Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Self proclaimed violent blogger.

How many "fuck" word I typed in my blog?
- Countless time.

How many "god damn" word I typed in my blog?
- Countless time..

How many "fucking" word I typed in my blog?
- Yes i know, countless time.

Whatever words I use, it is simply because --> I am just being Ann. Yes. I am Ann Rachel.

Do I have to pretend to be a good girl IN MY OWN BLOG? And for your information I am more violent in my real life.

What is the point of trying to be a good chick in virtual life, but when you saw me in real life then only you realized how rude I am?

Can we consider that as HYPOCRITE?

"Oh DearlyAnn looks soft,kind hearted,chicky and cute in her blog but last time when I saw her.. OMG!! She's so freakin' ferocious!"

Uh, that is now the way how I want to show myself. You want to know me? So this is me. The queen of cursing Ann.

So if you really don't like the way I blog, I never force you to come back again. But if you do love the way I am. You are always welcomed.


P/s : I am not angry, its just a simple explanation of being a girl who loves to write. You know? Defensive.. :)