Thursday, October 30, 2008


Thanks everyone for my birthdaeeeeee wishessssss !!~~

Love you all!

I'm very busy these few weeks so cannot update my blog really often as usual. Anyway I'll promise will update a lot of pictures during my birthday celebration !! :)

So busy busy busy and busyyyyyyyyyyy and busy !!

Further more, my laptop has BOOMED ! I need to reformat it and hope things will be back as usual so I can write more more and moreeee controversy article. ;)

Uh-oh !

I got one job interview (actually is business communication test) , I shall prepare my resume and job application letter now ! Wish me all the best :)

Mwah :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Controversy Issue

To everyone whom it may concern,

Since Palermo’s issue is very hot, I had removed that entry.

Here, I just want to re-apologize to Palermo’s family once again for what had happened.

Frankly I had no intention to insult, teasing and whatsoever.

And that entry is actually NOT dedicated to Palermo’s family members.

But to someone who is F****** N*** .

Hope this is clear =)

Oh yea,

From that issue, I’ve read few comments like :-

1 - Someone has critic me about my bad English, and ask me to learn GRAMMAR.
Yes, I know my English is SUCKS

But I’m surprised that he/she understands what I had wrote in my previous entry :D

And FYI,

I’m writing because I wanted to learn.

To him/her,

I don’t think that you were born 100% very good in english. Are you now at the highest level of english? If yes, I’m on my way to there, pursuing my dream to become like you =)

You’re my idol !

2 - I was labelled as ”might be a BACKSTABBER” because of this issue. This comment were posted when my friend (Renn) was trying to back me up. Thanks Renn

You don’t know me, so don’t judge me. =)

3 - Stop writing, I will only drag the other bloggers reputation goes down.

I don’t think so. Each bloggers has their own ”empire”.

4 - My parents did NOT taught me well on how to respect other people’s name.

They did but I’m stubborn. They also taught me not to become a nosy girl.

I love you mummy and daddy.

5 - I am not satisfied because my family’s name has been insulted too.

This comment is the funniest among all. Retarded and brainless.


Well, all these shits that I wrote ( only from number 2 to 5 ) is NOT regarding the Palermo’s issue but to those comments that I think I should respond to it.

I admit I’m wrong and so regret about it but I will defend myself from those nonsense comments like I’m a backstabber.

I know what I did is hurtful to Palermo’s family. But, don’t libeled me and my family as I’m only LAUGHING at Palermo family’s name, not LIBELING them.

You all might say that this is my punishment but that comment is too much, and it’s not fair.

To anyone who condemned and insult me with all your ignoble words like I’m dumbass, stupid, ignorant, and etc etc.

Honestly I don’t care. =)

I shall close my shout out section to stop everyone from posting more comments that I think is not proper to be post out.

And this will be the last post about this issue. If you managed to read till this line, you’re fantastic.

Peace ;)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Apology Entry

Since "someone" felt uneasy for my phone's lost entry saying that I'm accusing and obviously saying "*that person" is the culprit.

I shall say "Sorry" to that person in public (blog) and also personally "message"

I did and this because I'm trying stop what people had think about that person, as what "that person" had claimed to me.

And "that person" claimed that I'm out of line. Meaning to say I'm too much over.

Well, once again. Sorry to "you" again !

After this post. I'm will not responsible for any comments about "that person". Everyone can speak everything they want to and that is out of my control.

I cannot zipped everyone's mouth.


This entry actually will not HEAL the pain when I lost my lovely phone.


I've cried almost everyday to beg my parents to buy me new one. As my maxis number is important to me. My colleagues, my group assignment members, and everyone are contacting me through that number. I'm desperately need that phone. Please, understand my situation. If I failed in my subject just because I did not attend any meeting or discussion because of this reason. --> I cannot be contacted.

Anyone of you dare to become like me?

Since not everyone know my Digi number. It's the hardest part for me to tell them that my maxis number is gone. Damn.

In fact, Renn told me. This apology entry will not change the fact that I lost my K850i forever.

