Friday, August 27, 2010

Online shopping ahem!


Just wanted to let you guys know that I'd purchased few items online, will blog about it soon. *hope this time I can make it*

kthxbai =D

P/s : I'm looking for a new blog layout, anyone has a good websites to suggest?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shopping at online boutiques.

Hah !

Hiiiiiiiee everyone, I know I've been missing like 1 post for each month. This was so not okay for me. I'm looking,seeking,finding an inspiration to blog. I've so many things to be blogged about. Too bad I'm just way too lazy =(

Btw, if anyone of you've read my previous posts (I think like a year ago? hahaha) I'm such a shopaholic , and I bought lots of item through online shop (ebay, lelong and blogshop) , watches, bags, lenses, t-shirt and blah blah blah.

Refer to my old posts:

Paypal & My Dream Watch

Online shopping

Recently if anyone of you realized, there were lots of online boutique stores/blogshop/facebook shop that we can see.

I'm ALWAYS looking for a cute and simple dress, even when I wandered around the mall. I take a look around at one of these online boutiques. Which I found out their pictures are so MAD interesting, cute models, nice make-up, hairs, everything looks perfect! *thumbs up*

So I decided to purchase the dresses, 2 pieces. It’s like the Korean style, very cute very niceeeeeee and paid RM66 for it.

I waited like a week until it arrives to me, the 1st thing that popped up in my when I look at the dressers.

"Wtf, this is not like what I've seen on the pictures!"

Y'knw what? Okay let me explain here. I don't want to post any pictures of the dress. Not good, I hope my explanation here is good enough to describe the "condition" of the dresses I bought.

The 1st one is the "chiffon dress", what I've seen on the pictures. It is like a NORMAL dress, that you can put it on your body after you've wear bra and panties.

Unfortunately, NO! CHIFFON dress is very.. Very light materials.. I feel like I'm a big fat ass stripper when I put the dress on.

It’s same like I didn't wear anything at all. IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE IN THE PICTURE!

I don’t feel like I’ve been cheated. No!

I SHOULD understand that, sellers will ALWAYS post up the best pictures, all the photoshop pictures, good models or what we can call as “perfect”.

It was me who’s really dumb and believes that all those dresses will looks good on me. When the reality is they’re models. They wear everything also will looks perfect.

But I am not.

I am not a model, nor a girl who’s skinny. I am a big fat ass chick. So comparing me with those models is one of my biggest mistakes.

And because of that, I lost RM66 for dresses that I can’t even wear it for a walk in front of my house.

The other one dress I bought was okay, the quality of the material also is quite okay but it doesn't suits me at all. Because I am..

F A T.

So Boo me.

Btw, I’ve suggestions for those who want to shopping at online boutiques. (Especially for the "big" girls like me)

1 – Never ever depend on the skinny model or mannequin to measure the size of the dresses.

I’ve seen in 1 of this online boutique, each dresses she will put it on the mannequin and the last 2 or 3 pictures are the picture of her, wearing at those dresses.

So there, I can see a BIG comparison between a mannequin model and a REAL HUMAN itself =) I finally can picture how it looks if I wear it.

Hmm do you get what I mean?

2 – ALWAYS read at the measurement of dresses, FREE SIZE doesn’t mean it can fit you.

Common sense la, FREE SIZE can fit into those *BBW like me?

Answer is NO.

Otherwise it stated out the materials of the dress!

3 – Bear in mind that not all clothes look nice on us.

Read from top. Then you will understand.


There were a lot of good things if you shopped online. Online items are usually really cheap but try to tell you that there are lots of same item with different price.

Try to take some time to do some research rather than finalizing your payment without comparing the prices with other blogshops.

Shop wisely and happy shopping! =)

*BBW – Big Beautiful Woman