Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fake Tattoo and PILAK.


Easiest, safest, cheapest way to trippin’ and feelin’ sexy just in few minutes.

TADAH! Air Brush tattoo!

I get one for myself in Karamunsing, actually I went there to find bling bling shop where they sell the cheapest bling ever in KK. Apparently it already closed argh argh!! No wonder Pearl and Cai couldn’t find the shop 1 hour before I reach there.

On the way to get our asses out from Karamunsing, we accidentally went to this shop. I don’t know what floor and so does the name for this shop so we step by and I attracted with the Air Brush Tattoo and within seconds I said I want it. Actually I heard about this Air Brush tattoo before from Nadz but I don’t have time to check it out so finally I have the right time to do it.

There is lots of design, and the price depends on the size of your tattoo. Cheapest one is RM6 till Rm40++. So I chose 2nd smallest for mine, just RM12.



Tips : Apply powder right after bath to maintain the colour.

And ahem, the result..

Honestly I'm not really happy with the result, a bit "cacat" hahaha (I realized about it when I see this picture) . But nevermind! It's just a temporary tattoo.

And see how I am trippin'

See how cute my flabs are!! Honestly I don't care about it muahahaha.

Hahaha, I kept on posting pictures from my back. Now its time for the front :P


Same thing all girls will do when even they have 1 second free in their room.

CAMWHORING! (Just now ;P )

Hahahaha I don't know why I am doing this pose with my mouth widely opened. Ewww!!


Enough with that! Let's begin with part 2!

Part 2.

Picture taken from Daddy's ride.

I don't know why I post this picture, I am blur and no intention at all but might be because I want to show to you all how terrible my hometown is, full-filled with PILAKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (Malay : Warga Asing/English : Refugees).

Mostly they live illegally in Malaysia, and homeless. They sleep in front of the shops and make it like their home. I use to see bunch of people slept together around 15-25 peoples in 1 row and I was like "Gosh.. Are they really have no place to sleep at all??"

Do I hate them?

Honestly, yes. I don't like PILAKS. I think most of you (Sabahan/Malaysian), too. I am racist? Sounds yes but if you know how horrible to live with them, then you will understand how it feels.

My sister used to get robbed by pilak, with a knife on her neck, and that time she was just 12 years old!

Me either, I once lost my phone to PILAK, but that is because of my own stupidity muahahah I admit it.

Refer to : I'm so UNLUCKY with mobile phones.

But, I know they are ust human. Created by GOD, I shouldn't have hate feelings towards them. Perhaps..


Can they just left us alone??? Do our things happily without creating lots of MESS????? You lived illegally in Malaysia and that is not our problem, it's our Government. But the thing is, you do your own thing, you find money in a good way not to rob people. You don't have to ACT like a legal citizen in Malaysia! Disgusting.

I am still frightened if I saw bunch of PILAKS in town till today,just because of my old experience I faced with them still haunted my HEAD and I think it might be remains forever!

To show you all how annoying these PILAKS are, let me show you an example.

Anti PILAK group in Friendster, with 2355 members!

Huh, I want to stressed out here that I am definitely NOT talking about INDIANS/CHINESE or any other races that lived happily in MALAYSIA. So don't get me wrong.

Once again, PILAK is a term for those who LIVED illegally in MALAYSIA especially in SABAH (I don't think in Peninsular Malaysia they use PILAK to define it.)

So, If you have an I.C (Identification Card) then you are not PILAK so I am not talking about you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

Tag by Anne,

I don't know how many tags I forgot to do, mostly are from Hidayah Admar. Sorrryyy dearie!

Basically this tag is about something that people don't know about you. Urgh, I don't know what to write but I will try, because I always post in my blog something special about myself like I am a fat girl hahaha, I am sort of shopaholic, I love dogs, and so on. But even though some of my topics are sort of embarassed myself like the fat thingy, but who cares?? I won't stand here and blame God for what he had made me. I am me! :) :)

So let's start it!!

5 Things You Don't Know About Me.

#1 Girls do love chocolate, but I am not.

Ice cream, cake, biscuits and so on, I'm not really into chocolate. I prefer the other flavours :)

#2 If I meet new people or walking around, I will look someone/him/her from the head to toe.

Honestly I don't realize about this, a friend of mine told me hahaha. When I realized this, I noticed that firstly I will look what brand that she/he was using, what bag she use, does she wear nice heels? Does he use nice brands? But I'm not a kind of girl who is looking for a rich/branded/stylo friends. Everyone's has habits!

#3 I NEVER pictured myself as a teacher, but I'm now studying in Bachelor of Education!