I bet you all might say "Fuck off, she just lost her phone. Is that too hard for her? Just buy new one lar"

I'd lost my phone for the 5th time, do you think I can laugh like a happy person because I will get new phone? Don't you think it's fucking costly ?


I lost EVERYONE'S number.

Can you all find all those numbers for me?

*that person = name/identity/sex will not be publish to public for sensitivity/privacy sake.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do you believe In Shaman / "Bomoh"?

I want to ask all of you..

Do you believe in Shaman or "BOMOH" ??


Few days ago after I arrived at Kota Kinabalu, I told my sad story about my phone to my housemate's cousin named Bicik.

She recommends me to contact this man, known as "Lelek". This lelek can help those who lost their items or, whatever.

But there's few terms if I wanted to find/locate it.

Terms :-

- Less than 3 days when the incident occurred.

- The "culprit" must free from this kind of drug, "Syabu" or "Ice"

*Other terms I couldn't recall.

l felt quite happy because I really2 wanted to know who stole my phone and where is it now????? So I'm asking her to help me but apparently my phone has been stolen almost 4 days.

But she said she will try and ask her brother to call the "Lelek"

Next day, Tomorrow afternoon..

Bicik called me.

"Ann, Lelek said that the phone is inside the CAR when you LOST it."

Finally ! The answer that I'm waiting for so longggggg...

I couldn't rely 100% to what Lelek has said as I don't have any proof, but at least I got clue who has stole it.. Do you all get what I mean? =)

I've contacted the "suspect" but he denied everything that I asked him. LoL

Well well well.. We'll see what's next =)

I wanna tell you all that.....


Finally, I received my baby DKNY apple watch just now, really happy even though I've just lost my phone :(

My DKNY Watch box.

My Baby My Baby !!~~

I love the Apple and those "bling bling" . Actually it's a crystall. Teehee !!

Great safety by the seller, you know I've to open 2 plastic bag and 2 boxes to see my baby !

Ohh!! So happy :D

I can't stop thinking that I finally gotten my dream watch after waiting almost 1 year ! :D

Thanks so much to Mum who bought me this lovely watch and also to AppleBoy who helps me to find out this watch at . Yeah !

Anyway I got 1 taggy thingy again that I needed to do, tagged by Kay =)

[01] Do you ever wonder what your ex is up to?
- N0pe.

[02] Have you ever been given roses?
- Nope

[03] What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
- Hurm.. Actually a lot. I lazy to type it all. :D

[04] Had a Long Distance Relationship?
- Last time.

[05] Do you believe in this saying-What goes around comes around?
- Yeah, definitely.

[06] Do you want to get married?
- Yes, hehe.

[07] How many kids do you want to have?
- Pair? 1 boy and 1 girl? Maybe?

[08] Whats your favorite color(s)?
- Purple, Black, Blue and white.

[09] Who was the last person you held hands with?
- Aiyah forgot oh.

[10] Do you believe in love at first sight?
- Hmm, I think nope.

[11] Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
- No no no and nooooooooooooooooooooo. I hope it wouldn't happened again. Hahaha

[12] At what age did you start noticing the opposite gender?
- I don't remember.

[13] Do you like anyone?
- Yes.

[14] Do you know someone who likes you?
- I don't give a fuck.

[15] Do you love anyone?
- Yes, my ex ex baby. Miss him sooooooo much =) , eh I think actually not considered as LOVE. It's just very hard to define what I mean. Hurm ! Complicated isn't ? :D

[16] Do they know you like/love them?
- Yes.

[17] Why did you and your most recent ex break up?
- Because of... what ah? Let me recall 1st.. Hmm he has scandal or maybe scandals so I cannot accept it. He got caught by me when calling another girl at 3 a.m, and when I called him that time it's "waiting at other party" and he DON'T want to pick up my fucking call. Well, let him. I don't want to remember it again.

[18] When did you two last speak to one another?
- Few months ago.

