Monday, June 21, 2010


Last post by me was 1st of May 2010, a month ago

I've been busy for these past few weeks. Our Music Club in UNIRAZAK (formerly known UNITAR) is organizing an event, Battle of the Band : "Breaking Out The Silence - Music Unites Without Drugs" in colaboration with Agensi Antidadah Kebangsaan Sabah, PEMADAM Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu and DBKK.

Okay, that's a very long explanation.

I am the secretary of the program, deal with sooooo many things and sometimes even the "petty" things can turn up into a heavy one. There was a time, letters wrote by me was rejected like.. I guess 10 - 12 times? Not count in the other things, like settle up with the banner, t-shirt, and etc etc.

Dealing with government is not that easy, we can't simply ask for "Hey can you sponsor us this and that and bla bla bla" (Sorry I really don't have any experiences in terms of dealing with government before. Don't blame me :( ) We have to go through UNIRAZAK's management, then only we can bring out the matter to the third party. Leceh kan? Surat menyurat jangan kau cakap la. Menangis darah suda sini ubah2 surat.

That's a REAL LIFE story by a newbie secretary like me. I have "0" knowledge about music scene, indie music, or whatever it is. I do play certain music instruments but it doesn't mean I am a BIG FAN of music. I never go to any gigs before, concert? tu nda payah ckp la mana la ada di buat d KK ni. And even the indie band around KK, honestly I don't know them :(

BUT NOW I DO! (Not all lah *LoL*)

Thank God, managing a "quite" big event like this totally taught me a lot of things (smile), rather than don't know anything.. At least I learn something here, I don't wasting my time for nothing, I'm gaining an experience, Proud to say that!

I'll post up the details if the event later. I am really sleepy here, I need to sleep because later I have to catch up few important things. The event is on this upcoming 26th of June at Dewan Serbaguna Damai.


kthxbye. :*