Saturday, November 29, 2008

Photography !

Tik tok tik ..

Last week I went to Papar to attend a wedding of Cai's family. Then I met this guy named Davy. Actually he was busy capturing pictures during the wedding time and I was attracted with his camera !

So I told Cai,

Me : Ui kamera dia lawa.

Cai : Ba, ko panggil dia la. Cousin sy juga tu.

So I called him, asking if I can borrow his camera to capture few shots, And he said YES.


This is my first experience to hold a very big camera, instead of the tiny one. But it's really heavy, I think around 3 - 5kg. Omg !

To prove you all how HEAVY it was, I'll supply you all with the photos of this camera.

Big big big !

View from the back

The flash

(please be noted, these 3 pictures taken using my camera)

But even it's heavy, but the pictures is really COOL ! I'll provide few pictures I'd taken using this camera later.

I couldn't resist to tell daddy that.....


But of course he would smack my head, as Davy told me that this camera (including the lens/ battery grip/ lens/ speedlight) cost him around RM8000 - RM9000.


So expensive, I don't think I can afford this one.

Okey la for those who loves photography thingy, I'll list the detail of his camera. Hope can help you all as well :D

Camera Type : Digital SLR
Model : Nikon D300
Lens : sigma 24-70mm f2.8 EX DG

Wohoooo !! It's time for the pictures ! And I'm the one who took all these pictures ok! So don't condemn me if it's terrible :D

Masih baru bah org bilang.

Introducing, Fairuz @ Oboi

Candid picture.

Re-Introducing.. Cai ! Those who reads my blogs regularly for sure familiar with her name :D

Food, told you this is fucking yummy !

Cai & Brian

Aramaiitieeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Finally I managed to captured Cai's LG KS360 phone. :D

Cai's phone again.

Introducing, Marienne & Unknown.

I took this one, and I love it. Thanks Davy for the edit !

Finally !!

I kept on upload the pictures that I took, now it's time for the SIFU ! :D

Groom & Bride (Picture credits to Davy)

Flowers.. (Picture credits to Davy)

Flowers, again ! (Picture credits to Davy)

Candle (Picture credits to Davy)

I like this picture so much ! (Picture credits to Davy)

More pictures by Davy, you all can visit his site -

P/s : Woargh ! I'm sleepy, I only slept for 2 hours. Huhuh !

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Togo & Tagar !

I got nephew and nieces.

They are handsome & pretty.

Born in Malaysia, originated from eastern Siberia.

Guess who??



They are actually not human, but dog ! Hee..

Haha, I'm at KL now and finally got chance to meet my them. Before this I only look at them through their blog Togo The Dog .

Tagar : Hello ! I am Tagar !

Togo : I am Togo ! This is me with my sexy auntie. Ops ! I need to cover her "sexy" part. Sorrie :D

Togo : I am handsome. Sorry for distracting your picture auntie !

Tagar : I couldn't resist to give my auntie a kiss ! *mwah*

Togo : You wanna join me?

Togo : Auntie, I'm still hungry ! :(

Tagar : Auntie, don't listen to Togo. He's greedy.
Togo : Blah !! You're just jealous !

Tagar : I like my "bi-eyed" and I am unique. :D

Togo : Tagar is unique, and I am handsome. I repeat, HANDSOME. Hee..

Togo : Yummy !!!!!

Tagar : Well yeah, Togo always win ! I'm here waiting for my yummy treats mommy !

Tagar : I'm feelin' so sexy .. :)

So these are cousin's dogs, their breed is Siberian Husky. One thing I like about them is they're so friendly. I still remember on the first day I came to their house, Togo jumped (maybe wanted to hug me?) but his leg accidentally slapped my face off. Ouch, pain !! Haha

Okey, I want to rest now ! So tired hee..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My FIRST working experience ever in my life!

“So live your life ~ Ayeahhh ……”
(My phone rang)

I picked it up immediately.

Arvina:“Hello Ann, this is Arvina. I’d call the others but no one answers my call”

Me: Sorry I silent my phone just now.

Arvina: “Tomorrow please come to my office at Grace One ya, just upstairs from Nike Palm Square store to take your salary. Please come with Michelle, Roshan and Gurjit”

Me: Salary??? Ok ok I will. See you tomorrow! (With happy voice)


Ops, what is my job?

I’m working part time with Adidas as a sales assistant at Adidas booth in 1 Borneo and also centre point to introduce the new product from Adidas called..


Actually I have no intention because I got my examination soon, but the salary is RM50 per DAY, very high for those who’d never been working before.

Since our manager named Miss Arvina is sooooooo kind (and cute, too!), she allowed us to working on our free day, so if we cannot come on that day it must be replace by someone.

We LOVE you miss Arvina ! :D


This is the new range of Adidas Product comes with the new logo. It was launched in Malaysia on 1st November 2008.

(I don't know why I can't find any logos of style essential. )

Picture taken from Adidas Booth in 1 Borneo. Did you spot the logo?

**Finally I found out in Adidas website, the new logo was stated as Adidas Style, not Adidas Style Essential. I wonder why it happened like that.