I did post about this before but till today I think most of you don't know about what I am studying now, right? I don't want to be a teacher, and I never ever have intention about that. I am supposed taking Bachelor of Information Technology (IT) as my foundation is in IT but if it is not because of my University staff stupidity, of course I'm IT student now.

Let me recall,

After I finished my foundation in 2007, I want to registered myself in IT course. But I've been told by that "staff" that there's no more IT course in Unitar Sabah Regional Centre and she push me to Bachelor of Education or Business Management. If I insist want to take IT course, I need to move to Unitar Kelana Jaya less in 1 week. That time I have no choice since I haven't prepared a ticket, a house and of course, I haven't prepared myself to move out from Sabah! Best choice to do? CHANGE COURSE.

Few weeks later in my 1st semester in Education course, during English class.

I was shocked that one of my group mate is taking Bachelor of IT, and she just registered herself in the previous semester.

She told me, that "staff" also push her to change to the other course like Education/Business or Management. But she insisted to take IT course.

One thing I really SHOCKED to hell is, her friend registered herself in IT course, same semester with me!

Then, I am speechless.




#4 I enjoyed dancing more than singing.

I prefer to hit the club rather than going to karaoke. I enjoy the beat of music to move my body and dancing with my friends.

And I love it when the crowd goes wild! =D

#5 I don't like to entertain strangers messages. Even a call.

Some people do, but for me its just wasting my time. I think it's annoying if I ask them "Who are you?" and they said "Adala, takkan kambing?" or "Someone.. I want to know you.."

Then when I asked them, "Where did you get my number?" , they started to bluff about this and that and bla bla bla bla bla.

Want to know me in that kind of way? Get to know me in my ass!

Finally, done!!!

So who's next?

Er, I am lazy to tag anyone. But just 1 victim...

- Renn

Muahahaha ! :P

By the way,


You're finally 22 Y.O Hehehe

P/s : I'm going back to KK, soon! So I'm not gonna active in blog for few weeks. :(

Monday, January 26, 2009

How to deal with BITCHES?

I went to the wrong class last Friday, gosh! It supposed to be on Saturday but I came 24 hours earlier! (8.00 A.M on Friday) Argh! 8.00 AM okay? Time where I still laying on my bed huggin’ my huge teddy and dreamin’ about my baby.


Then I go to Curry House, having my first cup of Ginger Teh Tarik for the day. While enjoying it, a friend of mine came so she updates me with the latest news about her.

So yeah, she involved in a cat fight with someone last few months! And I didn’t know that! Damn, I’m sooooo outdated!

Ok, so let's name them as :

My friend : Q
Her friend : R
*Someone* : Y

She (Q) was back stabbed by a friend in their group, it starts when "R" create a mess by telling "Y" that Q was bitching her (Y).

What happened?

"Y" has confronted my friend (Q) face to face, what really shocked me off is my name came up on that cat fight.

What the fuck?????

I told my friend, goddamnit! I don’t know anything so why my name came up suddenly?

But it’s all about if I got say something about "Y" or not, not more than that because my friend (Q) told her “Ann is not in my group, but she’s my friend. Then why you suddenly came up with her name??”

Please be noted, "Y" is the same person I mentioned before in my previous blog entry, someone who calls me "Si Gemuk Babi"

Visit here: Fat Girls Are Awesome

Oh pleaseeeeee!!

I have no idea about their problems, who cares? I meant was, it was you who has problem with my friend. Why drag my name into it?

Told ya, there is no such word “tired” in her life.

Okey let’s forget about it. I don’t ever want to recall someone who really fucks me off.

By the way. IMO, how to deal with bitches?

How If someone..

Wrote your name on the desk?

Yes! - I have been in this situation, too. What did I do is report to my University, as they promised to take an action.But I think my name still on the desk till today, no action?? Gosh. If this happen for the 3rd time, I swear I’m gonna drag this issue to police.

Don’t – Don’t reply that bitch on the desk. If you want to have a fight, try to fight like a real girl. Not like a coward who dare to wrote something about you rather than confront you.

Backstab you?

Yes! – For me, it’s better to ignore him/her rather than revenge. Why? Because I believe in KARMA =) they’re just bunch of shit so you don’t have to deal with them.

Don’t – Revenge? I don’t think so. People’s are smart nowadays, if you treat her the same way she treats you, everyone’s might think that both of you are just same =) Is this is a good idea? NO!

A GODDAMN princess wannabe started to act like a shit to you

Yes! – Eww, you can find them in colleges and universities. They are EVERYWHERE. I experienced this before. I mean, now! There’s no point to become the second princess wannabe, so what did I do is just ignore, ignore and ignore “her”. IGNORE is the best action you can do if they’re just trying to show off their appearance.

