Saturday, May 23, 2009

Puki Song !

I believe 90% of Malaysian will laugh when seeing this.



Eh Eh I just realize that the firce stance of the song is.. "Puki Puki Puki Cawaii"

If I am not mistaken, Cawaii - Cute

It means "Cute pussy" or "Puki Comel". WTF!!

I showed this video to mommy and she laughs out loud HAHAHAHA

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pink Eye

Few days ago I felt like there is something inside my right eye.. And lots of what we called as "taik mata" , "biras" or "eye discharge" (according to Roshan) whatever la you called it until I am hardly to open my right eyes.

I thought its because I overly looking at the PC and wearing contact lenses for extended periods.

FYI, yeah I wear lenses like 12-18 hours per day but I NEVER wore it until 2-3 days. Few friends of mine wore lenses until 2-3 days and also 1 week.

The longest record I've ever heard of my friend wearing lenses is 2 months!

And that caused my friend's eye swollen, I was like "Oh fuck! You didn't open you lenses for 2 months? Goddamnit! "

My cute friend Ana, who wore lenses for 2 months! Do you want to challenge her??

Back to my story, I went to clinic and doctor said this is "Conjunctivitis" which I never expect that to be because I thought is because of my contact lenses. Yeah sort of infection la, and I can't wear lenses until I recover from it.

At burger stall after went to clinic. Spot my red/pink eye?

Well, its been 5-6 days I did't wear lens on my right eye, so weird when I have to stare at someone or something using my left eye and close my right eye.

Do you know what I mean when staring/looking at someone using 1 eye only? wahahaha

That is why I stayed in my house these few days and lazy to going out with my cuzzies.. My vision is not so good! I have to wear shades most of the time when I'm outside, but usually in normal days I do.

My eyes look so fucking weird with unbalanced size, (coz I'm wearing korean lenses with enlarging effect) so whenever I have to entered shops in Lahad Datu (currently in holidae! so I'm at my hometown) I will remove my shades and put it at least inside my bag or my head. Because I feel it is funny when someone wearing a shades inside the building or shopping complexes!

Like this!

Credits to : .

Credits to :

Not to mention few names that I recalled, those artists who use shades inside building during singing competition or show and I think is so so so FUNNY.

But that is still "acceptable" compare to those who wears sunglass inside the club!

You need darker space man, don't you?

GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! So damn fucking funny! The club is not dark enough for them??? hardly to resist with those sexay girls?? So ugly and wanted to cover their fucking ugly face???? If you want to look cool inside the club, please la do not wear SUNGLASSES. Find other option la, buduh jg mo pakai spek dlm club!

I experienced this incident when I was inside the club, my friend noticed a guy who sit on the table next to us, dancing and drinking. Firstly I have to admit that he ;looks cool, nice body but then...

Wearing a SUNGLASS at 3.00 AM ? What a biggest turn off in guys!! Kimak, sial, babi betul, shit, fuck! Wkakakakaka *Can't stop laughing*




I know I know, I admit last time I also wear glasses inside building purposefully to look cool and now I wrote here to make fun of those who wears glasses in building basically looks like I am insulting myself.

But I insisted that inside shopping complex is much much better (muahahaha) compare to those who wear it in club!

But this is cool!


Saw this article in web from The 1# Vegas Nightlife Resource :

Camwhore section :

Me me me! Wearing shades on sunny day is cute!

I know! Camwhoring is fun! Don't blame me!

Random :

Not related to this post, camwhoring is fun. Indeed! Doesn't matter I am fat!

But, why my eyes still red!!?? I finished the antibiotic, use the eye drop given by doctor by still not cured! I am sick of using 1 lens, can't enjoyed the TV, can't chatting properly (coz I have to get close and closer to the monitor once I can't see what my friends are typing)

AArrrghhhhhhhhhhhh!! I need a cute spectacles!

Next week I will be coming to KL, then attending my cuzzie's wedding at Ipoh. OH NOOOOO!!!!!!! NOT WITH MY PINK EYE! :( :(

P/s : Goddamnit! Go away pink eye! Faster!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day

Who are you?

Are you a Business-man?

Might be an Engineer?

Or a Doctor?

Do you success in your life?

How about a Police?

or Soldier? perhaps a Dato' , Tan Sri, Tun ?

Whatever it is, you can't get those fucking titles like engineer, doctor, business-man and whatsoever without a..


Happy Teacher's Day Everyone! 16 May 2009 especially to my blogger friends that involve in education "industry" hahaha like Chegu Carol and also Jac a.k.a Broken Satellite.

Well, get you ass up and shake my hand ! ( Coz I'm a teacher, soon...)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fuck You!

(As requested)

I was whining to Sis. Alice about this guy who talk shit about me, she asked me to blog about it so she can read it. I think deeply.. yeah! Why not?

