Monday, December 28, 2009

Blackberry Curve Javelin 8900

And here's my BABYBERRY! :) :)

My babyberry says hello to everyone!

Btw, I didn't buy it from Maxis. This is an AP set, its like I am gambling with my own money, LoL. Well waiting a call from maxis to inform me that the blackberry 8900 is in stock right now is like waiting for a GAY to kiss me.

But I'm so sorry for being orang kampung, I really don't know how to se the WiFi and the bluetooth.


For me, this phone is very simple, really. Only certain applications really killed my brain.

And now I can only txting and calling using my babyberry. Like wtf??

Since I only have few friends that using Blackberry, I can't depend on them too much. I have to make my own search and survey through the internet.

Lowyat Forum is AWESOME! They have a section for blackberry users, and seems I'm not the only 1 who is having a problem with my babyberry.

Lowyat Forum for Blackberry users section = Click Here

Btw I made a survey, and found out if I want to use the WiFi service, I have to activate the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) with my network provider.

I am using Maxis prepaid line, means I have to purchase their super effing expensive plan!

Monthly BIS premium = RM98!

Weekly BIS premium = RM28!

For more information, click here = FAQ - BIS for Maxis prepaid.

Argh, I think I'm gonna try the weekly BIS premium 1st, see how it is going to work. Hopefully I only have to activate it once. If every time also have to purchase the BIS just to connect to the WiFi..

I'm so gonna be POKAI.

But if you don't try, you'll never know how to use your babyberry! :(

And the bluetooth, wtf. So muthafarking complicated. I tried few times to send mp3 from my other phone. Very hard eh, I guess I only have to transfer all the files to my laptop then only I sync to my babyberry.

Firstly I don't understand, I thought I can use the WiFi anytime WITHOUT TO PURCHASE THE BIS SERVICE. But according to my survey. I am wrong. :( Well I haven't have the answer for my own question, I still have to try the BIS service from Maxis 1st then only I know how it works!

For those who wants to own blackberry, especially like mine Blackberry Curve Javelin 8900. The basic functions like the music player and camera is quite good to me.

I'm satisfied with the sounds and camera! :)

Camera is 3.2 mp! I still look good in the camera, eventhough it is not the 5m.p and whatsoever. Who cares anyway? As long as it can took a picture of mine is good enough! Rather than have no camera at all.

Well the sound.. OMFG! I was so surprised at 1st, I really don't expect the sound quality is as good as Sony Ericsson phones, but still SE is much better a lil' bit.

I haven't survey my babyberry 100%, that's for sure.


My sister & I.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ya'all!!

P/s : Pictures taken using my webcam!



Oh yes, I finally found a way how to connect through WiFi without purchasing the BIS after several attempts.

Yeah, here it goes :

Options > Advanced Options > Browser > Default browser configuration > Changed it to "Hotspot Browser"

No wonder I failed to enjoy the internet it was just because the setting was set to "myMaxis Mobile Portal"

And I can't stop myself to brag about my babyberry! Who cares anyway??!!! This is my dream phone and I have to wait few months to get it.

Not count in my Sidekick D-Wade. I've been waiting it since last year okay? When it comes to my life that I have enough cash to purchase it, suddenly shit happens and until today I haven't see my sidekick. :(

Woohh, I hate POS MALAYSIA.


I think this is the cutest theme ever I can search on the internet. I'll provide ya'all the link!

Click Here : OTA Juicy Couture blackberry 8900 theme

At first, I was thinking, WTF is OTA? Why I can't transfer this theme through my laptop? Why Why? Well, Google really helps me a lot!

OTA = You can only download the application/themes/whatever through your blackberry browser. The format is ".jad"

Desktop Manager Download = The format is ".alx" which means you can download it using your laptop/pc and then transfer it to you blackberry using Blackberry Desktop Manager.


So far, everything is okay with babyberry. Just I can't use the UberTwitter yet, argh! Why Why??

I've been download and reinstall the application but still it doesn't change anything at all!!

Who uses UberTwitter application? Can help me??????

Oh ya, several girlish and pinkish themes for blackberry 8900. Just want to share it with ya'all! :)

Click here = Nancy Drew Themes for Blackberry 8900

BTW, it is all OTA download.

P/s : Till then. I'll update more if I have anything else to share! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Love.

