Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Surname.

Please be NOTED that I am not humiliating my own name, my family and whatsoever ya'all want to judge. It was just me, I feel like wanted to blog about it.

So who cares? Want to read? GO ON. And Judge yourself, maybe you have been in my situation for an ages.

Simple intro, I was born on 29th of October 1988 with a name Ann Rachel C.J. Impas.

People always asked,

1# What is C.J. ?

Okay, C.J. is my DAD's name. Which means CYRIL JIWIE. Think yourself la, should I write my name "Ann Rachel Cyril Jiwie Impas" which is so effing LONG. Mati la ba juga kan.

So short term is the best answer for my precious name.

2# Okay, so C.J. is your dad's name. What about "Impas" ?

Impas is my GRAND FATHER.

My dad put his name on our names as a "Surname" .

So now you can call me "Ms. Impas" I don't mind. Hahahaha.

Back to my main point,

Since I was a kid, people always mis-spelt and wrongly pronounced my Grand Father's name. And I've been living with it for the past 21 years.

Is it my mistake for having such a very bad hand writing?

My very fast hand writing.

After reading on that paper, next time I should write my name slowly...

Or maybe.. people has problem with their eyes?

Last time when I got my taekwondo's certificate.. It was typed there as,

"Ann Rachel C.J. Limpas"

Oh! And I assume my coach was having very bad eyes. Hahahaha.

Not count in when I was in events..

But I don't mind about it. Simply because I know I ain't famous yo, not everyone knows my real name.

But honestly I am PROUD to be one of Impas's grand daughter. Make it simple, if I am so embarrassed about my surname.

I won't blog about this!

Same goes to my siblings,

My brother's information in his Facebook account.

Why I wrote this post?

Never ever to brag to everyone how funny my name is, or any assumptions you guys want to say,

I will just fuck it.

This is just to express my feeling how I am immune with this kind of thingy, because some people is ashamed with their own name. And create certain stylo, cute and glamor name just to cover up their REAL name. Why you want to do that?

Nama kau kampungan ka boz? Relax la bah.

Which one is the best? Being honest with yourself or let people know your name by themselves and then make a big fun of that. Laughing till the hell break lose because they know you're just a..


Oh, fuck me. I ain't shooting to anyone here.

Full stop. I have lots of reason even people have their own opinions about it, I will stand by my side. Defensive enough?

Like my closest friends, they really know how to pronounce my real surname. Such as,




Certain situation they'd love to say,

"LIMPAS dulu..."

"Uina ada org LIMPAS sana"



Seriously, I am immune with it, and never ever feel it as a massive huge joke that I should be mad of. No, no and a big no.

Even certain people think it is some sort of disrespecting my Grand Father's name.

But, honestly I don't care and mind.

And here is the latest one.

Just now, I wrote my information inside a book to be a member in this one CC. And the worker is about to key in my data....


"This one is Ann Rachel C.J. LUPAS ka? "