[19] Would you get back together with your ex?
- My last ex, definitely NO. It's hurt to be with him but my last last ex, (refer question number 15) I will considered about it. :D

[20] What comes to your mind when you think of love?
- Happy feeling when you remember about your love one.

[21] Is there anyone who knows you inside and out?
- Few.

[22] Tag anyone?
- Renn, Christ, Rezza, Faisal Admar and Mellona.

Saturday, October 4, 2008



I finally gotten my DKNY WATCH "soon" ! Yeah, thanks to AppleBoy who helps me to find out this watch through Malaysian sellers on =)

My Baby ~*

Confirmation e-mail from the seller

But instead of my happy time, I'd lost my K850i, which I think more valuable rather than the watch =( *sobbing*

DKNY Watch VS SE K850i . Which one more valuable? :( :( :(

I bought it for RM1.7k ++ by March 2008. Now I lost it, damn damn damn ! :(

Actually this incident happened very fast, less than 15 minutes and in the mean time I don't ever realized where I'd put it? Did I put it inside my hand bag? Or Pocket? Or somewhere else?

My sad story began like this :-

Just now, (3rd October 2008 around 12-1pm) I went to Am Bank Lahad Datu with my cousin for my watch sake, because payment day is on Friday.

Apparently I wrote the wrong amount on the cash-deposit paper, supposed to be RM488, but I wrote it "RM448" . So I need to re-bank in those money again.

I added Rm38, wrote again onto the cash-deposit sheet.

Then I left the bank, I calculate the total using my K850i phone's.

RM448 + rm38 = Rm486

Shit, I realized I've putted wrong amount again, less Rm2. Embarrassing !!

So I re-enter the bank again, take one cash-deposit paper and wrote RM2. (Have you all banked in to someone in this very small amount? Hahaha)

Then I left the bank, I calculate again outside the bank using my K850i phone to make sure that I've paid the exact amount.

So, RM448 + Rm38+ Rm2 = RM488


Straight away after that, my cousin and I headed off to the CAR. This time I'm not sure where I'd put my phone but I think must be inside the bag because I'm not the one who simply put my phone in my pocket. Must be inside the bag. THAT'S FOR SURE.

Inside the car, I took out my phone and started to became a Cam Whore again !

( Refer to my previous entry : Cam Whore & Korean Contact Lens )

I took lottttttttttss of pictures, I snapped Lahad Datu's memorable building like Wisma Ramai-Ramai, Pasar Ikan, Pasar Rakyat and a lot more due to my friend's request, Mellona.

This time I don't remember whether I misplaced my phone or not, or I took it out from my bag . I DON'T REMEMBER.

Less than 10 minutes, I reached home. I bring all of my stuffs then get into the house. I open up my bag and..

"WTF MY K850i PHONE !"

I called my cousin straight away after I realized I lost my phone, I think maybe I left it at the passenger seat inside his car.

But he didn't answer my call, I called my K850i and it's still ringing !!

My cousin still didn't answer my call, 3-5 minutes later he answered and said "I was outside of the car" (Outside of car means cannot pick up your phone?)

I asked him to came back to my house, he come and we went to Am Bank again for double check and make sure I didn't left my phone at the counter.

As I predicted before came into the bank, no one noticed about my phone. =(

I rechecked again inside the car, I found nothing =(

I felt so sad, and hopeless so I left the bank and going home to call Maxis hotline to terminate my number.

In the mean time I still can call my phone, it's still ringing !

Few minutes after that, "Please try again later. Thank You"


Now I'm officially LOST my phone for the 4th - 5th times, and waiting Mum to came back home and kick my ass off ! :(

Now guys,

Can you figure out who stole my phone? I'll provide you the timeline.

Bank ( Phone still got ) >> Calculate outside the bank (Phone still got ) >> Inside the car (Forgot, busy with camera's ) >> Home ( PHONE'S GONE!!! )

I'm not accusing anyone, but I think you all knew what is in my mind right now , right?


- I am only with my cousin. Two of us.

- Straight away from bank then we headed off to the car. We take a short way by passing through the "bundle" shops but not so many people was there on that time.

