Thursday, October 7, 2010

Useless brick.


I finally gotten all my online-purchased items! I've took all the pictures, unfortunately my laptop went ballistic once again for the third time. Bought it a year ago and now it turned out as if I'd use it like 4-5 years already.

Vaio suck big time. I've heard a lot of complains from friends who uses vaio. Seriously if I knew this would happen, I rather bought compaq, acer, dell or any lappies that is much more cheaper than vaio. Babi betul, buang duit jak. Such a useless brick.

Anyway, I bought HTC Touch Dual from a friend of mine to replace my old phone the LG KS360. This is an old model, but so far everything is good but I haven't try all the functions because I'm way to lazyyyyyyyyyyyy, I just knew how to txting, calling, and camwhoring. That's all. Boo me =D

I'm still using my BabyBerry but was thinking to replace her soon. Been spoke to my CEO (dad) but still waiting for an answerrrrr! Okay, so much for my wishes. Bagus kalau banyak duit.

Till then, I'm waiting for my vaio to be repaired. Currently using dad's lappie.