Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome Mr. 2009 ! :)

Adios to 2008


Ola to 2009 !! :)

Today is 31st of December 2008, and also my last post for this year !

Happy new year everyone, may you have a prosperous and delight year. =)

I have no plan on how to welcoming our Mr. 2009 yet, might be at home, relaxing and watching Tv. Might be hanging out with friends..

But I totally have no idea at all!

Might be just like last year, trapped my ass inside my hotel room in KL because I have to go to the airport by 3 a.m, flying back to Sabah. So need to pack all my things inside my bag and a BOX.

Yes, I shopped a lot till no space to put all my stuffs inside my bag. So the best way to carry it all is to put inside a box instead of buy new bag.

New bag = Rm50++ - RM100++ and above.

See the different between these 2 amounts?? The main objective is just to carry out all my stuffs If I bought another new bag and put it at inside my store, don't you think it's just a waste?

Huh! I kept on talking about shopping recently, but who cares?? Whahaha

Few hours left before Mr 2009 come into our life! Honestly I feel a bit surprise for what I'm going to face off in future months ahead.

So, I want to recall back what had occurred in my life in this year.

- I finally pursuing my Bachelor of Education (Hons) started by this year. Eventhough my intention was taking Bachelor of Information System/Technology but it wasn't offered in my college starting this year, and they asked me to transfer to KL less than a week. The best way I should go is to to change my program. (I'm IT student before.)

- Touring in EUROPE with my family back on May. You may see my pictures in my previous entry here - Europe Trip!

- I learnt that LOVE is subjective, yes it is. There is no specification for love, love is not meant for a 2 Love Birds only. It's universal. Huh, complicated..

- I am now 20 YEARS OLD, and I'm still alive! Glad with that! Wahahaha

- I've been a backstabbed by a friend not long ago and it hurts me so much. But whatever it is, we should not keep vengeance in our heart. :)

I don't want to list so much, I wanted to say a lot more but some things are better left unsaid. I'll keep it in my heart and mind.

So what's up with my exam results?

2 Words - FUCK OFF!!

*click to enlarge the image

I am fucking sure that I get A for Khidmat Masyarakat (Community Service) project. But why it happened to be "S" ??????

Refer to my previous post - Khidmat Masyarakat Project!

I've been told by my respective lecturer that I get A. Yes, the result came out early right after we pass up our final report.

But when I checked through my VOISS, I was like.. "WTFFFF???" and I have no idea what does it mean by "S". Grr!!!!!

Huh! I'll need to refer to the coordinator when the new semester has started. *sobbing*

Forget about my result, here are the pictures during Christmas Eve party at my house ! Hee..

Christmas Tree!

My younger sister, Elly (left) , her friend, Wana (right)

Best way to start barbecue fire !

Yummy foods !

With Nuak and Pollok

With Lenn and Rai

Daddy (In yellow shirt) , chillin' with my uncles and his colleagues

My bro' with his friends.

Exchange gifts time !

My Christmas gifts :D

My tired face after the guests left.

In the mean time, I was playing my my cousin's (Crazy Gambar Man) DSLR camera. It's Nikon D60! I've been playing with D300 before which I think is more complicated and heavy. D60 is slightly smaller than D300 and suitable for a beginner like me ! Muahaha, Daddddyyyyyyyyy, I want it !! :(

Me, with cousin's camera. Shot taken using my phone.

Few shots taken by me,

*Due to my TMNUT line (Yes, my streamyx problem haven't settled yet) , I only upload few pictures. Sorry :( Further more, I am confused which 1 is my shot and which 1 is my cousin's one.

I'm a beginner hahaha so please drop some comments on how do I took all these pictures ya :D I appreciate all comments!!! *mwah*

Cristy and Rakesh

My brother's buddies.

My phone.

Mummy, hahaha she wasn't ready yet.

My cousin, Ian.

And here's the coolest picture ever wahahaha ! Taken by *unknown* (because my cousin is in the picture! Aiyak). Here it is...

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Wahahahaha!! This is my family picture, taken on the morning after the party, too bad I was sleeping this time.


Uh-oh, 4.12 A.M already, I need to lay down 1st wahaha. Happy New Year everyone !!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas Freaks !!

**UPDATED : My GUESS LOVE WATCH has arrived ! Pictures uploaded :D :D

Merry Christmas Freaks!! *joke* Hahaha I meant was, "everyone!!". Even if this is your first time to stepped in to my blog, I still count you in wahahahaha :D

I was fucking busy during the Christmas Eve (having barbecue and small party at my resident) till no time to blog to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas in my blog exactly on the 25th. It's 26 of December already. Never mind, I still want to wish all of you ! :P

I promise I will upload pictures during the party okeh :D Anyway...

