Thursday, February 26, 2009

KL trip with friends :)

*Quite long post, you better serve yourself with an ice cream first :P


Damn! Fortunately I don’t buy the tickets earlier, if not I will only just wasting my fucking money man! Hahah

Yeah, I just came back from KL last week and I am so happy.

Happy holidaying in KL but lots of works waiting for us to finish it all in Sabah, argh!! Assignments and so on, going to school for a project and bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

So guys, I’m having my happy valentine holiday with my friends in Genting Highland during 14th February and we had so much fun playing all those crazaeee games and dealing with the coldness! Now I knew how it feels to be a contestant in Amazing Race because we went to Melaka with 0% knowledge about Melaka AT ALL even though few of us had been there before.

Eh, so let me start with our 1st day!

13th February 2008 – Depart from Kota Kinabalu

I woke up 6.45 A.M and felt quite tired because I was partying in Cempaka Square and just got back home around 2 A.M, slept on 3 A.M after packing all my stuffs then woke up 3 hours++ later. Gosh!

So Nadz fetch me up around 7.30 A.M and we reached KKIA 8.30 A.M so does the others.
We arrived in KLIA around 1P.M ++ and rent a van to send us to our hotel where it was located at Jalan Tun Abdul Razak.. What hotel is it? It’s TUNE HOTEL!

Why Tune hotel?

- Cheap
- Comfortable
- Strategic place (5 minutes from Sogo, 2 Minutes from Medan Tuanku Monorail Station)

But no TV. Ala, at we're on vacation so TV is not necessary. :D

Anyways, few minutes after we checked in then we leave the hotel and head off to KL sentral. Instead of going to Mid Valley for our 1st destination to shopping, we also want to book our tickets to Genting and Melaka earlier.

Another tip for you all if you don't know this.

We bought the Genting bus ticket(Including the bus fare + outdoor/indoor pass) just for RM42 (normal season) / Rm47 ( for holiday season)

Rather than when you bought up there at Genting for the pass, it will cost you RM50++ (I'm not very sure about the exact price)

Cheap right?

Unfortunately tickets to Genting in the morning was sold out so we decided to buy on the evening at 2.00 PM and 11.00PM for the return ticket.

Ticket to Melaka from Pudu Raya Station is RM12.90 for 1 way.

After we finished with our tickets thingy then we moved on to our next destination which is Mid-Valley.

We had our dinner here and I ate nasi kandar, damn I missed this food for so long! Hmm.. yummy! (No pictures during our dinner time. Everyone are busy with their meal until forgot to take out the camera. Hahaha)

Morning everyone, breakfast in KKIA' McD.

Warning : Don't mess with them. (Samseng M.A.S ni.. wakaka)

Bye Bye KK :)

As usual.. Shopping bebeh! :D

Midnight, they felt hungry so we went to a food stall nearby Tune.Hotel, named Uncle Bob. Honestly I told you, NOT RECOMMENDED. Poor service, bad customers (those rempits) , poor food (Damn spicy) . But I like the environment, happening! Further more they offers karaoke stage for customer and we just have to pay Rm2 per song. That's cheap! But you have to sing in front of everyone, so think twice if your singing skills is not good enough. :D

Why I said "bad customers" ?

When I reach there with Nadz and Rojani (That time Joel & Cai was already there because they're too hungry) , then I said "Mana juak dorg ni?" (In Lahad Datu/Tawau slang)

Of course la I speak like that, then there got 1 rempit with his ugly face suddenly acted like bullshit and trying to repeat my voice in arrogant and sarcastic voice. Damn, that is not funny and I was so angry. If you are trying to speak like us, then act like a good man la, why you have to speak macam taik2 and look at me like I'm an alien? Stupid rempit, I hate that!

I looked at him from head to toe, then I left.

Goddamnit, that was so annoying! Poor first day!



Me & Pearl

Paraji, Rojani & Nadz

Next day - Masjid India & Genting Highland!

Ahhh!! I enjoyed my rest so damn nice!! And its Valentine's Day! =)

Before we head off to Genting Highland, we went to Masjid India for a morning walk, breakfast and buy souvenirs for our family. Like Nadz, she bought lots of tudung for her sister.