While working, I got so many questions from customers asking about this new logo. Mostly is asking about the OLD logo of Adidas.

Let me tell you guys that now Adidas officially has 3 logos.

The first one is Adidas ORIGINALS.

This is the 1st logo of Adidas.

Second one is Adidas PERFORMANCE.


The price for Adidas Style Essential is slightly lower than Adidas Originals and Performance because it’s created for youngsters/teenagers. That is why it’s cheaper so everyone can afford Adidas Style Essentials shoes.

And I loveeeeee Style Essential sandals! Very comfortable since it has “Fit Foam” which is foot bed for our feet. What I like the most is it is LEATHER and waterproof.

How about the price?

Reasonable price for leather shoes, just RM159.90 and RM199.90. (Sorry I forgot to capture picture for these sandals! So I goggled it, finally got 1-2 pictures instead)

Adidas Sahira - RM159.90

So here are some pictures when I was working. :D

Adidas Booth In 1 Borneo


Shoes ~ Spot Miss Arvina and DJ Fadil at the back

At Grace One Office.

Salary ~ Money Money ~

Cai, signing on the payroll

Last picture, Miss Arvina

P/s : I'm so tired, just reach in KL. I was so busy these few days ! After exam I rushed to the airport. And damn, I cried inside the plane just now, because the plane was shaking. Grr! I'm so scared like fuck man.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

LG KS360 Phone Entry !

Phone .. AGAIN !

Hahah since I got soooooooooooooooo many feedback and question regarding my very cute phone LG KS360.

I would like to tell you all the specifications/positive/negative of this phone in my point of view ! Ops before that, I want to post my pictures with my cuteeeee phone :D

Cam-whoring again ! :P

You can use the "touchscreen" ONLY if you close the qwerty keypad. It's limited only to search your contact number nor dialing number. You CANNOT send text messages using the touch screen.

"Menu" for LG KS360

At the back of my phone, ops ! my bling bling design haven't finish yet! I'm still waiting for my bling bling items, ordered from the internet :D

This is how it looks when typing a text message.

Wooohooo ! My puppy with my phone :D


1. Wow, so cute ! what model is this?

- I repeat, it's LG KS360.

2. How much you bought it?

- I bought with my friend this just 2-3 days when it was launched at Malaysia. RM680 each + 1 Gig memory card for free.

3. Is there any different colours than yours ?

Yes, I'll provide you a picture.

4 colors, Pink, Red, Blue and Gray

4. Does it have 3G ?


5. MMS?

Yes! But it is very hard to set up this phone. For DiGi users, you cannot simply use the *128# to download the setting because you cannot insert the ALPHABET but only the numbers. Grr! So what I do? I bring this phone to DiGi center and ask them to do it for me. Finally it has been done. :D

6. Camera? Mp3? Video? Bluetooth?

All got ! Camera is 2.0 Mega pixel.

The sound is not really nice (don't conmpare to sony ericsson ! Sony is still the best!) , but very loud till can break your fucking head, ironicaly I still cannot wake up if this phone is ringing @_@

Video? So far ok la. I'm not a person who loves to keep so many videos in my phone.

And the bluetooth, I cannot transfer file from LAPTOP to my PHONE. If phone to laptop there is no problem at all.

7. Mp3 player?

Got la!

8. How's the qwerty keyboard? Complicated?

I'm qwerty keypad phone user before, so no problem for me. But quite complicated also. Thos who never use any qwerty keypad phone before, you will get use with it in a few days. :)

9. Does it have touch screen?

As I mentioned above, yes it has. But only when you CLOSE your qwerty keypad. (Refer to picture number 2)

My opinion !

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this phone so much ! But not because of it features but the style ! :)

Since I love sidekick phone SO MUCH but sadly sidekick cannot use in Malaysia. Due to frequency thingy bla bla bla (I'm not phone expert ok!)

White Sidekick LX

Woaaaaaaahhhh!!! My dream phone !! :(

So instead of dreaming about this white sidekick lx, I bought LG KS360 where it has similarity to sidekick like the qwerty keypad but not the swivel screen :(

So guys, if you wanted to buy LG KS360 , please consider what I am going to tell you all :-

- This phone sometimes can be so slow or LAG. I'm not sure because of what but it's annoying when you was typing a message and suddenly it became so slow. Grr !!

- Eventhough this phone was created for heavy messaging user but the keypad is not so friendly user. A lot of "BACK" button, "DONE" button. Till today I am still confuse with the "BACK" , "DONE" button.

- You cannot type your text message very fast. Told you, this phone is very slow.

But overall this phone still okey! I love it !

It has complete basic function for a phone like the bluetooth, camera, mp3, and so on. I cannot complain so much since this phone only cost me RM680, not so expensive. Don't expect a very good phone when it only cost you RM680, am I right? :D

Okey enough with my phone entry. :D Hope it helps.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am so UNLUCKY with mobile phones !

Okey I am going to blog about phone again!

I got my first phone when I was in form 2 (I guess, cannot recall) . Firstly I think I ever told you guys that I'd lost my phone for 5 times already.