Merry Christmassssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! :-*

*hug and kisses from Ann*

I'm off to Tawau by today, and Sandakan on 27th !

26th - Cousin's wedding
*Daddy canceled our plan last minute because he has a headache. =(

27th - GrandMa's Christmas Celebration at her house.

I haven't received my Guess Watch yet ! Post laju is sooo fucking slow. They also haven't updated their pos laju tracking system. Wtf?? I cannot check my "property's" @ "my christmas gift" status delivery till today ! =(

Grrrrrr!! Nevermind, I still have to wait for it =(

And today is also my 'dup dap dup' day 'cause...

*click to enlarge if you cannot read on it.

EXAM RESULT WILL RELEASE ON Friday 26th Of December 2008 at 3.00 P.M!!

Actually I have no idea when the examination result will come out, but Nadz kept on remind me to check her *VOISS and see what time the result will come out on the 26th.

After I read the message on my e-mail.. $@$#^%#^%@#^

Tiba2 ni sakit perut mcm mo teberak wahahahahahahahahaha :P

Ah ! Forget about the result, few hours left before 3.00 P.M . Dup Dup Dup !! I don't want to surprise myself till I can't sleep.

5.06 A.M now, I need to sleep! =) =) Cuzzie's wedding at night, I don't want to spoil my image with "panda eyes" if I don't have enough rest! =)


I just woke up around 12P.M ++ , then Daddy told me

"Sampai suda ko punya jam"


So here are the pictures. (Actually Admar ask me to tell him if I already received my watch, so I upload it here and easy for him to see :D )

I've just polished my nail last night, haven't clean up the mess nearby my nail. So don't look at it ! Whaha

At the back of the watch, looks perfect to me, no flaws at all just a "tiny" scratch and not so visible. Love it !!

Close view again

Whole body of this watch

Too big for my wrist, but luckily it's adjustable. :D

Love it!!!!!!!!!!

My watch arrived with my younger sister's items. Here it is.

Elly's Roxy Bag

Elly's XOXO top

Okeh ! Enough with the update ! Hee..


*Voiss - Virtual Online Instructional Support System, a web designed specially for Unitar's student and lecturer to download notes, discussing in forum, download new assignment and so on.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Online Shopping !


Shopping Shopping Shopping ~

I’m a shopping freak, crazy over brands that rarely seen/sell in Malaysia like Victoria’s Secret and so on. So the best way to find these stuffs is…


Wahahaha!! I think most of you ever purchased 1 or 2 stuffs from the internet. Is it?

I usually visit online shopping site like eBay, Lowyat Forum/ Lelong.Com or blog shops to find cutey bags or stuffs!

Finally, Christmas is coming soon! (2 days left :P)

Do you all still remember about my dream "DKNY" watch?

Refer to this post : PayPal & My Dream Watch ! :(

Last week, when I was in hurry, I accidentally lose it from my wrist when I was about to wear it.



Me : Matai laaaaa!!! Pecah !!
Dad :
Buduh. Nah, itu la careless lg.

Picture taken few minutes after the "accident" : Down side from the left. Can you spot it? =(

Luckily it was broke in a small area, if not it must be totally useless. Now the clock didn’t functions very well. I have to repair it, and the glass? My friend told me that the cost might be around Rm200++

Matai, duit lagi ! =(

Before that incident, I already found another new watch. Bling Bling Guess Love Watch!!

I emailed the same seller for my DKNY watch, asking if he has stock for this, fortunately he said yes.

But the cost is.. RM435 + RM10 (shipping)

Matai.. Mum gonna kick my ass!

So I think I shouldn’t buy this watch because to pricey. Further more I just bought new watch less than 2 months.

Few days later, my hand was fucking itchy to search for this watch through eBay. Can you figure what I had found?


*pictures taken from eBay.

But it has been scratched by the seller when he wants to change the battery.

So the price dropped to RM164.82!!!!!! (But I still have to bid it because the “Buy it now” price is RM182) It’s still new but has been handled by his customer. Hmm at least it’s not 2nd hand isn’t?

So I told daddy I want that watch as a Christmas Gift, he said CANNOT.


Yesterday, when I just woke up and went to the living room, Mummy and Daddy was chillin’ at the sofa. Suddenly..

Mummy : "Chel, pigi la beli ko punya jam tangan tu sana eBay. Daddy bilang hadiah Christmas"


Wahahaha ! I’m gonna get new baby soonnnnnn ! I already paid for the watch, now I’m waiting for it!! But if I don't like the condition of the watch, I still can return it to the seller 3 days after I received it.