Don’t – Trying to be like her. You know what I mean? :P


In the mean time, I just came to my hometown, and I reached here around 2.30 A.M . When I woke up, I feel my neck is hurt. Aiyaaaa, am I sick again?


I’m officially sick for the 2nd time in the same month and the same circumstances. But this time without reddish face, changed to FLU.

And at the same time, I lost my lovely JINGGO.

Yes, he’s DEAD =(


*Picture taken few hours before he's gone. This time he can't even move, I just can feel his tummy was breathing. :(

Something wrong with his tummy, he pooped bloods and it smells sooooo bad. He refuse to eat even I feed him using spoon. Oh, pity you Jinggo. ;(

I lay him on the towel and then I went into the house.

The next time I see him, he's gone ;(

I'm gonna cry later, I shall stop talking about Jinggo. *tears*


Happy Chinese New Year All =)

Monday, January 19, 2009

How you doing?

It's been a while since my last update in my blog. Duh !

Sorry all because I really really don't have much time to online recently to read all your fabulous blog! But I'm going back to Lahad Datu by this upcoming Chinese New Year, hopefully I can catch up will all your latest entries!! :)

How you doing?

What happened to me?


The first day I arrived in KK, I was sick and couldn't wake up for 2 days, slept inside my room, alone in the house and my face was reddish like a cutie pig! Muahaha. I don't know what kind of fever it was. So I went to the nearest clinic nearby Unitar (Clinic Surge** Hi****p) and the doctor says that I'm allergic of something, might be because I ate a lot of LAMB before I came to KK. (Yes, it happened before this but not with my reddish face)

So, the doctor decided to INJECT me, since he said my face gonna be "mengeras". Wtf with that? Face are girls' asset so I think the doctor is right without thinking the consequence (I'm suffering from eczema, so my skin is extremely sensitive).

Few hours after I went to the clinic - No more reddish face!

2 days later - WTF!! Itchiness are everywhere!! From head to toe! I'm gonna be dead, seriously. I can't sleep well for 3 days and my hands and legs has red dots which I think because of that injection. Argh!! My face started became extremely RED like a person who just went for a sun bath.

I phoned mummy, told her I wanna go to Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) to see my doctor because I really can't resist with this fucking itchiness and my ugly red face.

My conversation with my doctor :-

Dr. Sidhu : Hey, Hi! So what's your problem?

Me : Oh I was fever btu why my face was red in colour like I was just having sun bath. I went to a clinic nearby Unitar and the doctor injected me. Few days later I started felt itchy from head to toe.

Dr. Sidhu : What is the Clinic's name? Did you know what kind of medicine he injected to you?

Me : Clinic Sur***y Hi****p, er sorry. I don't know

Dr. Sidhu : How I'm gonna give you the actualy medicine? I don't know what he was giving you that time. So how??? He might be given you a wrong medicine.

Me : *silence*

Dr. Sidhu : Hey you know, those doctors from that Clinic is not the actual doctor who's working there. They're are all from HQE (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) who works in that clinic after their working time.

Me : Oh!? Is it? I don't know about that.

Oh shit!! Wrong treatment? Luckily nothing bad happened except this fucking itchiness.

After went to SMC, my skin starts back like it supposed to be. No more red dots and no mroe itchiness! Thank GOD I'm still alive! Muahahaha.

Cai told me : "If I were you, I'm gonna sue that clinic for giving a wrong treatment to you!"

Should I?


I haven't attend any of my classes yet! Muahahaha!!


I miss blogging so much!

12.58 A.M already and I still stuck inside CC, I shall post my blog entry now hahah!

Happy Chinese New Year in advance all!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My new domain name is finally up!

My new domain name is finally up!

You may now visit my blog directly

**Thanks Baby for helping me to set this up ! **hugs & kisses**

But I'm still wondering how to change my blog address at above from to

Can anyone teach me??

I asked baby but he said that I need host my blog by my own. Ish. Btul ka?


Help!! Help !!

P/s : I'm now in COLLEGE so it's hard for me to online everyday and check all blogs regularly. Sorry for that! But I will try my best ok :D and I'm sick now! :( Huhuhu.

UPDATE : Oh noooooooo!! It's not working again!!! What should I do?? Anyone can help me??????

Saturday, January 3, 2009


*Short update.


I just love being sarcastic… And I know I shouldn’t revenge for what had happened.

It makes me no better than "them" =)

Do I make myself clear?

P/s : I'm going back to KK tomorrow! New semester, new year and new chapter in life.. :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

My New Year's Celebration

Yeah, my 1st post in 2009!