Fuck You!

Simple story if your mind is still "WTF is she talking about?"

Few months ago time there is a chubby guy who wants to know me through FriendSter (He was introduced to me by a friend of mine). So from friendster to YM and then we texting each other. And finally he made a brave step, asking me if I can be his girl friend.

**Fortunately I've been single for 2 years but having a commitment in term of relationship with someone is something I have no intention to think about yet.

I said "I'm sorry but I haven't meet you up"

So cut off the damn long introduction. We met off in KK, hang out together, dine and went off to the club but I SWEAR we never went out just two of us. I must be accompanied by my best friend, Cai. I am definitely feel not comfortable if going out with him without my friend.

This time he asking me again, same question as above if I can be his gf or not. But I replied "No, I'm not ready yet. I'm sorry"

He even asked and begged me, until there is one part he said "Would you marry me?"


I am still 20, going on 21 and married in this young age is something I never think I would do it!

Then, we less contact to each other, might be because I rejected him and there is some part I think he did not respect me as a friend and a girl.

I thought there is no moreeeeeee...

But then, few days ago this story about me and him came up again.

A friend of mine told me that she heard this guy's friends talking crap about me that.. I've slept with him.. Oh SHIT??!!?!?!?!

I told her, "NO! HELL NO!" and I explained to her from A-Z!


Stupid ass hole! Why would he create such a stupid and ridiculous story that I think is not funny at all!

6 words for him = Pukimak, bagus kau pigi mati la.

Before this, my housemate has warned me to be careful with this guy, so I told myself that.. In case there is something bad happened. What would I do? But I never think about it I just let it be..

Finally the time has come.. Is this is the consequences of rejecting a guy?


1. WTF is this all about?
I rejected a guy named A**N the terrible, and finally end up his friends talking crap about me. LoLz

2. Its normal when a person or group talking craps about others.

3. Are you pretty enough to reject a guy? Eww..
Whatever situation it is you are not me, neither do I.

4. Story, please..
A friend of mine told me that this guy told his fucking friends that he already B***/F*** me up. WTF???????????

And shockingly, my friend trusted what she heard. That's sad.

5. Seems like its a personal story, don't you mind to post it up in your blog?
(Read answer number 3)

6. Angry?
Firstly, YES! Don't you get freak when someone told a stupid story to his friends and then end up they had a negative imagination about you. That is insane and I am totally hate it.

But, I am here to tell them that I am not that CHEAP! Yes, INDEED.

Don't let yourself down by "PIGS".

7. What you want to do now?
I felt like want to send a private msg to him in facebook, or how about confront him and smack his ass off but honestly.. for what? Can it change what had happened?

I don't keep in touch with "animal".

When it comes to the right way, there is a hierarchy.. GOD, My family, friends, cat, dog, pig, vermin then "YOU". Ops.. Might be out from the line. I don't give a shit about "you", what ever "you" are trying to do and whatsoever because you are nothing :)

Fuck you, fuck you very very much.


And I can't stop whining, whining and whining recently, MSN is suck! I got a lot of messages asking me to visit this site, that site this site and bla bla bla! My pc BOOMED because my sister didn't update the anti virus!

**My pc is back, but then MSN cannot install. Wtf.

Yeah right..



My final JPJ test was the last Friday, and I was the 2nd person to do the test among 70++ peoples!!

But I managed to do it all nicely! Happy! :D

I am ready to stuck my ass off inside the car during traffic jam at the driver seat!

And now I'm sitting here in front of my PC and felt so thankful to god that I passed and I am so fucking glad about it because if I failed..

Mummy will kill me!

P/s : Daddy! I want a car! :(

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day :)

We started our life as a child.. Without mother, who are you?

I just got back from Tambunan just now, and finally sitting here in front of my laptop to tell you all how glad I am to be daughter's of Mrs. Moilih :) (Not to forget my daddy, Mr. Cyril :D )

I have nothing to give my mummy, broke bah now hahahahahaha :D but I have brought a Roxy Tee for her belated birthday but haven't give to my mum yet.

Anyways, I will post pictures during the Kaamatan in Tambunan. :) :)

Oh ya, this is Mummy & Daddy.

Once again,

Happy mother's day to all readers and Mummy Bloggers like KadusMama, BabyRenn Ayon and and and (errr who else is a Mummy Blogger here?) to everybody!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My life as a former Ragnarok Online player (Tribute to KAOS & NEO guild)

This post is dedicated to everyone who are playing Ragnarok Online especially for KAOSIANS and NEOPIANS.

Attention! : This is NOT a RAGNAROK private server that I am going to talk about.

I am missing Ragnarok Online game.. :(

For those who are not familiar or don't know what is Ragnarok Online game about, here's the explanation I took from Wikipedia.

Ragnarok Online's official logo.