Instead of the watch, I also bought few items like..

Baby Phat T-shirt

This one is just RM45 + RM9 (Shipping)

Victoria’s Secret Bag

Hmm how much yea? I think around RM50-60++

I also buy PERFUME in online store.

It's damn fucking cheap!! Some more 100% Authentic!!

Imagine that you can buy a 100ml perfume in online store for a price of 30ml perfume price in shopping complex!


Anyway you can visit this website if you wanted to buy a perfume for you or your loved one !

Here :

I can guaranteed you that they only sell original perfumes!! I've bought few perfumes from them before like Guess and Paris Hilton.

Why I love online shopping???

- Rare items with cheap/affordable/reasonable price !! :)

- You don't have to pay for the shop rent/ shopping bag cost and so on. You know what I mean right? :D

- Once again, CHEAPP!!!


- Some sellers are also SCAMMERS. So you should rely on their "feedback" (for eBay & Lelong.Com) and Customer's comments (for Lowyat Forum or Blog Shops). This is important for you to read it before you buy something from them.

- Some items are not as it was pictured. It might be look bigger or smaller, so think before you want to purchase it. (I experienced this before)

So what you have to do?

- Trust your gut ! If you have bad feelings about the seller. Don't buy from them, you still can find another sellers that is trustable !

- Ask questions as many as you like before you purchasing an item, this can prevent "unsatisfied" feeling after you confirmed to buy.

- Read the "Terms & Condition" carefully, you might found answers that you've been looking for.

These are actually through my own experience!

Hurmm.. But yeah, I still like window shopping!! :)

Talking about online shopping, I want to introduce to you all, my best friends’ newly blog shop! =)

Firstly is Sara’s Boutique named Luella Belle,

Visit Here:

Her collections consist from few types of name like Adora, Adriana, Aceline and so on. I won’t tell you guys till you figure it out by yourself =)

This dress is from Adora's collection, available in few colors. Go check it out!

I’m looking forward to buy her dress, but since I’m a PLUS SIZE girl, it’s very hard for me to buy without test it by myself :D I’m gonna try all her dresses soon after I landed my ass in KK by January!!

Go Go Go ! Visit Sara's blog shop now!

Secondly is Renn’s Phone Charm Shop !

Visit Here:

I’m one of Renn’s customers; I bought an apple phone charm from her, imported from JAPAN. Reasonable price and very good quality!

This cutey apple phone charm price is just RM21 + Shipping.

Told you, this is fucking cute!!

Go Go Go ! Visit Renn's shop now ! :D

P/s : I've been craving for Hello Panda biscuits these last few days. =(

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fat girls are awesome! You should read this!

This entry I wrote especially for those girls who feels down with their body and weight!

I admit I am fat, and I have problems with my weight. But the important thing is. I never care about those who thinks they are slimier than me (actually they are).

So why all those idiots love to INSULT someone who doesn’t even bother about them?

And that person is me.

I do my own thing, and as usual I wrote testimonial/comment on my friends’ profile, talking about our self, talking about everything that we want to.

Few days later,

My friend texting me..

“Ann.. “*X” says in z’s profile that you are a BIG MAMA”

So I just replied her,

“Never mind, I don’t care anyway”

So that’s it. I thought it would end anyway.

Few days later…

One of my friends told me again in yahoo messenger.

My friend: Ann.. Did you read what “*Y” has write in Z’s profile?”
No, why?
My friend:
I’ll paste it to you, wait a minute.
Me: Ok, what is it?
My friend:
“Wow, you and that Unitar fat girl are friends huh.. Fat girl who tries to slim down her body but failed” (This is what “Y” wrote in Z’s profile)

*X,Y and Z are 3 different persons.

Dear Readers/Big girls,

What's your opinion?

This is not the first time those girls insult me, even in college and finally turns to friendster.

Hmm, it hurts to read when someone says such hurtful thing about you right? I have no problems with that, I mean with those irritating comments about myself. I don’t care about it.

But I am a girl; even I tried to ignore them but it still hurt.

Yes it hurt me so much..

My friends advise ask me to ignore these girls, as “they” are to free and nothing to do instead of talking about other people. Thanks ladies! I love you all! =)

And also baby,

“Ala they only insult that you are fat, you can slim what. Prove it la baby”

Baby!!! Thanks for being there when I’m down.. =)

I’m not SHAME for being a HUGE girl, but..

Are they perfect????????????????????

I know I'm PLUS size. At Least I'm cute (I admit it because I am not BEAUTIFUL but CUTE, get it?)