Hello People!!

How are you guys doin’ ? How’s the celebration last night? Is it fun?

While me, I am just chillin’ out in my crib, watching Pirates Of The Caribbean from the 1st series until the last one. My parents went to Tawau yesterday and will come back by today. So I am alone in the house, became a guardian for the puppies. Feed, and put them in the cage. Not to forget about those fishes in the pond.

My babies, one of the reason why I need to stay at home.

This is Romex.

Not really boring, but pity juga kan alone in the house hahaha.

In the mean time before 12 A.M , I decided to make a Chocolate Cake, as a gift for myself to celebrating the upcoming new year alone in front of the Tv. (I don't eat too much, remember! Diet mode! Whaha)

Ahahaha I know I am not really pro in cake stuffs, but I would like to congratulate myself because I manage to made it ! Even the "look" seems terrible but at least the taste is good :P

Of course la good, because I was using the "Ready Mix" one, I just need to add 3 eggs, 150gm margarine/butter and 250ml water! Muahaha! Instead of baking the cake, I 'm using another method which is to steam it.

Eh what name is it for the creamy thing to add on the top of the cake? Topping? I don't know the name but this one I use Sweetened condensed milk + Cocoa Powder + Cooking chocolate + little oil and salt. I don't know why I suddenly add some salt on it, luckily the taste... Hmm yummy!!

And here it is...

I know what are you guys thinking... about the BIG HOLE at the middle of the cake right? Actually it was stick on the pan when I pulled it into the tupperware, I know I can't do anything about it anymore so.. I ate it !

Cake settled, now it's time to waiting for the countdown and chillin' at the sofa. I went to sleep around 3-4 A.M and woke up around 6.30 because mummy phoned me.

Mummy : Are you wake up already?! Wait till Abby arrived. (Abby is our maid)

I said yes, I slept on the sofa not at my room so I can hear when Abby ring up the bell.

Around 7 .30 A.M, she arrived. She has the gate key so I just need to open up the door for her.

But then I saw this...



Matai la ! But I was lucky because Abby came up today so I don't have to clean up all the mess created by the puppies.

Thank God !

Hahaha, so I think there's no problem at all. I shall continue my sleep. Then, before I close the door..

Let me iiiinnnnnn...!!!

This is the price you have to pay when you always let your dog stay inside your house and overly pampered them. I know they're craving for the Air-Cond coldness, running everywhere and playing around with the stairs. (They loved to climb the stairs!)

I close the door then I went to sleep again, woke up exactly on 12 P.M, that is just because Abby knocked up my door and tell me that she wants to go back home. So I have to open the gate for her.

Breakfast and lunch time !! I drank a cup of soya bean and then cooking. Mummy is not at home so I need to prepare everything all by myself. So what is my perfect dish running in my head?


I love cooking!!!

So I start to search the chicken curry recipe in the internet at, I forgot how to prepare it because I always dine at the restaurant when I was in KK :P

Finally found 1 , the easiest and simplest recipe that I think I can do it.

Click here : Chicken Curry Recipe

Hahaha, I told my friend, Shakaff, in YM that I cooked chicken curry.

Shakaff : Wow! Ann knows how to cook ! *GODLIKE!!

I forgot to take pictures when I was cooking it. So excited till forgot my goddamn phone, but I managed to take one picture after Mummy and daddy taste my chicken curry when they came back home just now.


That's all! Simple way to celebrate my new year alone hee..

Before that, I want to share to all of you my favourite video ever in youtube!!

I always searching for "booty shake" videos, just because I wanted to learn how they do this..

Can anyone teach me how to dance like this????????????????????? Oh! So sexaaayyy!!!!!!

Anyway, before I end my post, seems like everyone list down what they want to achieve in this newly year, me either! :)

1. Slimming down my body!

2. Buy : White sidekick LX phone!! I REALLY want this!


3. Buy : Blackberry Storm!

Ouhhh, so nice !

4. Buy : DSLR camera!

5. To obtain good result in every semester.

6. eBaying till hell break lose! (Can I count this in?)

7. Driving License and a CAR!

8. To forgive and forget what had happened in previous year. :) I know this is the hardest part for some people but I don't want to holding a grudge forever..

9. Buy mummy a gift for her birthday, last year I bought a beg for myself instead buying one for her. So I need to do this ! Ahahah

Ops enough! I don't want my Daddy collapse when he reads too much wish list for this year.


*GODLIKE - A word from 1 game named DotA.

** Ciciao - Means "Bye Bye" in Italian word. I learned this when I was in Italy for a vacation.