Friday, March 27, 2009

This is so Pukimak VS so Happy!

**Pukimak Part.

Few days ago..

I was in Charles & Keith in Warisan, standing in front of the mirror and trying their new shades. Then I realized small dots at the bottom of my shirt...

"PUKIMAK!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!! ARGHHH!!!!!!"

It wasn't dots, it was the SMALL HOLE again!!

This is my 2nd t-shirt destroyed by "the unknown" and I was clueless where the hell I got all these fucking holes??????? Amazingly, all nearby my tummy part.

Did my belly ring cause it? Or my belt? My skirt? Jeans?

Or the fucking RATS? Cockroach? Ants?

Look at these pictures.

My Zara shirt.


My Guess Shirt.


Sialan btul ba!!!

I just bought these 2 shirts in KL last month, now just in 1 month "something" has spoiled it all! Kimak ba!

My anger increased drastically when I saw the dots on my Guess shirt! I was out of mood, with unhappy face I leave Charles & Keith and craving for something to eat (My brain spontaneously thinking about Big Apple Donuts! Hahahah) Who can resist when your new shirts and somemore quite expensive suddenly damaged by something that you also don't know??

It these shirts cost me RM10, to hell I don't even care!


Happy Part.

I finally gotten 2 new pierces again! :P :P

My right side ear.

It was a crazy day when my friends and I went out to Centre Point, Cai wants to cut her hair off, I trimmed my eyebrow and the others just accompany us while waiting for our movie.

In the mean time, Marienne (Cai's sister) came and showed to us her new pierce.

Cai : Jom kita buat, mau???

Others :

Right after out movie (Hotel for Dogs) we head off to the small shop who offers piercing service. It was quite late almost 9P.M (In Sabah, they close their shop quite early, usually around 9-10 PM), fortunately there is one small shop haven't close yet.

Honestly it is not pain at all, a littble bit lah but still okay compare with belly or eyebrow part (I got pierced almost whole of my body part)

It was Cai, Lacena, Me and Nadz who done it! Without any intention to do this, we going back home with a newly piercing in our ear!

The next day, we decided to pierce out left side ears! *LoL*

Happy Part 2.

Muahahaha !! I finally PASSED my KPP (driving/JPJ computer theory test) test after attending 3 times of class and then 6 times of failing this test!!

*Actually this is my 7th time taking this test >.< * Ah sot kan 6 kali ambil ujian? Hahaha

But I am proudly to tell you that I passed this test distinctionly! 98% or 49/50 !

Yeah ! Getting close to obtain my driving license !! :) :)

Till then.

**Pukimak - Is a term or cursing/scolding when you are in anger. Do not use this word occasionally or during formal time. HAHAHA :P . But I use this to express my anger instead of using the other proper word. Who cares? This is my blog!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I went to school !

I supposed to blog this before but I am totally forgot due to busyness surrounding my life recently! I did told you all about my assignment task that required me to go to the school which has been a wonderful/funny/frightening experience ever in my life! (Because 2 incidents happened in 1 time. Read more to figure it out!)

In my "Testing & Evaluation" subject, we need to create/prepare questions for students in secondary school, give them the test and evaluate the paper. Till today, me and my group haven't finished the assignment where the due date is on this upcoming 26th. Gross!

So last week we went to SM Stella Maris in Tg. Aru, first day is to ask for permission from the headmaster. We've been given class 2L (average student class) to do the test and the subject that we chose is Mathematics subject chapter 1.

1st Day.

I am seriously dress up like this, not proper enough for a teacher right? :P :P

With 2 of my group members.


Me & Dudu.

2nd day.

On the next day we came again, we've been told that 2L class were separated. Some of them went to the KMT class and few of them went to ERT class. So due to lack of time, we chose 2E (2nd best class) and the "on duty teacher" bring us to there.

While waiting for the "on duty teacher", my housemate texts me.

"Ann datang SESB pigi rumah. Mati la dorang mau jumpa owner"


Inside my head "Jail? Went to court? Pay the summons?"

You know what? We locked the meter using small pin so we won't pay for the electricity because now if your electric bill is below RM20 then its free. Lazy to pay the bills bah!

My face seriously changed to a bad mood face and suddenly I feel like not excited to do the task. Argh.

But Dudu reminds me.. "Be professional.."

So okay, I'll settled our matter 1st then think about the SESB problem.

Its just me and Dudu (the other 2 of my group members are not coming on that day), Dudu asks me to enter the class 1st and give some introduction.

