Wednesday, January 26, 2011



I've forgotten that I had a blogspot account. Almost like 95% I don't even think that I do.

Yeah it was few years ago that I always think about the next topic I would like to rant in my blog, not like nowadays, everything's changed. I am changed, lots of thing happened recently. I just think it is not necessary to blog it all like the way I used to do.

What I want to say is, 2010 is one of the most devastating year in my life. Not totally la, but close friends do understand what I meant here. It really is.

The saddest thing I can say is, I'd lost Neko. She's gone forever on 28/12/2010 . Killed by my muthafaka dogs in Lahad Datu. For some reason, I have no freakin' idea how she can got out from the house which I think is perfectly secured for cats like her. Probably the maid had opened the windows without realizing that NEKO is a CURIOUS cat that always try to find a way out from the cribz.

The news is totally devastating, she died in front of me. I can't stop crying for the next 3 days after she left me. I can't even look at the place where I buried her. I can't sleep at the place where she used to stay with me. She's not like an ordinary cat. I took her home on July 2010, I feed her, bath, I take care of her, bring her to the vet, sleep with her everyday and night.

There was a time that I forgot to buy her foods, she non-stop meowing. Maybe its a message for me to tell that she's hungry. I went to the 7E in the middle of the night like 2AM+ all ALONE just to find sardines or any canned foods for her. Unfortunately I'd found nothing. Went back home and feel so sad that my baby was so hungry. I told her, mommy will buy your foods on the next morning. Don't worry my baby!

Also I recalled that I bring her to the vet for 3 straight days coz something wrong with her legs, when she wants to poop, she'll go to my tummy and giving a sign that the wants something.

Damn I miss you Neko. I really do.


Now I have 2 cats but the feeling isn't same like the way me and Neko used to be. The 1st one is "Salem" , my cuzzy's bf gave her to me. Coz I am afraid that Neko is lonely at home so I decided to adopt another baby for her. Its 100% black cat. Since Neko is 100% white, so I think it is a good idea for having 2 "yin yang" cats at the same time. But the dream never was, Neko died after 3 days I adopt Salem :(. Then Mom bought me a persian + australian cat, I named her as "Aiko". Maybe she understood that I am so sad that Neko is gone forever. THANKS MOM! Love you! Thanks for the cat! :)



P/s : Salem and Aiko are both female.

Thought lots of thing happened, I am glad for some of the happiest moment in my life! Well yeah. Let me summarize here,

1. I finally gotten my won car. Thanks mom and dad!!

2. Got iPhone 4 for my 22nd birthday pressie! Thanks mom and dad!

3. What else? I couldn't recall!

4. Oh wait, a precious birthday surprise, bracelet and thongs given by my besties on my birthday!!


Oh I can't recall.

Sorry. :P

Anyway, I hope 2011 brings a lot of happiness in my life. I WISH. Amen :) :)

Wait till my next post. Till then :D