According to Wikipedia :

" Ragnarok Online (Korean: 라그나로크 온라인), often referred to as RO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG created by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. based on the manhwa Ragnarok by Lee Myung-jin. It was first released in South Korea on 31 August 2001 for Microsoft Windows and has since been released in many other locales around the world. Much of the game's mythos is based on Norse mythology, but its style has been influenced by Christianity and Asian cultures. The game has spawned an animated series, Ragnarok the Animation, and a sequel game, Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World. "

I would like to re-introduce myself as a Ragnarok player if there are any R.O players who reads this and playing at CHAOS/BALDER server from 2004 - 2007 with nicknames/characters like :-

Nick : LikkuAnn
Job : High Priest
Level : 99

Nick : a N n
Job : High Priest
Level : 99

Nick : Charmaine*~
Job : Blacksmith
Level : *forgot* hahaha

*I lost the picture*

Nick : ~*AnN*~
Job : High Wizard
Level : 99

*I lost the picture*

Nick : .Ann.
Job : Creator
Level : 99

I was introduced to this game by my cousins and created a character named "ganjagirl" , I was inspired to use this name because there is a "bot" in Counter-Strike game name "GanjaMan" and I thought it would be cool if I am using the similar name hehe.

My ganjagirl was totally screwed up because on that time I had 0% knowledge about how to build my status as a "magician" . I simply add up my Str/Agi/Luk/Int and without thinking on how to up the exact status.

Then I met "Likku" and we became a lover in game and finally in real life *bwahahaha* but that was last time. He introduced me to join NEO guild and here my life as a crazy gamer has started, and that is how I got my nick as "LikkuAnn" =)

He taught me how to build up my Priest status, join the guild war, finding good items, leveling in a suitable place, botting (Thanks to Jun because helping me to bot my id) and so on. It was nice to know NEO guild because they are all friendly, helpful and supportive. On that time, NEO guild was ruled byBuAyA or Neopia.

My items. (Please be noted that the formal ghostring is not mine. Its expensive that time, price can reach almost rm700 - RM1k)

When R.O started to paid, seems like everyone's was missing, few players quitted and in the mean time I have no girl friends in NEO guild since my best friend Minah a.k.a JunJhun (High Priest) was also quitted and Sara a.k.a -=Serendipity=- has left NEO, too and joined KAOS. In the mean time, BuAyA less online and his position was taken by Legolas.

Guild War with NEO.

Me and the other NEOpians, defending the "emperium".

Supporting the wizards.

Last day before the server merging. In Hong Lou Castle.
In picture : Neo,Kaos,Legacy,Majestic,Conspiracy,No Comment,Malaysia,Elven and that dragon guild (forgot name).

I felt lonely because no one to chat during guild war, further more there was an incident between me and one of NEO member and it made me pissed off. At the same time I was close with KAOS leader AnNeS.

Me & AnNeS.

From left : My best friend Sara a.k.a Serendipity, Myself a.k.a LikkuAnn, Bob a.k.a AnNeS and Meeiyi.

For your information , KAOS and NEO are fatal enemies in Ragnarok Online Chaos server.

NEO official logo :

KAOS (Kill All On Sight) official logo :

So leaving NEO and joining KAOS means DEATH for me. Firstly it was very hard for me because I know if NEOpians know about I left them and join KAOS, I'm gonna be dead. Thank god there are only few of them are insulting me, most of them are still "okay" with me even though they knew I am not a NEOpians anymore.

Thanks to AnNeS and all kaosians who welcoming me to my new guild KAOS, they are definitely great! Really supportive! I was having great time with KAOS, joining guild war with them even though sometimes there are some "neopians" who still insulting me like "anjing kaos" and bla bla bla. It was hurtful when your friends turned out to be your enemy just because of leaving your old guild.

But the game still on, my kaosians friend support me and told me to ignore "them" . I am not mentioning that all NEOpians are craps but its just few of them.

Unfortunately I lost my guild war screen shot with KAOS :( I forgot where the hell I keep it all arghh!!

In KAOS guild, I was using my 2nd character a N n (please refer the screen shot above) , it is a super dex high priest where I cast spell very fast. But my weaknesses is I have quite low vitality compare with the other high priests.

And with helps from Bob, I created another two new character which is ~*AnN*~ (HighWizard) and also .Ann. (Creator) . Practically I don't know how to play these two characters nicely, might be because I'm playing High Priest for most of the time.

Then on 19.04.07 ..

One of the KAOS former leader LoverGirL decided to quit playing Ragnarok Online, so the other leaders had discussed and finally decided to disband the guild. Which means there are no more OFFICIAL KAOS in mRO server.

(Please be noted : LoverGirL is one of the very important person in KAOS guild.)

I am not very sure about the reason, totally forgot. Might be because of boredom (less player)?