I put my bag on the desk, suddenly...


I gasp, "What the? Madam?"

I told them "Why you called me Madam?"

Students : Because our English teacher is Madam Jennifer.

Me : Oh I see, but that sounds to old for me hahaha now you all can call me Miss Ann.

This time, funny incident happened again.

Me : Eh? Why you all still stand up?

The students look at me and "........"

Me : Err, okay. Sit down everyone.

Then they sit.

During my secondary school time, we just sit down without waiting for the teacher to says "Okay sit down" after greeted the teacher. I thought every schools are just the same.

Then I received text from Cai. "Ann hukumannya 5 tahun penjara or bayar RM100k, if I'm in your shoes pun mmg takut juga skrg ni"

GROSS!! My face turned to unhappy again but I'm inside the class now I have to patient. Fuck!

After the test finished, then Dudu decided to do a game while waiting for the next teacher to come in. The class is awesome, I mean they are all sporting and have fun with us during the period we are inside the class. He even rewards the students with RM10 for who got the highest score.

During the test.

Honestly I feel weird with girls school. I mean, maybe because I'd schooled in boys+girls school?

At canteen, yeah I am Teacher Ann. Wkaka

Around 2.00 PM we left the class and waiting for Nadz to fetch us back to Unitar. In the mean time, I was at the canteen with 2 of Unitar students who doing their practical in SM Stella Maris.

Back to Unitar, my friends ask me to stay calm. I am still unhappy and errghhh its really frighten me off. I never ever felt like this before :( !

I called mummy and I thought she's gonna freaks out but then she wasn't. Yeah she was angry because before this she already ask me not to do it again. (I share almost everything to my mummy okay? Even a small issue I will tell her directly) 1 sentence that I still remember till today is "Banyak suda ko buat masalah ni Chel.."

*tears drop* (insaf terus)

Yeah I am problematic daughter among my siblings. I admit it.

Me : Mummy! I don't wanna go to the jail even to the court! *sobbing*

Mummy : No lah, I don't think so. Small issue only lah, there are many people outside there doing the same thing. Do you think they gonna went into the jail?

And my friends told me the same thing, too. So I feel quite "okay" even still stress about the summon. But it might be around RM1k - RM3k. Haihs..

Btw, Love you mummy! Love you all my friends!

So now what I have to do is waiting for the summon letter :(

P/s : Till today I haven't received the summons letter. Hmm!? Do you think SESB gonna sue me? Anyone of you experienced this before? Share it to me pleasee :) :)

P/p/s : Credits to all SM Stella Maris students, teachers, headmaster and ahh everyone in that school! They are all friendly :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Movie : Belukar

Another particular day in Kota Kinabalu..

I went to curry house for a breakfast with Onong right after our Statistic class. Busy and tiring day since I haven't finish my 4th assignment for that subject.

I met Carmen and she asked me..

Carmen : Ann!! I got a business. You wanna join?

Me : Hey! Hahaha what business is it? But I don't do SMALL business okay. *joke*

Carmen : No lah, just become an "extras" in movie, payment RM50. We gonna start at 11 PM at Razz-Ma-Tazz. You wanna join?

Me : Hmm..But I have assignment to do and also class on 2.45 PM.

Carmen : Nevermind la just few hours. Come la!!!

Me : I will call Cai 1st. If she wants to join, then same goes to me.

*Finally after few minutes, Cai said she wants to join!*

Me : Aha okay! I'm in!!

I told Onong I can't join her for our assignment today at library.

So here is the timeline.

10.30 AM - Me and Carmen rushed to my cribz to change cloths *our scene is in the club so we have to dress up like a clubbers, not a student. Hahaha*

10.35 - Pick up Cai, and rush to Razz-Ma-Tazz.

10.50 - Arrived.


Outside Razz-Ma-Tazz

When we entered Razz, there are quite a lot of people, and I was so embarrassed because I never imagined myself to be in this situation. I mean with all those production crews, director, producer and watch how a movie is directed with my two eye balls.

The producer bring us into 1 room, ask us to write down our name and I.C and then he asked.

"Okay, where is your cloths? Make up?"

Me : Er..? This is not sexy enough?

Producer : Hmm, you girls have dress?

Carmen : Yes, I do.

Producer: Okay go change it, I wait you girls outside. Put up your make-up now.

Us : Huh?? Make Up??

We don't know that we need to wear make-up and sexy dress, I thought just normal sexy shirt man with high heels! Hahaha but luckily the producer didn't say anything.