So those who loves to INSULTS a person like me, a HUGE girl. Please grab a camera now, snap your self a picture.

And tell me, HOW UGLY YOUR ARE?

I'm not saying that you are ugly, but can you tell me which side of your body/face is perfect???

PLEASE!! All girls out there, who feels down with your body, WAKE UP! Be confident with yourself!

Ignore all those idiots; we can’t do anything to stop them. We still have our pride and DIGNITY as a pretty huge girl.

Don’t underestimate the power of HUGE girls.

Queen Latifah One of my favorite’s actresses!

She's HUGE. But look at her, she's an actress !!

So, be proud of what you are! And I am proud to be what I am. =)

Aha.. Big girls are cute.. =) Right? Don’t you think it’s awesome? =)

And I saw 1 tag for car when I was in KL, written like..

“I am FAT, but you are UGLY. I can diet”

I saw this when googled about fat thingy. Whaha

Hahahahaha ! Do you get what does it mean actually? Sounds rude but yeah.. I think it’s true! ;)

But I admit.. Being overweight can hurt more than just your look! LoL

So this is what I do in past few months before,

Recently, I lost 7kg in 3 months. Dad sends me to Marie France Bodyline because he insisted to see me slimming down my body like my sister. (She’s fucking slim man!). Essentially, I eat healthy foods; eat within a right time, NEVER skip breakfast/lunch and dinner before 7 P.M.

How about the cost? I only can say the amount is around 5 digits++ ..

Now I want to share with all of you, what I ate during my diet time. This is what Marie France Bodyline nutritionist suggests me to eat.

Breakfast (Within 7-10 A.M):-

2 Slice of WHOLE MEAL BREAD + Tuna in water. Or Oat

**Eat Whole meal Bread instead of white bread/English bread. Some might says that tuna in water is “yucks..” but try to do your own recipe like spreading little mayonnaise on top of the bread before adding the tuna. I usually use chili sauce, because I don’t like mayonnaise :D

Snack (11A.M):-


** I usually eat Green apple or Papaya. Green apple is the best for those who is in diet mode. Avoid RAMBUTAN/DURIAN/MANGO, even it’s FRUIT but high in sugar level.

Lunch (12P.M – 2 P.M):-

Little Rice + Vegetable ( Or Soups

** You can eat MEAT but make sure it’s white meat [Chicken/Fish]. Try not to eat read meat. If you eat soups, there is no problem if it is chicken or read meat, as long as it is not fried food.

Snacks (4-5.30 P.M):-


Dinner (Before 7 P.M):-

Salad or sandwiches, try to avoid rice.

You can try this, in 1-2 weeks you will feel uncomfortable with your diet but after that I SWEAR that you will get use with it

And don't forget.

Drink plenty of water !! Around 2.5Litre (Approximately 2 big bottle and half)

Soooooooooooooooooo.. “Y” said that I failed to slim down myself. Hey I’ll prove it to you.

And to all PLUS SIZE girls, let us prove to the WORLD that we are better than those who INSULTS us.

Everyone! Wish us luck and all the best =)

P/s: I welcomed all comments from everyone or your experience how you've been insulted. Please drop some comments or your opinions. Share it ! :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

WTF ! Streamyx??


Am I angry?


Am I Disappointed?


Am I...... (Anything related to angryness/boringness or whatsoever.. you name it..)

I'll answer it.. YES.

I can't connect to STREAMYX since 6-7 days ago. Started on last Saturday 6/12/08 till today :(

Now I'm using TMNUT a.k.a dial-up connection so don't bother to ask me how I post this entry, Grr!!

I phoned "100",told them I can't connect and the error is 718 and they told me to do this, to change that, do the "direct connection" (I really don't know what the fuck is this) , and bla bla bla. But nothing changed.

So that is why I did not update / visit other blogs / reply comments / post comments.

Has anyone of you encountered same problem as mine??

I went to TmPoint just now, and when I told them about my problem, you know what they answered me?

" Please call "100" "


Damn! So what the fuck with their customer service at TmPoint? If I know they will only ask me to call 100, why should I walk along from my house to TmPoint and then call 100??????

Wasting my fucking time! Luckily I have another things to do instead of doing report (signing insurance thingy, getting my pedicure done and buying phone credit), so it's still "worth it" to stepped out from my house and suffered from very HOT weather.

I told them what is actually happened? I phoned "100" and they ask me to do few things but I still cannot connect, finally she told me..

