Friday, April 16, 2010

A Post For Mummy.

Hi blog, sorry for neglecting you for so long. AH!!

Exam is just around the corner and this time I am so gonna be dead! I dropped 1 of my subject (Morphology & Syntax) because I am not confident enough during the exam. Further more I was taking 4 tough subject + 1 KoKum which means = SUPER DEAD for myself.

Instead of taking the challenge, I dare not to face it. My pointer is so effing LOW, I can't imagine myself if I failed 1 of these subject. *Kena tendang*


Yeah I am in Lahad Datu now, celebrating her birthday last night. I was supposed flying back to Kota Kinabalu today but the flight was canceled due to technical problem. So I'll be back to KK tomorrow afternoon.

Mummy is now 49 years old, and every day and day she's getting "hotter" , "younger" , *and-whatever-terms-that-you-think* .

Somemore to FaceBook, especially the games like Cafe World and FarmVille.

My parents even planned to buy blackberry phone, so that easy to FBook-ing and chatting (After looking at me who's non-stop FBook-ing, chatting and tweeting through my babyberry)

Never imagine my parents would be so super advance like today.

Proud of em' !

Anyways, this really caught my attention.

An evidence to show how they addicted to FB so much.

P/s : Picture and name was blurred to protect my family from the bastards.