I never imagined myself to speak with actors in working situation *not like when you meet them in shopping malls or whatsoever* (even they are not so famous) but still, they are an actor!

Yeah aku memang kebaruan, and if you cannot deal with that, you are now free to tell everyone that I am "kebaruan". Oh please! Get a life.

Let the pictures explain a little bit of the story :D

Cameraman and crews.

With Bron Palarae? I don't know how to spell his name correctly. Oh he's so sporting and handsome :) :)

Rest time, this is our food. Hahahahaha :P We can't complain since its free.

Rest time while waiting for the next scene.

Its just simple scene, we need to dance like inside the club when the music started and imagine like there is no camera over there.

When the camera is rolling and moved step forward, we just need to step away from the camera, and there will be a crew to signal when we should step forward or not.

So okay la its quite easy hahaha I just dance like I'm inside the club with Cai and Carmen and you know what song they band was playing? Flo Rida - Low. One scene I really can't forget it is when the fire girl spit out the fire, (you know like the fire eater show?) suddenly SPLASH!! Big drops of kerosene fell down to my hands, watch, hair, cloth and also my face!

Oh fuck, I am one of the extras who stand near to the fire girl, and also behind the camera hahahaha :P But I don't expect the kerosene will splash out like rain and it smells so bad. I thing I felt "yucks" is when Cai said.

"Eeeee mesti ada liur2 dia tu kan?, kalau kami kasi kena ko api memang tebakar suda ko ni"

Pukitai!!! HAHAHAHAHA.

We do the scene 3-4 times and in the mean time almost everyone including Cai & Carmen dance with kerosene rain.

Right after the scene, I am desperately need to go to the class so I ask permission from the assistant director and also Danny (Danny X-Factor) and promise we'll be back A.S.A.P

Next scene, at Razz-Ma-Tazz's downstairs.

Mr. Cameraman.

Huge camera.

Don't know la what they are doing.

3.00 Pm - I rushed to UNITAR, to attend my class and do my presentation while Carmen attending her class. I change t permission o formal wear while Carmen just wearing a jacket to cover her sexy dress.

4.00 PM - Rush again to Razz-Ma-Tazz.

When we arrived there, one of the crew told us to come back again on 6.00 PM since now is an artist part not including the extras. Unfortunately we cannot come for the scene, so I just ask one of the crew to text if after the shooting so we can collect our payment :D

9.30 PM - Zul (one of the crew) texts us to come and collect our payment, me and my friends we went there and saw the last shooting outside of Razz-Ma-Tazz. I met with the producer to collect our RM50 and manage to capture few pictures with him hee..!

Me & Mr. Producer.

Finished! Let me summarized it.

- Danny and Bron are extremely sporting and cute!

- The Razz-Ma-Tazz bouncer (become one of the extras) is funny. Acting like a boss and shouting to everyone when we need to back to our position. Hello!!? We're same, just an extras. Don't pretend to be the director ok?

- The crews are so friendly.Love em' all!

- Almost all of the extras (girls) dress and make up very nicely. Not including us ok? Hahaha

- Carmen is so sexay that day! Hahah

- Cai was separated from me and Carmen during the 1st scene but I saw that she dance like there's no tommorow.

- Without help from one of the crew (Abg zul) I don't think we can collect our payment during the night since we don't stay there until the shooting finished. Thank you Abg Zul! :)

Eh once again.

"BELUKAR" , coming soon on 2010!

Huhuu!! Great experience ever! :) Till then.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I ate CRAB!

I logged on into my blogger account just now and then..

What the fuck? Where is my reading list? Am I lag? Or blogger site currently down?



I was having great dinner with my friends at Dowish Restaurant Penampang! Thanks for the food Uncle Chang ! (Honestly I don't bother to know my friend's father name since my friend is Zubaidah Chang.)


I like the steam fish, oh fuck it's so fucking nice!

One thing for sure, I am an Adventist. In fact, I can't eat prawn, crab, pork and bla bla bla!

But then, just now I ate crab!

Hahaha I am so silly but who can resist with these yummy foods and you sit in front of your friends who enjoyed their food with plate full of prawns and crabs with smiling and happy face. In my plate are just fish, chicken and vegetable...

So I decided to try crab. (Actually this is my intention before we went for the dinner! Hahaha)

I really don't know how to eat it, I really don't! I've been breathing for 20 years and this is my first time ever!

And it turned out to be a funny moment because I feel like everyone's are staring at me to see how I try to dig out the crabs meat hahaha. I think I look so damn silly so Paslan help me out and dug out all the meat from the crab.

