Monday, April 20, 2009

Exam is just around the corner.

Simple update.

For me, study/revision is like "avoiding myself from visiting shopping complexes". Not something that I intended to do.

Its all because "everyone's favorite word" to run away from anything they can mention this word.


We are supposed to study, yes we did. Paksa diriiiiiiiiiiii!!

Me & Onong in Curry House, last minute revision for Statistic subject.

Ana & Azlan. The lovebirds ;)

Why do we need to force our self?

My reason :

Because if I failed, it will endangering my precious life..... I will be sentenced to death by my parents. Hahaha *joke*, of course they are gonna freaks out. Another reason is because I want to finish my study as soon as possible.

Your reason : Think yourself.

Don't you think we can run away from our laziness? Perhaps?


Me thinks so, too.

Good luck to Unitarians ! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Are you boring?

I am fed up my “free wifi” connectivity. It will disconnect after few seconds and then took zillion seconds to connect again. Biasa la kalau wifi curi wkaka.

Worse that that, lagging problem. I prefer if disconnect rather than lag. Seriously!

Due to this problem, I can’t reply my blog’s comments, posting comments and reading you blog, isk!

Sometimes, this “free wifi’s owner” will turn off his/her modem which caused my housemate and I to do something to entertain our boring time. What kind of things? Of course almost every girl’s first thing to do before stepped out from the house door.

1st thing is : Make-up!
Theme : EMO

Happened: Few weeks ago.

And I am proudly announced that this is my housemate, Lacena Shera Liew!

Purposely is to make her up became an EMO girl but then became like this..

Roshan and I had use our greatest "make up" skills and it turned out Lacena became like this.

This picture, err.. she looks like a man.

IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE EMO MAKE-UP AT ALL! Aiyo, our make up skill is not really good. Wkakaka.

But I accomplished Lacena's dream in virtual way.. Like this :P

Photoshop version by me :P

How is it????? My photoshop skill is good enough or not?? Hahaha

Secondly is..

Make-up also! But this time the victim is Roshan!

Theme : Black Metal??

Happened : Few days ago.

I dot out a "fake mole" nearby his lips. Wkakaka

Scary face.

Unknown pose.

How is it?? Does it scary enough? HAHAHA

After the make-up session, I was browsing through my phone and finally had another idea!




*Original picture was removed because of no permission from Lacena wkakaka*

These are the "remake" pictures of Lacena while she was sleeping :D almost 99.99% same!

2nd thing is : Get your hair done & Camwhoring !
Theme : Girlish?

Me me me ! :P

Went to the park for an evening walk with my newly hairdo ~

Lacena & Roshan.

And how did you entertain yourself if you are boring?

And right now I am kinda boring, feels like wanted to cook but I know I can't eat that much.

Want to sleep, LAZY.
Want to go out to the shop, Lacena is BUZY playing her Ran Online.
Want to call baby, he's SLEEPING.
Want to watch Tv, NO ASTRO. Only got Tv 1,2, and 3. Argh!
Want to surfing the internet. INTERNET DC LIKE HELL

And now I think I better get some rest because my fever was haunted me from the past 2 days (I thought I already be fine) , possibly because yesterday we went to Center Point, and direct watch 3 awesome movies just in one day and sit inside the "not so cold" cinema.

1st is Shinjuku Incident - Good but the intro is quite boring for me.

2nd is Bloody Valentine - BLOODY SCARY!

3rd is The fast and Furious - I slept in the middle of the movie, not because of the movie is so boring. But I am so tired! And a guy who sit next to me is so SMELLY, I had to lay my head to the right, so I won't tortured my own nose with his smelly "perfume".

Yesterday also is the 2nd day of PC Fair in Kota Kinabalu, so I took this chance to buy a cute and cheap Hello Kitty Pink Keyboard which is cost me RM15, eventhough pink is not my favourite color but this one is really cheap! Somemore got apples print at the space button. Cute!

My pink keyboard.

