil laugh 100x*


Like.. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee get a life bitch. Stalking is not the answer, come and confront me if you dare. I am inviting you through my blog.


So what else you want to do now????????

I know what's your main point of stalking me, to make your story a bit spicy, stalking me to dig up new stories about my life and spread to the whole community about the same shit over and over again?


Because everyone knows that all the shits that came out from your mouth is totally a bullshit. I repeat, BULLSHIT. So if any of your friends who do not believe about this, do you want me to post the screen shot in here? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ok lets see! (blog name was censored to protect the bastard's identity. But at least she knew that she BUSTED!)

This week's analytic!

So yeah, I don't bother to check on the last month and last week analytic but but butttttttttttttt these are the results!!!

Last week's analytic!!!



Now what?????? I know that you were trying sooooooooooooooo freaking hard to get your friends' password who are friends with me on twitter/facebook so that you can read whatever I tweet or post daily. Copy down everything anddddddd paste it to your friends isn't????????

Now, please kill your yourself because if I saw you after this, I will definitely laughing at your face!

Na apa kau rasa skrg? KUYAK?

P/s : Can't believe she's still stalking on me? LOSER!

P/p/s : I know your next step to solve your "kekuyakan" is twisting the story, and copy down my blog to your friends? Kan kan kan??

P/p/p/s : Dear Ms. C's friends, she's a sore loser!



P/s : Sorry for my previous post is kinda constructive blog post, but I couldn't help myself about this shitty ass stalker. HAHAHA

Monday, July 18, 2011


Today I punished my students to stand up until the end of the class simply because they didn't do their homework and didn't bring their book/exercise book.

I can be a pretty bad teacher when it comes to a punishment :D

But most of the time I think my punishment doesn't seems to work at all, they still did the same thing over and over again. Lots of excuses, well yeah that's the way of how the secondary school students are behave. I assume most of you did the same thing either when you were still in the high school, isn't ? ;D

So just now, I caught 1 of my students copying the answer for their exercise from the answer sheet of their workbook. So I gave him a "love letter" which is the borang salah laku I took from the discipline unit room. That was the last resort I can think of because if I ask them to stand outside of the class, or maybe yelling at them, it's like a pointless punishment. They were so immune with it, sort of like enjoying the punishment.

So another "love letter" was given to one of my student, I gave her chance to finish her task but it seems like she was willing to sign the borang salah laku rather than finishing the task. I was like "WOW" , as for me, I think I should think of the other way to arouse these kind of students. Hmm, now I'd realized, its pretty much challenging to be a teacher, role model and a very good example in front of the students.

Plus, I believe the first impression of students are very important. If you look like kinda a very friendly teacher, they'll start to take it so easy for the lessons in the class. It happened to me, now even I yelled at them, within split seconds they can start to make noises in the class as if no teacher is in front of them.

One of my mentor's greatest advice is;

"Do not let the students look down on you"

And as for myself;

"Ann, bear in mind.. Do not let the students know that you play DotA"

Simply because, their answers will always about DotA because they think that you are totally okay and agree with it. -___-

I think I'll try this on my class. Hahaha

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Haha, the title does not related to the post, actually. Its just the title of the song I'm listening to now.

Until now, it has been the 5th week for my practicum teaching. I have to admit, all the theories I'd learnt before my actual teaching has nothing to do with the real life situation. Maybe yes, but just a little.. Here, I never expect to have students who doesn't even know to recognize alphabets from A to Z.

Sad enough?

These kids, 13 years old.. They came from family background who are farmers and live somewhere around the school or quite far from the town. Their knowledge are limited to something that they've only seen in their daily lives. To support their English lesson, I have to go for the basic one, I have to do a lot of research, I can't go for the complicated ones as they will turned out to be very blur and I might had lost their interest into the lessons.

As for my students.. Some of them might has the symptoms of dyslexia, they have learning disability.. They have the symptoms , unfortunately their parents might not realized their child is having this problem. The school is trying the best to help them, they might have to move to another school who has specialty for learning disability students.

Nah, kasian kan the kids?

Friday, July 8, 2011


Do You Remember The Time
When We Fell In Love?
Do You Remember The Time
When We First Met?
Do You Remember The Time
When We Fell In Love?
Do You Remember The Time

Ah, one of my favorite lyrics ever. :D

Monday, July 4, 2011

No title, I couldn't help myself to think about it. So just let it be.

Have you ever felt like hopeless? helpless? You feel like blowing your head off, or might be depressed because you have tons of work to do yet you have no determination to finish it but the due date is like few hours to go?

I still have this big problem which is PROCRASTINATION. How to overcome with it?

Ah helpless helpless.

Now I am doing my lesson plan for tomorrow. As usual, I am stuck for the activities, my head is going to crack anytime soon. :(

English is like this for me, "Oh I understand, but I don't know how to explain it!"

As a teacher, you are like a driver. If you went to the wrong road, the others at the back will fall off to the wrong direction too. I am afraid of this, I am afraid to teach the wrong terms to the students, it will affect my marks as well.

Worst of all, I am not going to graduate or probably have to REPEAT my practicum. Which is one of my biggest nightmare, parents will cut off my head. Hahaha. Ok that's insane.

In the mean time, to be honest.. I am pretty much sad for my students. There were some of them who can't read.. some of them can't even spell an "apple" . I need to go for the basic one for the grammar. Example like;

"One apple, two apples"

Cute, isn't :D ?

Hah, 1.33AM now, I have to finish my work. Otherwise I'll be a dead meat in the morning. Well yeah, wish me all the best. Pray for my students! :)


Sunday, July 3, 2011

I hate procrastinating.

When i have tons of work to do.. and it become like this.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Teaching Practicum.

Hi, I've just cleaning up my room now. It's exactly 1AM, this is the time when I just sit down in front of my laptop, my cats are being super naughty I think its the time to put them outside of the house as their punishment! Hahahaha

Anyway, back to the title. Yeah I'm doing my teaching practicum right now which will end by this upcoming September. So far, everything's under pressure. Yknw? You have to do your lesson plan before you entered the class. Things are so hectic, I have to think for the best activity based on the students level and not count in the teaching aids. Wah, this is so stressful but I have to be optimistic for my future. Don't you think? :)

Its been the 3rd week (going on to the 4th on next week). Our teaching practicum is only for 12 weeks , I really hope I can do very well for the next 2 months. My first observation from my supervisor from UNIRAZAK will be on this upcoming tuesday. In the mean time (still have few more days to go) I have to think for the best activity for my students plus the best teaching aids to arouse the students.

So yeah, I have to sleep now. Tomorrow , eh only few hours left is the "pelancaran program 1 murid 1 sukan" , I have to run with the kids at my school around 1.3km or maybr 1.5km ? Gah, I am so gonna be dead if I don't sleep now. Till then, will update if there are any interesting topic to be blogged about. Nights!! :)