Saturday, September 18, 2010


Remember my previous post, I made a promise to blog about stuffs I bought online before??

They are finally here! I mean, it is not with me. I am in Lahad Datu right now and all those stuffs are in KK. I was using my friend's address to received it. So far, the condition according to my friend (asked him to open the package) is good! Hmm, can't wait to see it! =D

Anywaysssssssss I would like to introduceee..


Couldn't help myself not to photoshop this picture because I was so ugly, even just with half of my face.

Here the story goes,

I was thinking to have a cat like 1-2 years ago? Because my house in KK (especially the kitchen) is conquered by RATS. And honestly, these rats are so effing annoying. My housemate and I has done everything to prevents there annoying rats but seems the only way to do it is just..

Cleaning the house everyday...

Which is totally not in my everyday have/must do list. Because I am a student, I live alone WITHOUT my parents. Of course lah malas. But whatever it is, anyone who lived alone freely (plus as a student) must know/understand living life as a student to the fullest. Waking up late, not washing the dishes, cooking maggie, "keeping" the rubbish. Ok, I am being defensive here. That explains why my house is conquered by rats.

Back to my story, Neko is being a VERY naughty and playful cat. I'm glad bringing her into my life, at least I have an accompany whenever I am alone in the house. But as for now, I haven't see any rats killed by her. I haven't seen any!! But somehow I wish she wouldn't kill rats, because I slept with her almost every night. Biarlah ni kusing bikin tembirang saja supaya tu tikus2 takut.

Btw, let the pictures tell the story how naughty my daughter is.

Take 1.
Take 2.
Take 3.

Ok, back to Neko's story.

This is the first picture of her, the day I brought her into my house.

The other kitten is Neko's sibling, actually my friend brought these 2 kittens home (Neko and her sibling) after he saw them abandoned and playing without the mother when he was a restaurant.

I went to his house and saw them playing happily, I couldn't to resist ask him "PLEASE GIVE ME THE WHITEEEEEE ONEE!!" teehee!

So I take care of her, clean her, bring her to vet, give her the best cat food and playing with her everyday.

The best thing I can give her is, she has an awesome uncles and aunties. (which are my housemates and best friends LoL) =)

Unfortunately, Neko's sibling is already dead. =(

Neko's 1st day in my house. See how ugly she is =(

After 1-2 weeks.
Neko : Yippiee! I'm going to Lahad Datu!
(Decided to bring Neko to Lahad Datu, since its Hari Raya holiday so no one can take care of her in KK.)
Neko : Mummy I'm sleeepppyy!
Neko's latest photo : I is cute.

Neko looks so much healthier than before, getting stronger, naughtier, and very fussy about her food. She don't want to eat any cat food labels except for whiskas.

Kadang2 terasa mcm bikin kasi abis duit boss.

Fuh, till then. Will post up pictures of my online shopping items!! Bai =D