Saturday, February 6, 2010


Short Update.

Just in case if you don't know what is Malas.

Malas = Lazy.

I've been so lazy mazzzayy these few days, oh no. WEEKS. Few pending post need to be done, I haven't finished write it all simply because I am so lazy, lazy and lazy.



I'm done with my black roots, now my eye brows. It is like a bush. I am suck in this kind of thingy and totally depending to the saloon to fixed my eye brows up. And I don't do make-ups every single day before I left my house. It is like, wtf? I know girls should be pretty all the time, not to be so perfect but justttt nice.

1 reason - Lazy.

If going out any occasions then I'll do all those things la, I won't let myself so fugly ba in certain situations.

I just love to live my life in the simplestttttttt way it can be. :) :)

Kalau mekap tebal berinci inci, PAITONG BERABIS LA BA TU BOSS.

Btw, I am having classes on saturday MORNING, like wtf? Why on earth I'm having classes on weekends???

It supposed to be at 8AM, but thank god it changed to 10.30AM . Which means I have few hours extra time to ZzZzZzz before waking up early and then off to class. My sleeping time is so effed up now. Sometimes I don't even sleep until the next day, insomnia? Even if I force myself to sleep, my eyes will still widely opened and there is one time I yelled myself out inside my room just because I can't sleep.

Hate that. $**@$*#!!! CB CB CB.

I'm so worried about that, totally unhealthy life I am having here right now.

Anyway, my parents went to Indonesia and will be going back by next week. In the mean time if I am totally broke and out of money, I have no one else to dig out some money. :(


Okay, 4.31 AM. I should sleep now.

And Happy Chinese New Year Y'all :)