Thursday, October 7, 2010

Useless brick.


I finally gotten all my online-purchased items! I've took all the pictures, unfortunately my laptop went ballistic once again for the third time. Bought it a year ago and now it turned out as if I'd use it like 4-5 years already.

Vaio suck big time. I've heard a lot of complains from friends who uses vaio. Seriously if I knew this would happen, I rather bought compaq, acer, dell or any lappies that is much more cheaper than vaio. Babi betul, buang duit jak. Such a useless brick.

Anyway, I bought HTC Touch Dual from a friend of mine to replace my old phone the LG KS360. This is an old model, but so far everything is good but I haven't try all the functions because I'm way to lazyyyyyyyyyyyy, I just knew how to txting, calling, and camwhoring. That's all. Boo me =D

I'm still using my BabyBerry but was thinking to replace her soon. Been spoke to my CEO (dad) but still waiting for an answerrrrr! Okay, so much for my wishes. Bagus kalau banyak duit.

Till then, I'm waiting for my vaio to be repaired. Currently using dad's lappie.


Saturday, September 18, 2010


Remember my previous post, I made a promise to blog about stuffs I bought online before??

They are finally here! I mean, it is not with me. I am in Lahad Datu right now and all those stuffs are in KK. I was using my friend's address to received it. So far, the condition according to my friend (asked him to open the package) is good! Hmm, can't wait to see it! =D

Anywaysssssssss I would like to introduceee..


Couldn't help myself not to photoshop this picture because I was so ugly, even just with half of my face.

Here the story goes,

I was thinking to have a cat like 1-2 years ago? Because my house in KK (especially the kitchen) is conquered by RATS. And honestly, these rats are so effing annoying. My housemate and I has done everything to prevents there annoying rats but seems the only way to do it is just..

Cleaning the house everyday...

Which is totally not in my everyday have/must do list. Because I am a student, I live alone WITHOUT my parents. Of course lah malas. But whatever it is, anyone who lived alone freely (plus as a student) must know/understand living life as a student to the fullest. Waking up late, not washing the dishes, cooking maggie, "keeping" the rubbish. Ok, I am being defensive here. That explains why my house is conquered by rats.

Back to my story, Neko is being a VERY naughty and playful cat. I'm glad bringing her into my life, at least I have an accompany whenever I am alone in the house. But as for now, I haven't see any rats killed by her. I haven't seen any!! But somehow I wish she wouldn't kill rats, because I slept with her almost every night. Biarlah ni kusing bikin tembirang saja supaya tu tikus2 takut.

Btw, let the pictures tell the story how naughty my daughter is.

Take 1.
Take 2.
Take 3.

Ok, back to Neko's story.

This is the first picture of her, the day I brought her into my house.

The other kitten is Neko's sibling, actually my friend brought these 2 kittens home (Neko and her sibling) after he saw them abandoned and playing without the mother when he was a restaurant.

I went to his house and saw them playing happily, I couldn't to resist ask him "PLEASE GIVE ME THE WHITEEEEEE ONEE!!" teehee!

So I take care of her, clean her, bring her to vet, give her the best cat food and playing with her everyday.

The best thing I can give her is, she has an awesome uncles and aunties. (which are my housemates and best friends LoL) =)

Unfortunately, Neko's sibling is already dead. =(

Neko's 1st day in my house. See how ugly she is =(

After 1-2 weeks.
Neko : Yippiee! I'm going to Lahad Datu!
(Decided to bring Neko to Lahad Datu, since its Hari Raya holiday so no one can take care of her in KK.)
Neko : Mummy I'm sleeepppyy!
Neko's latest photo : I is cute.

Neko looks so much healthier than before, getting stronger, naughtier, and very fussy about her food. She don't want to eat any cat food labels except for whiskas.

Kadang2 terasa mcm bikin kasi abis duit boss.

Fuh, till then. Will post up pictures of my online shopping items!! Bai =D

Friday, August 27, 2010

Online shopping ahem!