I even complained "Kenapa dagingnya kecil??"

Paslan said "Memangnya begitu.."

Lol !

Frankly, in my opinion.. it taste like soap.

But still okey la hehe!

I'm gonna be dead if mummy knows about this.

OH shit! 3.44 A.M now and I have to go to S.M Stella Maris (Did I spell it correctly?) at 9.45 A.M to do my group assignment where we are all assigned to give a test to students in secondary school.

Firstly we need to ask permission from the headmaster of the school then if they agreed, we'll choose 1 class and give out questions based from what they already learn. I hope I will enjoy this task! :D

OrrghhhhhHh~ *sleepy*

I need to sleep now, just my simple update in this busy week. Cya !

P/s : I hope that I managed to capture few shots tomorrow and upload it in my blog ! : ) . Grandma's 80 Y.O birthday so I will be going back to Tambunan by this upcoming Saturday!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Here's what I drew last night and Pearl check it up for me, and I got A+ :P

This is the "quite-same" sketch that I loved to draw when I was a kid, I still remember how to do it even through YM :D

I'm feeling back to 15 Years ago :) miss my childhood time so much!


I'm going back to KK tonight, so in the mean time I am not going to active to much as usual.

Cheers ;)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Next Destination?

After our marvelous vacation in KL, we are all thinking about our next destination which we think might be..


Huh, damn far? But why we chose Indonesia?

- Not really far from our country.
- Cheap stuffs/food/everything bla bla bla. So it won't cost us so much!
- Great food! (Uhhhh I've been thinking of my favorite food which is BAKSO, and NASI PADANG!)
- Cheap money currency.
- As usual, shopping!

We had plan about this before our trip to KL, and I said I want to go to..


And when I was browsing through Google just now, I saw this..

Eh Eh 70% oh!

Now I want a vacation to relax and visiting interesting places instead of shopping. Further more I'm looking for an island, and before this I've been thinking about Pangkor island or Perhentian island for a romantic holiday ever with friends!

But let us make it much more far away, Bali!

Not to forget about wearing bikini, showing off my flabby parts and applying Banana Boat tanning oil in my whole body for a sun bath!

I love glowing tanned and it's sexy, don't you think?

*Haters, I don't mind about wearing a bikini! Who cares if it looks ugly? I don't want sleep inside my grave one day without wearing a bikini in my whole entire life!*

Definitely gonna have this one! Been trying this bikini in Roxy outlet before.

But this is just my opinion, so next destination is..


Nadz wants to go here!

What are you waiting for ladies?


But honestly I am not pretty sure about what's the specialty in Jakarta instead of shopping, anyone knows?

Sharing is caring :P

Jakarta is a busy place and not suitable for relaxing, isn't it? I am shopaholic, so when Nadz said "How about Jakarta?" hurm, quite a good idea.

These two place is on my "watch" list hahaha but I am not really sure when I'm gonna land my ass in plane and heading off to there!

Talking about that, how about other destinations like..



Ah I am so blur, and I don't know anywhere else interesting places in Indonesia, I just know Bali, Jakarta, Medan and Bandung. Alalal! So pity muahaha so as usual, goggling !

Flores? Timor?

Java? Sounds nice.

Buddha Statue, eh almost like somewhere in Kemboja/Thai? Isn't


Looks great!!


But we haven't decided yet, anyone of you have been in Indonesia for a vacation before? Any opinions?

But I'm not pretty sure to use "tour" service or going there by ourself then contact local tour people to bring us. Which one is more costly?

So I surveyed the ticket price from Kota Kinabalu to Jakarta,


RM132.00 for 1 way excluding taxes and fees, still okay right?

Malaysia Airlines

I chose super saver, RM629.00 for 1 way excluded taxes.

But then when I see the exact price 2 ways with the taxes..

RM1648.00??!!! WTF!!!

That's expensive!

My mum went to Indonesia with her friends (Moms trip hahaha) last year, and they went there using AirAsia. I think their first destination is Jakarta, since this is a solo trip, they rent a van/cab for 1 day (maybe 1 week) to bring them to different and interesting locations. So the cab/van will send them there so they'll walking on their own with the driver as their tour guide.

Do you think its much cheaper compare with tour? Somemore I think we can negotiate the price right.

But I am not pretty sure whether we gonna make this trip because some of my friends don't have passport while mine I think gonna expired by this year.

Ahhhhh! Any suggestions about this guys?