" Fajar and Damn Road area has problem with streamyx since last saturday. You will have to wait till everything back as usual. Before that, please call "100" to report regarding your case "

Ok ! , good explanation and acceptable. But, I still have to call 100 again. Grr!

My friends told me that everyone's also encountered problem with streamyx. PIty you all ! Ahaha

I have plenty of pictures waiting to be upload an few stories to be post out ! Urgh I can't wait till my fucking streamyx connection will be back as usual. :(

I hope streamyx will be fixed out as soon as possible, 'cause I am sooooooooooooooo boring :(

P/s : I'm dreaming of Gladiator Shoes/Sandals. Whatever name it is, 300 shoes (The 300 movie)? Troy Shoes? I really want it ! :(

Friday, December 5, 2008

KL / Roxy & Quiksilver Private Event

[UPDATED - Few pictures added !]

Wah boring !!

I'm now at Tawau.

My auntie's house has plenty of foods, one servant, a very clean house.

So I have nothing to do!! :(

Sleep / Eat / Sleep / Eat / Sleep. I finally gained 1kg due to this activity. Wahaha ! :D

Can anyone of you suggest me any activities for me to do? Instead of surfing the internet?

Finally I remembered, I had taken few pictures during Roxy & Quiksilver Event when I was in KL.

Went to Pavillion, Starhill, KLCC and Bukit Bintang.

Visit my nephew & niece Togo & Tagar

Meet my gamer friends (referring to my ragnarok game team/guild name : KAOS )

Ouch I missed KL so much , really really really :( Apparently "YES" (Year End Sale) haven't started yet so I didn't shop so much.

Ceh, I spoke like I had never been to KL before. Haha !

Anyway I'll drop my ass in plane again by upcoming 13th February 2009 with my buddies! Can't wait for it :)

Ops, I'm going to upload few pictures ya !

Me and Tagar !

Paris Hilton bag, cost me Rm400++

The main reason why I bought this bag.. I love bling-blings ! :) :)

Ops ! So this is all about my entry title ! :)

Oh ! And this is during Roxy & Quiksilver's Private Event. Actually is an annual friends and family sale day so all members are applicable to enjoy 50% discounts for all items ! Different store, different day for this event so when I was in KLCC and wanted to buy a Roxy cap, the crews told me if I can wait till 5 P.M because the Family & Friends event will start on that time. 50% discounts man ! :)

I am so excited, but before that.. chillin' at starbucks first ! :)

Me & mummy.


Long queue

Sesak bah , adudu

This is what mummy, Daddy , Me & my Sister's grab during the event.

Matai !! Hahaha, luckily it's after 50%.

Long queue from outside.

The banner.

Finally.. Now waiting for taxi to go back to hotel.

Shop till you drop! :P

Jammed and stuck inside taxi! Menderitanya sbb mau terkencing.. Haha

Daddy, at bintang walk.

Someone gave me this.. someone special =)

Chillin' with kaos members at Asia Cafe ss15 after went to cinema.
(Left : Shinz , Right : -=PaoPao=-)

-=PaoPao=- again.

Astaga, damn ! Hahah I am so fugly in this picture.
(From left : -=PaoPao=-, me & Jetzy)

This is Jetzy, handsome kan

Watching Chelsea VS Arsenal

Finally reached Tawau Airport !

I didn't take lots of photos! I left my camera and only brang the charger. So stupid !! So all these photos taken using my phone

!! 4.46A.M now. I need to sleep :)


Chegu Carol wants to see what I bought during the Roxy & Quiksilver's Private Event ! So here it is..

Short pant By Roxy.

Roxy tags for my 2 hot chicks , Cai & Pearl

Roxy T-Shirt

Roxy Cap

Quiksilver's T-shirt.

Nah, that's all. I don't have pictures for Daddy, Mummy and my sister's stuffs.

And this is the other items I bought, too !

White T-Shirt By Guess, Bought at Mid Valley

White & Black T-Shirt By MNG. Bought At Mid Valley & KLCC

At the back of my MNG white T-Shirt, I really love this :) :)

Roxy's 2009 organizer book. Bought at Sunway Pyramid

So what is inside that Louis Vuitton shopping bag? Haha actually we bought 1 Louis Vuitton bag, for my auntie. She wants a similar bag like mine but in smaller size.

My bag, bought in London, somewhere at LV's boutique at Oxford Circus. I forgot the price, I think around 200-300 Pound Sterling.

And this is my auntie's bag. RM2550.00

And what I like the most issss.............

Mmmwaahhh ! My White Teddy Bear!
(Picture taken just now, when I was farking bored)

Baby bought me this.. Thanks Baby :) :) :)

Enough with the UPDATE, enjoy. :D