So let me state 5 levels and you all rate me to tell how IRRESPONSIBLE I am. :P

5 - Extremely DUMB.
4 - You're an Idiota!
3 - Average
2 - Careless
1 - So unlucky

Okeh, my first phone that I lost is...

1. Nokia 3315

- How I lost it?

I was a MiRC freak last time so almost everyday I went to the cyber cafe. One day, I went as usual and after I booked a pc, I left my wallet and my phone at the desk and headed off to the next room, looking for my friend. That was just less than 3 minutes then I came back to my desk. My phone's gone ! LoLz. I am so IRRESPONSIBLE, satisfied? =P

- How Much I bought it?

Around RM500++ . Maybe, I am not very sure but you know this phone is very popular among youngsters last time.

- Stupidity Rate ?

Can you rate this for me? Haha

2. Nokia 8250 Butterfly

- How I lost it?

I was about to attend my tuition class when I was in form 4 I think. That time I put my phone inside my pocket, and then fetch my cousin at his house. Then straight away Mum send us to our tuition class. During class time I realize my phone is gone. I thought I left it inside the car but I found nothing after rechecked Mom's car few times.

- How Much I bought it?

Around RM800++ ? Forgot la !

- Stupidity Rate ?

How about 3?

3. Nokia 3100

- How I lost it?

I got 2 phones for this one. Mine I sold to my friend, my sister's one (she gave me after bought new one) also GONE. How? When I was in cyber cafe, I asked the cyber assistant to charge my phone for me due to out of battery. She was stupid, put it nearby the cyber main door and left it just like. When I left the cc, she asked me wheter I had took back my phone or not? I thought it was my 1st phone (since that time I got 2 phones) . So I said YES. I forgot about this 3100 , Lolz. Few hours later then I realized I forgot to take the phone, but sadly the cyber assistant thought I already took my Nokia 3100 . That time, I knew I lost another phone again! T_T

- How Much I bought it?

Don't know, my sister bought it.

- Stupidity Rate ?

I am very sure to rate myself as 1

4. Sony Ericsson S700i

- How I lost it?

I lost this on 2006, that time I was playing game (Counter-Strike) in cyber cafe too. I put my wallet and phone beside me, yelling with my friends because too excited ! I realized there is one stupid boy behind me. I thought he only want to watch us playing CS, but few minutes later..


My phone's gone. I yelled and tried to catch him but he's damn fast. My friends don't realize that my phone has been stolen since they only thought that I was yelling for game sake. =( After few seconds then they run to find that fucking boy but sad. We failed.

- How Much I bought it?

RM1500 ++

- Stupidity Rate ?

How about 2 ?

5. Sony Ericsson K850i

- How I lost it?

I've posted about this before, short story less than 15 minutes. Bank(Phone still got) >> Went to cousin's car (Forgot about phone, busy capturing pictures) >> At home (GONE)

Detail story, visit here :-

Sad story happened on 2008 raya

- How Much I bought it?

RM1700 ++

- Stupidity Rate ?

This one also I don't know. Can you rate for me? Haha


Haha that is how I it all. For your information, I am always UNLUCKY to have a phone !


Dad just bought me new phone C902 titanium James Bond limited edition.

Okey so this is my phone for my maxis number.

Sadly the touch screen at the right side of the phone is not so sensitive. I have to press it hardly. Grr ! I went back to the phone shop and they said if the technician cannot fix the phone after they change the board, they will exchange me the new one.

I realized this problem after I took out my phone from the box at home. Luckily its factory damage.

Argh ! So so so unlucky !

And last time I was having a problem with my old phone too, my Nokia 7610

This was 2-3 years ago. Bought this for RM1500++ . I bought this phone for AP SET because the original one (Zitron) sold out the new stock will arrived by tomorrow and the price range for Zitron one is quite expensive rather than AP set. I'm so excited so I told dad I want that phone, I don't care even it's AP set.

What happened?

After 3 weeks using this phone, it was FAILED to start. This problem occurred around 6 times, even it is still under warranty but who can wait if they need to resend this fucking AP phone to KL and I need to wait for 1 month???

6 months later, I trade in this fucking phone and bought new one.

Since that incident, I NEVER bought AP PHONE AGAIN.

I rather spent my money on ORIGINAL SET evem its quite expensive. I am PHOBIA.

I don't care if people said that I only want EXPENSIVE phone and not the cheaper one like AP set. Let me tell you fucker that you don't know how it feels if you're using a stupid AP phone like mine.

Don't use AP PHONE ! I've read in one article saying that if you bought an AP phone, you might be not the 1st person to use that phone, might be the 4th or 5th person to use it. So beware !

And I bought another new phone instead of my C902 titanium for my Digi number , its LG KS360 ! Woohoo ! I'm using my own money from my small business.

This is sooooooooo cute ! I bought this with Cai 2-3 days after it was launched in Malaysia. RM680 + 1 gig memory card.

Before this phone, I was using Dopod 838 + Sony Ericsson K850i

Actually I took this phone from dad because he bought another new phone. But I broke the screen, teehee ! So I gave it back to dad. Luckily he did not say anything. :D

Anyway, woaaaaaaaaa I want my C902 titanium back ! :(

P/s : Hey fuckheads, I am so irresponsible. So?