Sunday, September 28, 2008

PayPal & My Dream Watch ! :(

I love APPLE.


It's very hard to find these two combination in cloths, bags, etc..

And I found this at Fong Sang Yik Watch Shop in Kota Kinabalu on 2007 CHRISTMAS.


Buy I didn't buy that watch on that time, no money lar ! Cost me RM500++ .

Then I'm waiting my right time to buy it. But you know, girls will never ever can save money for future dream stuff. I simply spent my CHING on magazines, cloths, and bla bla bla. No effort at all to keep even single cent for my dreamy watch =(

I'm so regretted !!

Finally few months ago I went again to Fong Sang Yik Watch Shop, with hope that my dream watch still there.

But then, IT'S GONE. SOMEBODY HAS BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(




And yesterday I search through e-bay for this watch and found several sellers from U.S

After surveyed on these three sellers, they only sells this watch approximately from US79.98 - US89.99 , around RM300++.

Okey la still can afford this watch.

But then when I read the terms and regulation..


*stone dropped on my head*


And that is one of my biggest problem.

I don't have PayPal, but hmm.. I still can register on it..

But but but..

I don't have CREDIT CARD !

Then I was thinking to ask dad whether he can help me or not to borrow his credit card and I register for him in paypal. But when I asked him about this credit card thingy and wanted to buy watch through the internet. He replied..

"Kau ni, kasi habis duit jak"

Hahahahaha *blushing*

But noo.... My dream watch ran away from me :(

No no no ..

And is there anyone can help me about this? :(

Oh ya !

I got few questions running through my mind, please do help me to answer this if possible. You can just answer through the comment.

Your answers are highly appreciated. =)

Questions :-

1. Do you regularly shopping on e-bay ? I meant, outside from Malaysia. Does it safe?

2. Do we should rely on e-bay sellers "feedback" ?

3. Is there any option to buy items through e-bay without using PayPal?

4. My friend recommend me to use "Debit card" , and which 1 is much better for PayPal? Credit Card or Debit Card. Or it is just same ?

5. Lastly, I really want this watch man ! How if I asked my friend who has PayPal, give them cash and asked them to pay this seller ? Does it effect anything else?

I never shopping through e-bay and this is my 1st attempt and also to get my dream watch ~

HELP ME.. :(

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cutest way to propose your loved one !!

Dudes !! This is the most creative and cute way to propose your future wifey . Check it out !

Picture taken from inside Nadz's car.

Zoomed a bit.

I think this is what Viviana has replied to him! Hahaha, so cute !

Actually before this, that "Yes I do" banner was not there.

But maybe she has accepted this man right?

The banner were hung at Damai Station bus, located nearby Damai Traffic light and one of the worst traffic road ever !

Wah this man really love his girl ! He willing to show his "not-so-handsome" face in public for his marriage sake? Hahaha *joke*

Talking about LOVE, I have one story to share with you all.

While chatting with him just now, Reyza* told me ” Kenapa aku selalu di sakiti? ” and I’m kinda speechless because I knew what he has been through all before this with her ex girlfriend.

Reyza is my best friend even we knew each other on game but it doesn’t barred our friendship till today.

I recalled last time, he met Ashey* at 1 event held on shopping complex in Selangor, from that moment I knew its the happiest moment occurred on his entire life.

Reyza bring Ashey to KAOS gathering on Port Dickson last year and she is a very kind girl and friendly to me even I just meet her for the first time.

1 month later..

Reyza told me that he found something suspicious in Ashey’s mail, sent by someone known as her ”office mate”.

Later he found out that Ashey has scandal, and at the same time she still with Reyza. 2 MAN’S at the same time.

And this incident has drag Reyza into the most terrible experience he had to hold on his mind forever.

I wish to be like Reyza, he still strong enough to be with Ashey even he knew that his GF has done the worst thing in their "green" relationship.

They broke off and then came back together.

It repeated over and over and over again !!

One day Ashey company's has sent her to the oversea where she needs to stay there for three months.

With their unstable relationship, Reyza thinks its the best time to move on, forget the past and start a new life. He wants to pursuing his dream.. to be a PILOT !

But this time Ashey begged to be with Reyza again, even she were apart from Malaysia for thousand miles but her minds kept on remembering about Reyza.