Despite being in the shitty mode and terrible mood swings recently, I have to admit that this is my worst holidaee ever in my life.

With the boringness plus with my very down moment ever, I can't help myself for playing ragnarok again to gain my strength and to cheer up myself instead of being a lazy ass girl laying down in my bed, sleeping like a pig and then woke up just to eat, watching tv and etc etc.


There was a moment I told myself "Ya ampun bgini ka hidup aku time cuti???!!!"

Boring and then yeah, I've been in the deepest shit hole ever. It was a wound before, it haven't healed but right now it became a HOLE.

Well stop talking about my boring holiday and my bad moment ever. It made my day so down down down and stop. Full stop.

Instead, I BOUGHT a new love for myself!!!


Lol, haven't touched it yet. Auntie bought for me in KL and posted the picture in my FB. Maxis in KK is so damn slow to order the blackberry. Damn farking slow.

I've been waited for 2 months for this! I'm waiting a call from MAXIS. But it never was.

The result I get is just MAXIS FINISHED STOCK FOR B.B Javelin even at KL also they don't have. WTF?

I was planning to buy this as a gift to myself on my 21st birthday. But when I went to Warisan/Damai maxis center, they don't have the stock for it and ask me to wait. Well okay. I went to Center Point maxis center, it has 1. But only left the display phone.

So stupid action, I refuse to take it. Since act like a bitch, I said I don't want it. I want the new 1 in a box. LoL

But I was wrong, for the rest of the week I was hoping for a call from Maxis. Again, IT NEVER WAS. So I went back to Center Point maxis center with hope I'm gonna bring my new love today.. But too bad, someone has purchase it. And I stood there and can't stop cursing to myself why acting so bitchy before.

LOL. My bad. :P

Again, I've one pending item from U.S.A . It is my D-Wade SIDEKICK 3.

I purchased this phone through ebay. It was posted from California on the 10th of September, and until today I never get the phone. FML.

I had the receipt given by the seller including the track number so I called the Custom KLIA asking about this.

Their answer was ..

"Your track number can't be track in our system since it has been declared as DOCUMENT. (My track number started from LC) So what you have to do now is just wait"


It has been 3 months, haven't received it yet. Fark.

Asked the seller, he said "Certain countries, their custom will held the item for a certain period for a further inspection. So what you have to do now is just wait"
Tunggu punya tunggu, habuk pun ndak dapat. Pantat betul.

Further more, this is my 2nd time purchasing an item from the overseas and I got a very bad experience from it.

So my advice is,

- If you want to purchase an item from overseas (example from U.S) , try to discuss with their seller whether they can use FedEx service courier to ship the item instead of using United States Postal Service (USPS). There are lots of experience I'd read from ebay's forum and lots of them has the same cases like me! So don't be like me!

- ACT FAST. Within 45 days, report to the paypal that you don't received your item. You can refund your money.

- Keep in touch with the seller!


Again, I am so bloody stupid I lost RM700 for that. Paying for a phone and never get it.

Btws, I still put a hope that 1 day I'll get my sidekick. :(

And as a christmas gift for myself, I WANT THIS!

Yeap! An Emporio Armani Women Watch, found this on few months ago, LOVE IT!

Mummy.. Daddy.. :D :D

Friday, December 18, 2009

Since I was so boring in my hometown, I found this webbie is interesting, introduced by my friend. Greatest way to kill your boring!

Click here =

It is a web that will arrange you to chat with a strangers all over the world. Go try it right now!!

Btw, being a Malaysian sometimes is weird. Take a look at these screen shots.

**Click to enlarge

He/She disconnected after I said I am malaysia. LoL


So, instead of Malaysian, I told them I am from ANTARTICA.

Result : Same.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sometimes you don't expect something that you think it is IMPOSSIBLE.

But everything make sense right now, I really understand what does it mean by the word "COINCIDENCE". Hahahahahahahaha so-called coincidence.

Well I should move on to the next chapter of my life. We can't predict the future. Just hope everything is going to be fine soon.

Btw, even I felt DISRESPECTED but I have to swallow it. Because there is nothing I can do, further more it is beyond of my control. And thank GOD because he saves me before everything is getting worst. DISRESPECTED is just a word for those who don't know what does it mean and what does it feel it you are in my shoes.

Sad, yes.. I am still sad :)

Well new year is getting near, same goes to Christmas. I just want to wish Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this. Tataa!