I also bought USB hub, same price RM15. Been looking for this stuff because my old skool Vaio laptop only got 2 USB port.

My cute USB port.

Eeeee I feel my head is so heavy right now. I got to have some rest!

Till then.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Very BAD April Fool day.

Its way to bizarreee..

Can you imagine lots of unexpected sucks thing happened to you just in 1 day?

It was an April Fool day (2 days ago) and I'm kinda not in mood to make a fool of my friends due to my assignment still 80% to go to finished it up.

I sleep, woke up around 10A.M and Dudu texts me to discuss about out assignment. I am a bit stressed up and felt like "Oh we are not going to finish this task just in 2 days.. My god!!"

Further more 2 of my group members was.....

- Complained that we gave them works to do when it is already left 2 days to pass up the assignment. So I just gave them the easiest part, Dudu and I will do the hard part. Okay fine, they're not satisfied kan?

- So bloody stupid and don't know how to use computer? I ask them to type the mathematics question in WORD, they said "We don't know how to do it"

- They e-mailed me the students marks. What did they do? They typed it on Microsoft EXCEL , not WORD. I swore and talk to myself " ^%(^$^%@&%*^$ Sialan dorg ni, kalau di excel I also can do it bah. Complain banyak, buat kerja mcm taik" Then I text them to do it once again but in Microsoft WORD.

On the next day, I try to contact them regarding the students' mark. No REPLY AT ALL. Suddenly I got a msg from them when it was just 1 day before we need to pass up the assignment and said "Ann you guys just do the assignment, we'll do ourself. We separate la ok?"





I am speechless. But then Dudu felt happy! Because they're no longer in our group means no more BURDEN! But I am still angry to them!

Dudu had another task to do, so do I so we decided to continue the work on the night. I need to go to KK and desperately need a ride.

I call both numbers of taxis that I regularly use their service and BOTH OF THEM cannot fetch me!

Another disaster!

My appointment at 2PM and now it is 1.15 PM, arghhh!! I checked all my number lists and finally got a taxi number which I save it in my phone as "Taxi Girl". Unfortunately she doesn't know where is my house.

I talked to myself "Nevermind, as long as I finally have a ride!"

What happened?

It took almost 30 minutes for her to find my "lorong rumah" and when she managed to find my it, she couldn't see me clearly so she just missed my house. It was 2.10PM and HEAVILY RAINING. I took my umbrella and ran over her car.

It was heavily raining and when I entered her car, my umbrella was stuck outside.

"Oh shit!" I talked to myself.

My bag, my skirt, leg, arms, t-shirt and hair was all COVERED with water. Wet at all. Pukiayam betul.

I said sorry to the taxi girl and we head off to KK.

I reached KK at 2.30 PM , I am late!! Fortunately there are still another slot for me. So I just walk in into my appointment area. I went of to the toilet, wanted to use the hair dryer.

Another disaster happened again..

When I am happily using the hair dryer, suddenly my hair STUCK on it! Matai! I shut off the hair dryer and pull over my hair until it breaks off.

It smells so BAD, like something has burnt.

I looked at the hair dryer, hold it and I saw my hair inside! I cannot turn on the hair dryer anymore, so left it inside the toilet and act like nothing happened. Hahahaha! *I experienced so much bad things already, I don't want to pay for the new hair dryer!*

I finished my appointment around 3.45 PM, and meet up with my friends at GrowBall.

We want to watch "Talentime" at 6.00PM.

Another disaster happened AGAIN..

Talentime movie will be played at Hall 2, while searching for our seats inside. They already turned off the lights so I couldn't see clearly.


I couldn't see the 1st stair and almost fell down, luckily I hold the seat behind me.


April fool day to me is just like a April Unlucky day. =(

And today, 3rd of April, I was sitting in front of my laptop and not feeling very well. *Fever :( *

But I managed to finish, present and past up my assignment with Dudu yesterday. Thank God.

Now I want to lay on my bed, resting and sleeping. Fuh!!