Thursday, November 27, 2008

Togo & Tagar !

I got nephew and nieces.

They are handsome & pretty.

Born in Malaysia, originated from eastern Siberia.

Guess who??



They are actually not human, but dog ! Hee..

Haha, I'm at KL now and finally got chance to meet my them. Before this I only look at them through their blog Togo The Dog .

Tagar : Hello ! I am Tagar !

Togo : I am Togo ! This is me with my sexy auntie. Ops ! I need to cover her "sexy" part. Sorrie :D

Togo : I am handsome. Sorry for distracting your picture auntie !

Tagar : I couldn't resist to give my auntie a kiss ! *mwah*

Togo : You wanna join me?

Togo : Auntie, I'm still hungry ! :(

Tagar : Auntie, don't listen to Togo. He's greedy.
Togo : Blah !! You're just jealous !

Tagar : I like my "bi-eyed" and I am unique. :D

Togo : Tagar is unique, and I am handsome. I repeat, HANDSOME. Hee..

Togo : Yummy !!!!!

Tagar : Well yeah, Togo always win ! I'm here waiting for my yummy treats mommy !

Tagar : I'm feelin' so sexy .. :)

So these are cousin's dogs, their breed is Siberian Husky. One thing I like about them is they're so friendly. I still remember on the first day I came to their house, Togo jumped (maybe wanted to hug me?) but his leg accidentally slapped my face off. Ouch, pain !! Haha

Okey, I want to rest now ! So tired hee..


Faisal Admar said...

They look like wolf! Glad that they aren't fierce like one :)

Ann said...

Yah, a lot people said they're similar to wolf. Hee !

cindy said...

OMG OMG OMG Siberian Husky!! My dream dog!! :D

Ann said...

Cindy : Why don't you buy one? Hee.. But expensive >.<

Hidayah Admar said...

I thought wolf just now (:
Gila besar !

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

Sexy part are meant to be shared? hehe kidding.

I love Husky! Planning to get one in the future when i am capable in dealing with a pet. Looks really cool although seems really dangerous (i know they are nice). Looks are deceiving heh.

Ann said...

Hidayah : Ya, people always thought it's a wolf ! haha

Irvine : Sexy part are meant to be shared with our loved one, not public wkaka

Wah, if you finally buy a husky, don't forget to blog about it ya.

Anyway it's expensive >.<

Faisal Admar said...

Are they as clever as the police dog? ;)

C.G.L.M.E said...

waaaaaaaa punya comel~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ann said...

Faisal : Haha I don't know about that ! :(

Christ : Hahahaha basar ni ging ! huhu!

chegu carol said...

i wasn't into Siberian Husky lah before but bila bali2k tingu mcm hensem eh...

cicak said...

ya ba, mcm serigala ni. punya smart ni kalau ada. but neighbourhood sa ni not 'safe' for animals especially dogs. banyak yg kena poison ni. tah, kalau bukan pasal menggigit (alasan la tu, sa punya puppies x pernah ada yg menggigit), mesti pasal jelous.

kadang2 having an extraordinary looking animal pun org mo jelous. hairan hairan. bila jelous, mula la mo kasi racun tu binatang.
so I think it is better to not have one until I move to some better neighbourhood.

mana mo dpt ni Siberian Husky ah?

Ann said...

Chegu Carol : Mimang hensem, basar lg ni. Hihihi, try la piara2 1. I never seen any org KK lg piara jenis siberian husky ni. Nda tau la lain tmpt kan.

Cicak : Astaga? kena racun anjing? knp smpi bgitu? teruk jg?

Tlampau eh buli repot polis baitu klu suda jd kes bgitu. Sy plak yg panas dgr sbb apa la ba tu anjing pnya salah smpi mo d racun huhuh..

Ni siberian husky klu d KK nda tau plak mana ada jual, klu d KL ni buli tingu iklan.

Mcm my kazen dia bli smua around RM1k++ jgla.. Mahal sbb original breed kan teda campuran.

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

Ann : haha fine with me then. ahhh.. where's my loved ones. cough