Like what I have expected before, Reyza back with Ashey once again after she returned from oversea.

And that's the new chapter of them, their relationship goes smooth and looks very well.

Until 3 days ago..

Reyza calls me and crying.

” Ann, why she lied to me again? Why ? Why ?”

I asked him ” What happened?? Tell me what happened?? ”

But he kept on mentioning .. ”Ann .. why she lied to me?? Why??

Suddenly he took off the phone. And I don’t know what happened next.

Next two days after that Reyza called me again ..

” It’s all over.. ”

And ops !!! I try to believe it because they have been broke up for MILLION times and maybe this is for the last time? Or?

But I felt pity for Reyza.

Now he's on process to gain strength for his soul and mind and throw away one girl named ASHEY from his heart.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Weird Old Man

Weird Old Man

Few days ago..

When I was *pok pek pok pek with my friends at Mamak, then I saw behind our table is an old man with one matured girl. Sitting down and playing something which attracted me...

Wanna know they're doing?

That old man cutting off chopstick using CARD.

And I was like.. WTF? Using cards?? Then we're all kept on staring at them. That uncle realized it, so he came to our table.

I asked him "Uncle, is that for real?"

He replied "You wanna try it?"

He gave me chopsticks and I am the first one to holding on the chopstick, and then..

Zassss !! It brokes into two parts. @_@

I felt weird, how he chops off the chopstick by just using CARD??

Then he gave Adriana 2 chopsticks, yeah.. 2 chopsticks.

In action

And then..


The card

He took a pen and asked me to write on my signature, but I never thought that he's going to read about my personality!

Few seconds after he looked onto my signature..

My signature

"Hmm.. You're kind of responsible girl, when you was in primary/secondary school.. you once a prefect or class monitor. When you doing your work, you forgot to eat till everything has done. And you are quite stubborn"

*actually there's a lot more. But I couldn't recall.

Gulp! Yes I am a prefect when I was in Form 4 and 5. My friend told me that I won't eat if I'm busy doing my work, and.. I admit I'm quite stubborn. =D

Next chapter of this old man's entry..

Firstly he told us to see whether both of our little finger was in same height. I meant, like this..

1st - Adriana shows her little finger like this.

2nd -And then..

Is your little fingers are in the same height? Yes or no?

Now try to do the same thing like what Adriana do inside the picture.

At the 2nd picture is Adriana's little fingers, so called in same height after that old man spoke something (I guess a spell?) over Ad's finger.

That old man claimed that if your little fingers are not in same height, he can changed and make it to be in same height/size for temporary.

Believe it or not?

Now he tried it again to Nadz's fingers.

Look at his hand.

Same height?

I've heard about this trick before but not really sure about that.


He went to the restaurant's kitchen and take off 2 glass of cold water. Then he asked me and Adriana to taste it.

Listening to the explanations.

Well, the water is same.

And he claimed once again that after he spelled over the green glass. It will turned to be a crystalized water. A free chlorine water or meaning to say .. "Air penerang hati"

Frankly the green glass's water a bit "kelat" after it.


I was amazed by him. And you know when my friend captured the picture during he spelled over the green glass, he said that if we're lucky enough we can see a red aura goes into the glass.

Erk !!

What do you think?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taggy !!

I've been tagged by Renn !

1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!!

15 weird things/habits/little known facts about myself

1. I don't eat "mayonnaise" , dislikes.

2. I don't eat "egg yolk" , dislikes.

3. I tend to feel angry when someone (strangers) , sms or calling me without any reason.

4. Girls usually loves pink. But I'm not.

5. I never pictured myself as a teacher since I was a kid, but that is what I'm studying now.

6. I failed my computer-test driving license for 6 times. In fact, if I registered myself once again to a driving school. Its for the 3rd time for "kuliah" and 7th time for the "computer test".

7. I can sleep anywhere if I feel sleepy, even in restaurant, car, and during class. :D

8. I never ever eat "CRAB" in my whole entire life.

9. I'm extremely DISLIKES worm, or something which is crawling.

10. I killed my own kitten long time ago, for no reason. Actually I don't know what am I doing that time. I was so fucking stupid. :(

11. I've been sacked as a school prefect when I was in form 5 then 2 weeks later my teacher asked me to wear my prefect uniform once again. He's stupid.