Just wanted to let you guys know that I'd purchased few items online, will blog about it soon. *hope this time I can make it*

kthxbai =D

P/s : I'm looking for a new blog layout, anyone has a good websites to suggest?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shopping at online boutiques.

Hah !

Hiiiiiiiee everyone, I know I've been missing like 1 post for each month. This was so not okay for me. I'm looking,seeking,finding an inspiration to blog. I've so many things to be blogged about. Too bad I'm just way too lazy =(

Btw, if anyone of you've read my previous posts (I think like a year ago? hahaha) I'm such a shopaholic , and I bought lots of item through online shop (ebay, lelong and blogshop) , watches, bags, lenses, t-shirt and blah blah blah.

Refer to my old posts:

Paypal & My Dream Watch

Online shopping

Recently if anyone of you realized, there were lots of online boutique stores/blogshop/facebook shop that we can see.

I'm ALWAYS looking for a cute and simple dress, even when I wandered around the mall. I take a look around at one of these online boutiques. Which I found out their pictures are so MAD interesting, cute models, nice make-up, hairs, everything looks perfect! *thumbs up*

So I decided to purchase the dresses, 2 pieces. It’s like the Korean style, very cute very niceeeeeee and paid RM66 for it.

I waited like a week until it arrives to me, the 1st thing that popped up in my when I look at the dressers.

"Wtf, this is not like what I've seen on the pictures!"

Y'knw what? Okay let me explain here. I don't want to post any pictures of the dress. Not good, I hope my explanation here is good enough to describe the "condition" of the dresses I bought.

The 1st one is the "chiffon dress", what I've seen on the pictures. It is like a NORMAL dress, that you can put it on your body after you've wear bra and panties.

Unfortunately, NO! CHIFFON dress is very.. Very light materials.. I feel like I'm a big fat ass stripper when I put the dress on.

It’s same like I didn't wear anything at all. IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE IN THE PICTURE!

I don’t feel like I’ve been cheated. No!

I SHOULD understand that, sellers will ALWAYS post up the best pictures, all the photoshop pictures, good models or what we can call as “perfect”.

It was me who’s really dumb and believes that all those dresses will looks good on me. When the reality is they’re models. They wear everything also will looks perfect.

But I am not.

I am not a model, nor a girl who’s skinny. I am a big fat ass chick. So comparing me with those models is one of my biggest mistakes.

And because of that, I lost RM66 for dresses that I can’t even wear it for a walk in front of my house.

The other one dress I bought was okay, the quality of the material also is quite okay but it doesn't suits me at all. Because I am..

F A T.

So Boo me.

Btw, I’ve suggestions for those who want to shopping at online boutiques. (Especially for the "big" girls like me)

1 – Never ever depend on the skinny model or mannequin to measure the size of the dresses.

I’ve seen in 1 of this online boutique, each dresses she will put it on the mannequin and the last 2 or 3 pictures are the picture of her, wearing at those dresses.

So there, I can see a BIG comparison between a mannequin model and a REAL HUMAN itself =) I finally can picture how it looks if I wear it.

Hmm do you get what I mean?

2 – ALWAYS read at the measurement of dresses, FREE SIZE doesn’t mean it can fit you.

Common sense la, FREE SIZE can fit into those *BBW like me?

Answer is NO.

Otherwise it stated out the materials of the dress!

3 – Bear in mind that not all clothes look nice on us.

Read from top. Then you will understand.


There were a lot of good things if you shopped online. Online items are usually really cheap but try to tell you that there are lots of same item with different price.

Try to take some time to do some research rather than finalizing your payment without comparing the prices with other blogshops.

Shop wisely and happy shopping! =)

*BBW – Big Beautiful Woman

Monday, July 26, 2010


Hi everybody.

Yes, I failed to post the Breaking out the Silence's event pictures. I was busy with my theatre and exams, doing report. And NOW I AM FREE! LoL.

But still, I don't have the courage to do the blog spot. I am such a lazy ass, hermph!

