Friday, April 8, 2011


I feel like writing, so I will talk about random stuffs.

Things are gettin' so hectic few weeks ago. I was busy with Tone Blast 2011 event preparation, where I have to deal with to many things, attending meetings and so on. Nothing much, its just like what you can imagine about a "preparation" that's all.

In the mean time, 3 weeks ahead for the FINAL exam. I wish this will be my last sem for studying, revising notes. I couldn't help myself if I failed Research Method subject once again, no practical means no graduation. Herm, procrastinating is still on top of my priority while I know I shouldn't choose that way on the first place, otherwise if I get a low carry mark then I have to be so effin' struggle for the finals.

No no, I will try my best not to make it happen once again. Pray for me ;D

I have nothing much to say anymore, I know its been a long time I didn't post any shits but what to do.. I think I had lost my interest in blogging.

See ya on the next post, I don't know when. Well, nites ;)