Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blepharoplasty Surgery !

What is "Blepharoplasty" ?

Source : Eyelid Surgery : Blepharoplasty

Last time I was thinking about doing "blepharoplasty" surgery, as I feel it is pretty cool to have a big big and big + brighter eyes. It's cute like to have pair eyes like BARBIE..

Until I saw this video..........

Oh my God! Goddamn!! Fark!! Yucks !! Omfg!!


Even it was just an idea (not even serious about it) but the feeling of "yucky yucky" haunted me till my bed time. But I like the fact that after you've done with the surgery, you'll look super duper extremely different from last time.

Example :-

See you see her eyes differences?

Another example of blepharoplasty surgery, the famous singer from Japan :-




And I add another example of plastic surgery, the famous plastic queen from Singapore.

Dawn Yang



See these examples,

The result after the surgery is amazing and I admit both of these girls are cuter than what they are "before" , but after I finished watching the video then I realized that we shouldn't changed what GOD has give to us.

Thank God even I'm not perfect but I got a pair of eyes and the most important thing is I'M NOT BLIND =)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The voluptuous chili !

The "Voluptuous" Chili.

*this is the second post on same day *Sunday 17 August 2008. Do scroll more for the first post

Just now in Kedai Kopi Daily, I've made a self-modified chili (without noticing the shop) . hahahahaha :D

This chili is actually served for customer.

Ingredients :-

BASIC INGREDIENT - A bowl of chili. (Sometimes served upon request in restaurant)



Soy Ketchup


And sambal belacan udang.


Just add those ingredients in the chili bowl. Put as many as you like, no problem. =D

After mixing all those ingredients.. This is the OUTCOME.. Tadaaa~

So.. Its time to taste the chili !

Come taste it !

Introducing PASLAN. As the first volunteer !

Paslan : No thanks..


Paslan not interested with my recipe, so I add few"taugeh" on the top of the chili in spoon.

Me.. So-called CHEF. =D

Added taugeh already, Paslan still reluctant to taste the chili.

Jani and Nadz too..

Aziz : No thanks. I don't want.

All of them said "Try it by yourself"

And ME?? No, I don't want too! Hahahahaha. So I just left it.

Anduk bah..

In mean time, Paslan doing his own thing..

Paslan : I can be a waiter in hotel.

Very good huh?

Few minutes later..

Since no one wanted to taste the chili, so we just move it to other table.

And lastly~


Its coincidence, this girl take off the bowl of chili and put it on her soup. And SHE'S our college mate's GF, they sat nearby our table.

Wakakakakakakakakaka !! We are all laughing and I ask Paslan to take that girl's photo. But she realized it, so no photo with her face expression while eating her soup =D


We're so sorry to Kedai Kopi Daily and that GIRL.

Just being naughty for awhile :D

P/s : Do not try this at home, later your mum will kick your ass off. Do this at the restaurant.

Are we famous?

Are we famous?

Picture taken from my college's desk. Founded by Mages


Can you all see it? My name was written above including my friends. Stated as a "Most hated gang". =D

Someone has wrote it and who is the culprit? What is his/her motive? Did we bullied them?

Or we're too famous so he/she can't resist about it. Are THEY JEALOUS?

Bencii??? Hahahahaha

I'm not confessed my friends and I as a very famous person in college. ;)


This person just prove it. And we don't know who the hell is she/he =)

Actually, we don't give a shit. Just felt it was damn fucking funny. No balls or tits to write down your name there??


FYI, my friends and I already reported about this case to the UNITAR'S administration, so if the "culprit" read this, I just got 1 word for you. "Thanks !"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Khidmat Masyarakat

I don't update my blog for so long, college time and actually I got LOTS of thing I wanna blog here but well no TIME. :(

By this upcoming 29th of august, I have a project called "KHIDMAT MASYARAKAT" ,

What is this project? It's basically about visiting those poor people, help them, give them support and so on.

It's not "Khidmat Negara" okey =D

I'll blog about this project, wait for it. ;)