12. I got a lot of teddy bear from around the world and I'm not kidding.

13. I enjoyed myself damn fucking much and it cost me a lot. I meant, the weird thing is I can spent RM50 just in 1 day without noticing what is actually I've used with my money. Damn.

14. Crazy over online games, perfumes, magazines and teddy bear. Crazy crazy and crazy.

15. Mum and dad is going to kill me if they read what I've mentioned above. (Number 11 and 13). Haha !

5 Friends that i wanna tag :

1. Faisal Admar

2. Hidayah Admar

3. Sara

4. Rezza

4. Mellona

Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Khidmat Masyarakat" Project!

Ladies and Gentlemen !

As I promised before.. The ”Khidmat Masyarakat” Project. ;)

Project Name : BinaKasih Project
Venue : Sekolah Pendidikan Khas, S.M.K Datuk Peter Mojuntin
Theme : You are special and gifted

Team Name : Giving My Best (GMB)

On 28 August 2008 in the early morning around 7am, we gathered in front of Unitar’s building. Apparently~ few students were late and we need to wait for few minutes before the exact departure time. >.<

Our bus !

We reached SMK Datk Peter Mojuntin approximately around 15 minutes from Unitar building and WOW ! Its a very big school and lovely and it was combined with the normal and deaf student. What a great combination! And I think the idea or combining these students with hearing disability and normal students makes them understands each other. I think so?

Just arrived.

We were greeted by the Headmistress, Puan Nurani Fauziah Derin and also some of those deaf students and they showed us the sign of ”Good Morning” or ”Selamat Pagi” in sign language, then we headed off to the hall.

Good Morning!

As the activities commenced, greeting from Unitar M.C, Ailey Jaibi, our project manager Ms. Florence Ajadap and also speech from the headmistress of the school. And at the same time, theres a teacher behind to translate the speech in sign language so that those deaf students can understands what the speech is all about.

He spoke damn fast, and the translator hands were damn fast too =D

Finally, our sign language song presentation, ”Leann Rimes - You light up my life” by our group! In the mean time I felt palpitate, who knows our sign language is totally wrong? Or we didn’t make it very good? And what I scared the most is how if they misunderstood our sign language? Instead of saying ”I love you”, we make it by ”I hate you” ? How ? How ? Hahaha!

But from their smiles and faces, they seems telling us that.. ”This is a good job!” And I know we did it! =D

According to the song, this means "dark" or "night" , maybe???


Then, dancing presentation from the students. Its awesome to see they were dancing just by conducted by their teacher in sign language.They’re DEAF, but they had so much effort to dance and to entertain us. Then the aerobic dance, conducted by Unitar's student.

They're good in dancing as what you can see.

Aerobics time!!

They're lots in creativity!!! And I like the way they're discussing among themselves using sign language on how to draw, what to write, and who's going to paint it. Its cute ;)

What what what??

During the drawing time, we still had chances to communicate with them. Using simple sign language =)

Nice right?

They loved to posed in front of cameras !!

Straight away after lunch and rest, its "gotong-royong" time!! The school has assigned us to plant vegetables and clean up the "wakaf rentap" to filled in the reflexology stones.

Me and my cuzzy, he's one of the students. Handsome or not? Anyway its Lunch time!

Hiyak!!! Me me!! Haha

Go Go Girls =)

Those reflexology stones.

We should left the school around 4.30 pm but quite late a bit since we're having so much things to do before leaving. Though its pretty hot and damn tired, we managed to do all of those things which was stated on our schedule. Once again, I'm happy even though firstly I thought this was just like a "nothing-to-do-with-it" program, teehee!! . Anyway, I'm glad to know and be a part of them on that day !

Group picture.

Hand print time ~

Hand prints job done ~

Spot Pearl and Cai's hands , maybe they tried to say good bye in sign language? Haha

Goodbye everyone !!

UPDATED ON 11 September 2008 (Picture added by request of Faisal Admar. Teehee!!)

Reflexology stone on progress.

Reflexology stone on progress 2.

Cement on progress.

Finally but not done.

Note :-

*Since we're lack of time, so we left the rest of the reflexology stones to be done by the school.

* The vegetable ground is too muddy, not suitable for planting vegetables.