And Since that day, I quitted play Ragnarok Online :(

These are the last screen shots of KAOSians in mRO before disband.

Gathering at Comodo.

Heading off to *somewhere* (Forgot the map's name)

Guild picture.

At Prontera Church.

With friends.

KAOS official screen shot in Forum.

But KAOS family is a family. We quitted the game but not our friendship, we even had a gathering/reunion together at Port Dickson, Negeri 9 on 7-8 July 2007.

Wai Seng a.k.a Stryk3r, Chevlyn a.k.a LoverGirL and Blue a.k.a ~Blue*439~


With KAOSians in real life.


KAOS official group picture in forum. (Too bad I wasn't in this picture because I was in the room, changing my tee)

But, KAOS are still exist! As an example a Cyber-Cafe at Shah Alam named as Kaos Net. And few games like Cabal Online where there are also KAOSians playing included myself.

And I had few of blogger friends who played Ragnarok, too. They are Faisal Admar, Hidayah Admar, Rezza, Sara and Renn.

(I've asked Faisal Admar for his character's screen shot and also his sister but due to my internet problem. I can't get it. Grr!)

Anyways, I miss Ragnarok Online so much :( :(

Credits to :

Neo Forum :
Neo Forum Admin : Storath
All NEOpians.

Kaos Forum :
All KAOSians.

**All KAOSians real life pictures was posted without permission from the persons in the picture. I am sorry if this can caused misunderstanding or whatsoever, pictures are posted purposefully just for an information.

** NEO logo was taken from NEO forum with permission from Storath (NEO forum Admin)

** I wrote this post based on my own experience in Ragnarok Online. If there is any mistakes regarding the facts, you are welcomed to post a comment to re-correct me or mail me at


Few contents were edited on 10 September 2012.

More screenshots, credits to Nicholas! :)

Awesome dinner with friends in Hyatt.

WARNING! : Some images contained extremely delicious foods, readers are advise to eat before reading.

I was having a great dinner with my friends in Hyatt 3 days ago! Purposely to celebrate for our "Independence Day" since everyone has finished their exams! Love it! :)

I've been living for 20 years and 7 Months and I never ate so much like that cheerful night! All of us was trying their best to eat, eat and eat whatever we can because there are quite a lot of choices.

Its not like we never eat in Hotels before, but having a great time with your friends in different "air" is so much fun! :)

After dinner, we head off to Grow Ball cineplex to watch "Setan Budeg"

Cai.. Busy eating her food so she don't want her concentration distracted by the camera.

Joel, still can pose even though was about to feed himself the yummy lamb.

We ain't ready for the camera!

Paraji : Yeah so nice!!

Pearl : Busy eating, while Azira.. yeah as usualy. Busy with her phone!

Girls just being girl.. Chit chat chit chat ~

So happy!

Eyes so big!

Mbak Nadz & Mas Jani.

Om Paraji & Suster Pearl.. Mbak Azira as usual.. Phone and phone again..

Don't stop eating! =P

Azira needs to leave early, so camwhoring. But why the hell my face look damn fat here?? Gross!

My hands! My hands! I didn't mean to touch her boobs! It was only a pose! Hahaha

It's time for the food pictures. It is all what I ate on that cheerful night :D

1# Nasi briyani + Ayam Sambal + Daging masak hitam + Chicken Curry with Black pepper taste + Chicken stew.

2# Chicken pasta.. Unfortunately it was finished :D

3# Cheese Naan.

4# Lamb + Black pepper & Mint sauce.

5# Leche Flan, Blueberry Cake, 2 pieces of chocolate cookie and the other one I don't know.

6# I don't know what is this, I just simply pick it up to try it.

7# Soto Ayam.

8# Ais Kacang @ ABC (Air Batu Campur)

9# Fried Kuay Teow

10# Chocolate cake & Leche Flan again. :D

11# Fruit : Honey Dew

12# Bubur Kacang Merah.

I am seriously in hungry mood right now, oh damn!

And 1 more thing, I ruined my diet plan on that night. Ah! Don't care lah! Hahaha as long as I enjoyed the meals damn fucking much is much more better rather than staring at your friends enjoying their food.

We left Hyatt Hotel around 9.45 PM after sitting there 2 hours ++.

On the way to car.

Hyatt signboard.

The Upperstar.

In Cai's ride, going to the cinema!

P/s : Can't stop thinking about food right now. :(

P/p/s : KK's weather is damn fucking hot man! I am hardly resist to stay outside, eventhough I was inside my room and sleeping but still.. I can sweating. Fuck it man!

P/p/p/s : I am going to KL by this upcoming 28th May to attend my cousin's wedding (Mr. KrazyGambarMan) . In the mean time I need to control my meal again so I can get an ideal weight and wearing nicest dress on that day! Yeehhaa!!