- If I misplaced my phone, or I dropped it, there must be a "sound" , but I seriously I heard NOTHING.

- Once again, we didn't go to any places or shops. BANK > CAR. That's it!

- I think I accidentally took out the phone with my camera's while I was inside the car. Hmm............

Mostly my friends said it must be inside the car !

Mum said it must be inside the car , too !

And my brother said it mustttttttttttttttttttttttttt be inside the car !

What do you think? Who stole it? Any opinions?

P/s : Mellona, I'll post your Lahad Datu's pictures soon. Be patient :D

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tawau = Kotex Pad,Yeohan superstore and my "old" bag.

Oyeay ! My family and I went to Tawau just now, I slept at 4 a.m and woke up around 5.40 a.m after Mum was yelling outside of my bedroom. Ouch!!

Firstly when we reached Tawau, we're looking for breakfast but apparently most shops are CLOSED.

Then end up by all of us breakfast at Shan Sui Golf & country Club with daddy's friends. Lol.

While Daddy and his friends started to play Golf, then me,mum and sister with Auntie Doili and her son heading off to the town.

When I was there, I don't have so many pictures taken because too sleepy. Imagine I only slept for 1 hour++ .. but but but ..

I found 1 stuff, what I think is..

Pretty.. cute?


Pretty.. weird?

Hmm, not the exact answer.

Pretty.. Old skool?


Re-Introducing ..



Hahahaha ! I felt surprised, because as far as I knew, this type of pads are no longer exist.

Pupus suda bah ging !!

I used to wear this kind of pad long time ago around 6-5 years ago I think when I was in primary and secondary school. Longg timeeee agoo..

I wondered are these pads already expired? (Got such expired thing on pads meh?) Because when I touched and looked at it, I found out that it's quite dirty and dusty. Hmm, the lau pan didn't took care of it very well?

One thing for sure, this "label" quite familiar to me,

"Astaga YEOHAN!"

I seriously said like that when I realized the price tag is still Yeohan superstore.

FYI, Yeohan Superstore are also no longer exist in Tawau and Lahad datu, I'm not sure why they closed their superstore but I still remember when I was a kid, I always went to Lahad Datu's Yeohan superstore and buy few stationery thingy.

Then, Yeohan organized a shopping spree and really² big sale, Mum brang me there and bought 1 Blue+Greenish kids' dress for me. I still remember about that man!

Few days later, Yeohan superstore closed and never ever open up till today. The building is still there (at Fajar Centre Lahad Datu) but there is some new shops over there, taking over the place where Yeohan Superstore used to run out their business long time ago.

Kotex white and Yeohan superstore considered as "grand ma old story" but some about it still exist till today. Hmm I'm wondering if it's legal to selling the old product like that Kotex white?

Ok la enough about that, I just wanna shared with you all that this snack is damn yummy.

Yes, damn yummy.

yummy ~

As a proof to show you all how yummy this snacks are..

Count yourself how many packs we bought that snack. Hahaha

I bought 3 for my friend and 2 for mine as a stock at my Kota Kinabalu house. Hehehe!

Few minutes after went to that pads shop, it's shopping time !!

I bought 1 white pants and purple tops. And 1 very cute bag, yea quite old bag.

Pinkish and white old dog bag.

It was putted at the very cheap place at this little boutique. And I decided to bought that White bag. Firstly I thought it's just RM30 - RM20 since it's quite dirty. But I think I can wash it and put some keychain to make it become new and more cute.

Then I asked the sales girl.

"How much is it?"

"Its RM10"

Once again, 1 simple word came out from my mouth..

"Astaga !"

And without taking too much time, I decided to buy it. It's cute eventhough quite old :)

But I realized his bag was damaged on some certain parts but how to complain to the bos? It's RM10 bag not rm1000. Hahaha.

Okey la it's 3.50 AM already and I want to sleep and rest. :)

But before that I want to say sorry to my friends like Minah, Nadz and also Nick because I've promised to them to visit their house during this Hari Raya but I couldn't make it because we left Tawau at the evening on the same day we arrived there.