Anyway, a friend of mine told me "Wei kenapa bah ko nda update suda blogspot ko nie? Teda suda bahan bacaan ku!" Hahahahaha don't ask me. I don't even know the exact answer for that. I miss blogging in blogspot, too.. but something has popped up in my mind whenever I am updating my bloggie, end up closing the tab and then sleep.

So yeah, catch me in FB whenever you miss me.

kthxbye =)

Monday, June 21, 2010


Last post by me was 1st of May 2010, a month ago

I've been busy for these past few weeks. Our Music Club in UNIRAZAK (formerly known UNITAR) is organizing an event, Battle of the Band : "Breaking Out The Silence - Music Unites Without Drugs" in colaboration with Agensi Antidadah Kebangsaan Sabah, PEMADAM Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu and DBKK.

Okay, that's a very long explanation.

I am the secretary of the program, deal with sooooo many things and sometimes even the "petty" things can turn up into a heavy one. There was a time, letters wrote by me was rejected like.. I guess 10 - 12 times? Not count in the other things, like settle up with the banner, t-shirt, and etc etc.

Dealing with government is not that easy, we can't simply ask for "Hey can you sponsor us this and that and bla bla bla" (Sorry I really don't have any experiences in terms of dealing with government before. Don't blame me :( ) We have to go through UNIRAZAK's management, then only we can bring out the matter to the third party. Leceh kan? Surat menyurat jangan kau cakap la. Menangis darah suda sini ubah2 surat.

That's a REAL LIFE story by a newbie secretary like me. I have "0" knowledge about music scene, indie music, or whatever it is. I do play certain music instruments but it doesn't mean I am a BIG FAN of music. I never go to any gigs before, concert? tu nda payah ckp la mana la ada di buat d KK ni. And even the indie band around KK, honestly I don't know them :(

BUT NOW I DO! (Not all lah *LoL*)

Thank God, managing a "quite" big event like this totally taught me a lot of things (smile), rather than don't know anything.. At least I learn something here, I don't wasting my time for nothing, I'm gaining an experience, Proud to say that!

I'll post up the details if the event later. I am really sleepy here, I need to sleep because later I have to catch up few important things. The event is on this upcoming 26th of June at Dewan Serbaguna Damai.


kthxbye. :*

Saturday, May 1, 2010


This really made me laugh. Hahahahahaha

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Post For Mummy.

Hi blog, sorry for neglecting you for so long. AH!!

Exam is just around the corner and this time I am so gonna be dead! I dropped 1 of my subject (Morphology & Syntax) because I am not confident enough during the exam. Further more I was taking 4 tough subject + 1 KoKum which means = SUPER DEAD for myself.

Instead of taking the challenge, I dare not to face it. My pointer is so effing LOW, I can't imagine myself if I failed 1 of these subject. *Kena tendang*


Yeah I am in Lahad Datu now, celebrating her birthday last night. I was supposed flying back to Kota Kinabalu today but the flight was canceled due to technical problem. So I'll be back to KK tomorrow afternoon.

Mummy is now 49 years old, and every day and day she's getting "hotter" , "younger" , *and-whatever-terms-that-you-think* .

Somemore to FaceBook, especially the games like Cafe World and FarmVille.

My parents even planned to buy blackberry phone, so that easy to FBook-ing and chatting (After looking at me who's non-stop FBook-ing, chatting and tweeting through my babyberry)

Never imagine my parents would be so super advance like today.

Proud of em' !

Anyways, this really caught my attention.

An evidence to show how they addicted to FB so much.

P/s : Picture and name was blurred to protect my family from the bastards.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Short Update.

Just in case if you don't know what is Malas.

Malas = Lazy.

I've been so lazy mazzzayy these few days, oh no. WEEKS. Few pending post need to be done, I haven't finished write it all simply because I am so lazy, lazy and lazy.



I'm done with my black roots, now my eye brows. It is like a bush. I am suck in this kind of thingy and totally depending to the saloon to fixed my eye brows up. And I don't do make-ups every single day before I left my house. It is like, wtf? I know girls should be pretty all the time, not to be so perfect but justttt nice.