Having our breakfast in Masjid India

New name : Rojana for Rojani. Wkaka

After we finished at Masjid India, then we went to Sogo.

Another incident happened,

Pearl went to toilet, so she asks "How much for this tissue?"

The auntie replied but Pearl can't hear her, so she asked again. "How much for this tissue?"

You know what happened? That auntie shouted at her "AMBIL SATU!!!!!" (Just take one)

Pearl take one, and then left. She told Paraji about this matter but what to do, that auntie is FUCKING RUDE. Is it hard for her to speak nicely with her customer? Even she just work as a toilet cleaner!

The there are another incident, same day, same place.

Pearl was arguing with the salesgirl in there just because she wants a new stock for the jacket that she like.

She speaks nicely "Do you have new stock for this jacket?", but then that girl replied her with harshly "The salesgirl is not here!!!". Then Pearl asking where is she? That girl and her friend just silence with an ugly face refusing to answer her.

This incident end up until Pearl wants to meet with the supervisor and also the manager! Luckily it never was because I knew she will eat them alive!! Haha, you go girl!!

After Sogo, we rest in Hotel first before go to Genting Highland.

I was with baby went there by the car while the others was using the bus and cable car to reach Genting Highland, aiyak! I don't have the chance to ride in the cable car!

Hello Genting!!

Our first game, can you spot me? Hahah

Pearl & Rojani was so excited!

Go-Kart time!

Space Shot : UWAA!!!!!

Argh!!! Hahaha

I had a funny memory with Space shot, I already ride this game for 2 times and for the first time it was 2-3 years ago. That time I am not really frightened, I don't know why. But might be because the person beside me was really cool and she don't even yelling.

This time, there are 5 of us. Me,Pearl, Paraji, Joel & Cai. (The others has no guts to join us! HAHA) Oh yeah I am so excited because I'm gonna ride this thing with my friends! Look at the picture above, it haven't start yet and we already freaks out!! When it almost finish, then funny incident happened..

I saw Pearl's eyes has tears.. I almost laugh but then..

Eh, I got tears, too! *both of us crying* Hahaha!

Corkscrew : Our next game after space shot. After this game, Paraji gave up! Hahaha

Wonder Women. Haha

A cup of coffee, anyone?

We called it Rusa @ Payau.

We left Genting at 11.00 PM. So tired!!

3rd Day - Melaka!

We're going to MELAKA!!

I woke up so early and bath.

Baby not gonna join us so he only send all of us to Pudu Raya, thanks baby!

Our bus will depart at 8.00 AM so we already been there at 7.40AM. This is our first time went to Pudu Raya Station, so we need to find ourself the counter where our bus is waiting.

It only takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to Melaka by bus.

Here got another incident again,

When we already arrived at Melaka sentral, now its our "Amazing Raze" time to find our own way to the city instead of using the taxi. We dealing with map and asking people on how to go to the town by bus.

So there is an uncle passing by, and Cai asked him "Hello Uncle, boleh tumpang tanya..." , she haven't finished her sentence yet suddenly the uncle answered "TAK BOLEH TANYA!!"

Wtf with this uncle? Insane? We just want to ask a question, not trying to robe him or asking for money.

Finally we met few people who are very nice to tell us what number of bus we should ride if we want to go to the town.

So, the bus number is 17 : Rm1.00 Per head.

Thank God!


Cendol, yummy!!

Asam pedas, yummy! But the fresh was not so fresh.

Don't mess with us, again. Hahaha

A Famosa

You should enjoy your life! Like doing this. :D

A famosa building

Looking at the small map

Beca, I am alone haha

Us, again.

Pokok Melaka, how Melaka got its name.

I really don't know the story behind this plane, but Pearl told me this is Tun Abdul Rahman's plane to go to London to sign the independent agreement.


Jonker walk.

Hang Jebat's mausoleum.. Er they spelt it mauseleum?

The grave.

Oldest Indian temple in Malaysia.

Oldest mosque in Malaysia.

Oldest Chinese Temple in Malaysia.