Sorry guys !! :)

I'm sleepy now, tata everyone :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cam Whore and Korean Contact Lens.

Firstly I would like to wish all Muslim readers "Happy Eid Mubarak" !! Yihaa !! It's Raya time !! =)


Cam whoring time !!

Cam Whore Picture Number 1

Cam Whore Picture Number 2

Cam Whore Picture Number 3

Cam Whore Picture Number 4

Wah ! My ugliest picture ! Hahaha

Cam Whore Picture Number 5

Woah ! I'm so "perasan" cute, self ugly picture also want to post out on blog! Hahahaha

Actually what I did is to show you all my new contact lens, blue in color teehee !

And also to tell you guys that... Uh-oh ! I'm selling BARBIE contact lens now !

All 100% Authentic ordered from KOREA. Ehem, not from China =)

You know those Korean And Japanese girl big big eyes secret? One of their "secret" instead of make-up and photoshop is by using this kind of contact lens. Okey la I give you all example.

See the differences of her eyes between the 1st and 2nd picture.

Here is some fact about this lens.

Fact Number 1
- All lenses are 1 year disposal :)

Fact Number 2
- These are lists of the manufacturer from KOREA like GEO, Dueba, GNG and also SeeShell. I've hyperlink it so you can check the manufacturer website :)

Fact Number 3
- These lenses has power range from 0.00 (plano) till 1000 (10.0). Meaning to say, now you can throw away your glasses,wear this contact lens and become more beauty =)

3 facts only, lazy to think and list it all . Haha !

Please visit here to view more examples for this Korea lens.

Price shown are not the exact price that I will sell to you, discount will be given. Any question or to inquiries for anything please don't hesitate to contact and mail me.

E-mail :

Hmm ok that's it !

Aw ! I got one more tag to do !! I've been tag once again as usual by Renn =D

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse.These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.

Tagged by Renn

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
- Let him. I'm not dying too.

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
- I want to have a lot of money, shopping till hell break lose. And bring my family to travel around the world.

3. What's you planning for this year's X'mas?
- Goin' to KL. But that's just a plan anyway =)

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
- Refer to question number 2. :D 1) Shopping till hell break lose 2) Bring my family to travel around the world 3) I will help those poor people, build them home.

5. Will you u fall in love with your best friend?
- Wah I'm not sure.

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
- Both.

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
- Erm.. as long as I can wait.

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
- Hahaha ! Well I'm not goin' to steal him but who knows if he likes me too?

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be?
- Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie, my favorite actress :)

10. What takes you down the fastest?
- I cannot deal with "miss calls" and "strangers sms". Example like if I replied them "who are you", and they insisted not to tell me who the fuck he/she is. Wow, I'll get BOOM!

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
- Hmm.. that time my age is 29. Hopefully I'll success in my life.

12. What’s your fear?
- WORM !!

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
- Wow I knew she extremely allergic to *pilaks' smell.

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
- I rather be SINGLE AND RICH rather than MARRIED BUT POOR. You can say I'm fucking selfish but you know why? Because nowadays, everything's is MONEY. Let me tell you one example, now you're married to someone's you really love but he/she is poor. How if you need to buy foods/needs/oil/rice or whatever for your life sake but you cannot AFFORD it? Can you bring your LOVE to shop and buy rice? Oh no. I chose SINGLE AND RICH. =)

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
- Looking at my phone to look at the clock. Usually must be 10A.M and above. Hahaha

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
Last time YES, but now MAYBE.

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
- The best among both of them. LoL =D

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
- I'm kinda like "Well, let it be" and then forgive+forget about it. But when it happened for 2nd time. I won't.

19.Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
- Single.

20.List 5 people to tag....

- Faisal Admar, Elly, Kay, Rezza and Sara.

GUYS, don't run away from this taggy !! :D

*Pilak - Those child refugees lived illegally in Sabah. Some of them are coming from Philippines and Indonesia.