1 reason - Lazy.

If going out any occasions then I'll do all those things la, I won't let myself so fugly ba in certain situations.

I just love to live my life in the simplestttttttt way it can be. :) :)

Kalau mekap tebal berinci inci, PAITONG BERABIS LA BA TU BOSS.

Btw, I am having classes on saturday MORNING, like wtf? Why on earth I'm having classes on weekends???

It supposed to be at 8AM, but thank god it changed to 10.30AM . Which means I have few hours extra time to ZzZzZzz before waking up early and then off to class. My sleeping time is so effed up now. Sometimes I don't even sleep until the next day, insomnia? Even if I force myself to sleep, my eyes will still widely opened and there is one time I yelled myself out inside my room just because I can't sleep.

Hate that. $**@$*#!!! CB CB CB.

I'm so worried about that, totally unhealthy life I am having here right now.

Anyway, my parents went to Indonesia and will be going back by next week. In the mean time if I am totally broke and out of money, I have no one else to dig out some money. :(


Okay, 4.31 AM. I should sleep now.

And Happy Chinese New Year Y'all :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Surname.

Please be NOTED that I am not humiliating my own name, my family and whatsoever ya'all want to judge. It was just me, I feel like wanted to blog about it.

So who cares? Want to read? GO ON. And Judge yourself, maybe you have been in my situation for an ages.

Simple intro, I was born on 29th of October 1988 with a name Ann Rachel C.J. Impas.

People always asked,

1# What is C.J. ?

Okay, C.J. is my DAD's name. Which means CYRIL JIWIE. Think yourself la, should I write my name "Ann Rachel Cyril Jiwie Impas" which is so effing LONG. Mati la ba juga kan.

So short term is the best answer for my precious name.

2# Okay, so C.J. is your dad's name. What about "Impas" ?

Impas is my GRAND FATHER.

My dad put his name on our names as a "Surname" .

So now you can call me "Ms. Impas" I don't mind. Hahahaha.

Back to my main point,

Since I was a kid, people always mis-spelt and wrongly pronounced my Grand Father's name. And I've been living with it for the past 21 years.

Is it my mistake for having such a very bad hand writing?

My very fast hand writing.

After reading on that paper, next time I should write my name slowly...

Or maybe.. people has problem with their eyes?

Last time when I got my taekwondo's certificate.. It was typed there as,

"Ann Rachel C.J. Limpas"

Oh! And I assume my coach was having very bad eyes. Hahahaha.

Not count in when I was in events..

But I don't mind about it. Simply because I know I ain't famous yo, not everyone knows my real name.

But honestly I am PROUD to be one of Impas's grand daughter. Make it simple, if I am so embarrassed about my surname.

I won't blog about this!

Same goes to my siblings,

My brother's information in his Facebook account.

Why I wrote this post?

Never ever to brag to everyone how funny my name is, or any assumptions you guys want to say,

I will just fuck it.

This is just to express my feeling how I am immune with this kind of thingy, because some people is ashamed with their own name. And create certain stylo, cute and glamor name just to cover up their REAL name. Why you want to do that?

Nama kau kampungan ka boz? Relax la bah.

Which one is the best? Being honest with yourself or let people know your name by themselves and then make a big fun of that. Laughing till the hell break lose because they know you're just a..


Oh, fuck me. I ain't shooting to anyone here.

Full stop. I have lots of reason even people have their own opinions about it, I will stand by my side. Defensive enough?

Like my closest friends, they really know how to pronounce my real surname. Such as,




Certain situation they'd love to say,

"LIMPAS dulu..."

"Uina ada org LIMPAS sana"



Seriously, I am immune with it, and never ever feel it as a massive huge joke that I should be mad of. No, no and a big no.

Even certain people think it is some sort of disrespecting my Grand Father's name.

But, honestly I don't care and mind.

And here is the latest one.

Just now, I wrote my information inside a book to be a member in this one CC. And the worker is about to key in my data....


"This one is Ann Rachel C.J. LUPAS ka? "