The abang beca asked me to pose with this dragon. Hahah so I did!

I captured their picture while they were praying. Lolz :D

Amazingly, all these three building are located in 1 row.

I am not pretty sure about when it was built but somewhere around 17's or 18's .

Buddhist temple/building in front of the Chinese Temple.

Uncle beca explains about this red thingy, it has been used to predict your luck :D

Looks like a regular shoes shop but.. they made bound feet shoes.

The process.

Looks like for kids, actually its for an adult.

Explanation about this bound feet shoes.

See how small it is, almost like my phone!

Bound feet shoes are made for Chinese women, they want their feet to become like this..


The smaller its size, more beautiful the women is. Looks hurt! Ouch!

How they made pineapple tart.

Biggest pineapple tart in Malaysia.

So happening in Jonker Walk

Haha just trippin' but actually I know how to play :D

Baba & Nyonya House.

Nice right?

We called this as kapal kapal. Hahah don't know what name is this, I don't bother that time to know it. Too hot and tired! (Kapal = Ship)

Outside kapal kapal.

Inside kapal kapal.

At building beside Taming Sari, haihs no pictures of Taming Sari too. I'm so tired and feeling very hot!

Waiting for our bus (No 17) to Melaka Sentral, we're going back to KL at 8.00 PM

We reached KL around 10.00 PM , we don't know how to going back to hotel . Baby said wait there and he will come to pick us up but he still far from Pudu Raya station. So we decided to just walking.

That time I was too tired and wanna poop, I can't walking anymore to hotel so I grab a taxi with Nadz and Rojani and going back to hotel. Cost us RM15 but still okey lah. While the others are just walking, it took almots 1 hour for them to reach hotel. Hahaha ! So brave !

4th Day - Shopping time!

Nothing much to tell you all, we went to Pavillion, Lot 10, Times Square and then to KLCC. Last destination is Chow Kit road but I don't buy anything from there.

I am so busy shopping muahahaha until I forgot about my camera. Heavenn! But I managed to snap few pictures, still okay la kan? We had our lunch in Times Square at Hartz Chicken, located at 4th floor.

Pay Rm22.50 and eat all you can for 2 hours!

About the food? I love their crispy chicken, you should try it! Very nice! (Sorry, forgot to take pictures too :( )

LV boutique.


Rojani & Nadz, in front of KLCC's entrance.

Cai & Joel, otw to Medan Tuanku Monorail station to our next spot, Chow Kit Road!

Pose pose!!

Medan Tuanku!

Do this at home, not at monorail station wakakaka

Paraji & Nadz, candid picture.

We are to late to go to Chow Kit road, almost half of the shops already closed. LoL. Went back to hotel then sleep.

Last Day - Bye Bye KL!

We check out before around 9.45AM (Because its Tune.Hotels policy to check out before 10.AM ) then head off to Sogo. Last day shopping! :D

Otw to KLIA, sleepy Joel.

Rojani, sleeping.

Crazaee!! But its fun!! Hahahahaha

Look at Cai ! (Blue shirt) Ketua bah tu, bawak2 kayu lg wkaka

Paraji & Pearl

Few minutes before departure. Good Bye KLIA!

We are all sad, its such a sweetest memories you know. Eventhough this is not my first time to go to KL but its such different feeling if you're with your friends.

Even we met few peoples that are.. I consider them as "rude" but most of all we had met with great peoples and friendly. That's cool! They even thought we are from Indonesia because the way we speak.

I just don't understand why sometimes "these people" need to entertain visitors/tourists like us? Even we are from Sabah but doesn't mean that we are stupid and brainless, so don't treat us like shit.

1 word for them = Kurang Ajar!

I am disappointed with few incidents happened to us, like what happened to me and Pearl and also Cai.

Dear SOGO management, we are all pissed off with your workers. And that is not good for your business :P

Oh yah! I babbled a lot!!

I missed KL so much, this upcoming May I will come again to KL, but this time with my family for a family wedding. Wait for me bebeh!! =)

P/s : "We are all miss KL so damn fucking much!!" From : Me (Ann), Pearl, Paraji, Nadz, Rojani, Cai & Joel.