Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm back!

Firstly, I only have 3 words.. - OH MY GOD!

I knowwwww, its been almost 2 month I don't blogging!


Yeah, I am officially back into the bloggie arena! :)

Sorry for the zillion times that I repeated in my previous posts before! Its not that I am busy, I just don't have any mood in writing all these while.. You know? Sometimes there is a time when you feel you don't have any intention or what so ever even though that is one of your favorite thing to do!

Yes, I love writing!

But.. I don't know how to express my exact mood or emotion until my blog felt neglected! Forget about the past, lets move on!

I just came back from KL last month, and I have 1 story to share with all of you.


My daddy almost lost his money and wallet to the STUPID PICKPOCKETS in KL monorail!

What happened?

My family and I are on our way to KL Sentral from Bukit Bintang station, we are in group around 18-20 people so each of us seat separately.

I was unlucky, no available seats anymore so I just stand up and there was 2 kind man who gave their seat to me and my auntie, while daddy and my sister was sitting in front of us.

So these 2 man was standing, on the next station they were about to leave the monorail. Honestly I don't bother about anyone inside, I just dreaming by myself.


Daddy : "HEYY HEYY HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!" (with angry voice)

I was stunned, I don't know what happened, what I know is that time my dad was besieged by them and my sister's face is pale and speechless because this incident happened right in front of her.

You know what happened? This two madafaka goddamn stupid moron was about to STEAL my dad's money from his pocket. (Daddy just withdraw money so he put the money inside his pocket, not in wallet)

Luckily dad realized that, poor daddy. They managed to took off the money from dad's pocket but did not managed to steal it . Wow, great skills man! How did you do it? Can you teach me stupid moron???

And this incident was happened on his birthday, 29 May 2009.

Exactly after 1 year/12 months/365 days daddy lost his wallet to stupid pickpockets in Paris at Eiffel tower (Yes daddy lost his wallet in Paris on his birthday last year).

Refer here : Europe Trip!

What a stupid bad luck I can tell you?

I know they planned it properly, and they are working in group. Dad told me that one of them drop a KEY CHAIN right my on dad's legs. So he pretend to take the KEY CHAIN and on the same time touching my dad's leg to attract dad's attention while the other one acting real fast to steal dad's money and wallet from pocket.

Very nice co-operation I can tell you but sorry you guys FAILED because my dad is awesome and you guys are SUCKS.

Eh, wait.. This stupid madafaka moron, only drop a KEYCHAIN??? Not bunch of keys? Man you suck, yes really sucks. Buy key also no money?

Stupid pickpockets inside monorail will act like this, so you have to beware :

- Act nicely
- Smiling
- They'll pretend they are nice guys, and give their seat to you.

When they failed to steal dad's money, they run away before the monorail door closed. So clever! I don't know what will happened to them once if they got caught inside the monorail. One thing for sure I'll give them a nice kick right on their balls!

What past is past, so the next thing isssssssssss.. Okay few pictures when I was in KL :)

(You can view the complete pictures in my Facebook account)

At Bukit Bintang.

Melia Hotel toilet.

In Ipoh, at hotel lobby waiting for my cousin to pick us up to the church, attending my cousin's wedding.

My cousin, crazygambarman and his newly wife :D

Myself again.

Haha, represents me and someone's name. =)

Finally got 1. Yay! ;D

Enough with the pictures, I think most of you is in my friends list in my facebook account. Go view it there. ;D

Uh, I promised that I will post few pictures during Kaamatan in Tambunan right? My gosh, I know I was damn late but no worries! I'll post few okay!

I think she's the winner of last year Unduk Ngadau.

I am proud to be a sabahan Native (Dusun) , haha look at all these pictures of Unduk Ngadau, they are all beautiful.. Even though I am not pretty but at least I know my native has its own uniqueness.

Bah, aramaiti!

Uh, till then! :)

P/s : I can't stop cursing. Fuck you KL moron!